The Church in Southern Africa under the Nunciature consists of 29 ecclesiastical territories.

Because of the missionary nature of the work of the Church in Southern Africa, the Archdioceses, Dioceses, Vicariates and Prefectures still fall under the direction of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples in Rome.

The Conference is an association of local Ordinaries, other than Vicars General, of the Roman Catholic Church in the Republic of South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland, their coadjutors, auxiliaries and other titular Bishops who perform special work entrusted to them by the Apostolic See, or by the Conference itself.

The Conference is primarily a consultative body and its resolutions outside the cases mentioned below have no binding force on the Ordinaries or their subjects except in so far as individual Ordinaries consent to support them.

In terms of paragraph 38, No 4 of the Decree of the Vatican Council on the Pastoral Office of Bishops, “Christus Dominus”, decisions of the Conference are juridically binding only when prescribed by Common Law, or specified by a special mandate of the Holy See, given “Motu Proprio”, or in response to a petition from the Conference. They are made in due form by a two-thirds majority of those present, and are reviewed by the Holy See.

The SACBC is empowered to set up departments (Departments, Commissions, Councils, Offices, Committees, Associate Bodies and any other Forums) for the fostering of special objects and activities in accordance with clearly defined terms of reference but without legislative power. Their work is directed by the Administrative Board which acts as the Standing Committee of the Conference.

The Chairpersons of the Departments constitute the Administrative Board of the Conference. Test

SACBC President
Bishop Sithembele Anton Sipuka
(2nd Vice President)
Bishop Graham Rose
(1st Vice President)
Archbishop Dabula Mpako
(SACBC Secretary General)
Sr. Hermenegild Makoro, CPS
Administrative Board
Bishop Duncan Tsoke Auxiliary Bishop of Johannesburg Appointed Auxiliary Bishop: 2016-02-06 Ordained Auxiliary Bishop: 2016-04-30
Bishop Vincent Zungu OFM Diocese Of Port Elizabeth Ordained Bishop: 2014-06-28 Appointed Bishop: 2014-02-02
Bishop Jan de Groef M.Afr Diocese Of Bethlehem Ordained Bishop: 2009-03-28 Appointed Bishop: 2008-12-31
Bishop ........................ Diocese Of Kokstad Ordained Bishop: ............................ Appointed Bishop: .....................
Bishop Victor Phalana Diocese Of Klerksdorp Ordained Bishop: 2015-01-25 Appointed Bishop: 2014-11-24
Bishop Peter Holiday Diocese Of Kroonstad Ordained Bishop: 2011-06-25 Appointed Bishop: 2011-04-01
Archbishop Zolile Peter Mpamabani, SCJ. Archdiocese of Bloemfontein Ordained Bishop: 2013-08-03 Appointed Archbishop: 2013-05-06 Installed Archbishop of Bloemfontein: 2020-06-19 Appointed Archbishop of Bloemfontein: 2020-04-01
Archbishop Stephen Brislin Archdiocese of Cape Town Ordained Bishop: 2007-01-28 Appointed Bishop of Kroonstad: 2006-10-17 Installed Archbishop of Cape Town: 2010-02-07 Appointed Archbishop of Cape Town: 2009-12-18
Wilfrid Fox Cardinal Napier, O.F.M. Archbishop of Durban Appointed Bishop: 1980-11-29 Ordained Bishop: 1981-02-28 Appointed Archbishop: 1992-03-29 Appointed Cardinal: 2001-02-21
Archbishop Buti Tlhagale OMI Archdiocese of Johannesburg Ordained Archbishop of Bloemfontein: 1999-04-10 Appointed Archbishop of Bloemfontein: 1999-01-02 Installed Archbishop of Johannesburg: 2003-06-29 Appointed 1st Archbishop of Johannesburg: 2007-07-05
Archbishop Anthony Dabula Mpako Archdiocese of Pretoria Appointed Bishop: 2011-05-23 Ordained Bishop: 2011-08-06 Appointed Archbishop & Military Ordinary of S. A.: 2019-04-30 Installed Archbishop: 2019-06-22
Archbishop Abel Gabuza Coadjutor Archbishop of Archdiocese of Durban Archdiocese of Durban Ordained Bishop of Kimberly: 2011-03-19 Appointed Bishop of Kimberly: 2010-12-23 Appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Durban: 2018-12-09
Bishop : Joseph Mary Kizito Diocese of Aliwal North Appointed Bishop: 15-11-2019 Ordained Bishop: 15-02-2020
Bishop Sylvester David, OMI Auxiliary Bishop of Cape Town Archdiocese of Cape Town Ordained Bishop: 2019-08-25 Appointed Bishop: 2019-06-06
Bishop Adam Musialek SCJ Diocese of De Aar Ordained Bishop: 2009-09-24 Appointed Bishop: 2009-07-17
Bishop Thomas Graham Rose Diocese of Dundee Ordained Bishop: 2008-08-30 Appointed Bishop: 2008-06-13
Bishop Xolelo Thaddaeus Kumalo Diocese of Eshowe Appointed Bishop: 2008-03-11 Ordained Bishop: 2008-06-07
Bishop....... Diocese of Francistown - Botswana
Bishop Franklyn (Frank) Atese Nubuasah SVD Diocese of Gaborone Appointed Bishop: 1998-06-27 Ordained Bishop: 1998-11-07
Bishop Sigfried Mandla Jwara CMM Diocese of Ingwavuma Appointed Bishop: 2016-04-30 Ordained Bishop: 2016-06-25
Bishop Edward Risi OMI Diocese of Keimoes Upington Appointed Bishop: 2000-07-05 Ordained Bishop: 2000-10-14
Bishop ................................... Diocese of Kimberly Appointed Bishop: ............................... Ordained Bishop: .......................................
Bishop José Luís Gerardo Ponce de León IMC Diocese of Manzini – Swaziland Appointed Vicar Apostolic-Ingwavuma: 2014-11-24 Ordained Vicar Apostolic - Ingwavuma: 2014-01-26 Appointed Bishop - Manzini: 2013-11-29 Installed Bishop of Manzini: 2014-01-26 Ceased Apostolic Administrator: 2016-04-30
Bishop Mlungisi Pius Dlungwane Diocese of Mariannhill Ordained Auxiliary Bishop: 2000-08-06 Installed Bishop: 2006-08-06
Bishop Sithembele Anton Sipuka Diocese of Mthatha Appointed Bishop: 2008-02-08 Ordained Bishop: 2008-05-03 Appointed Bishop: 2008-05-03
Archbishop Noel Andrew Rucastle Archdiocese of Oudtshoorn Ordained Bishop: 2020-08-08 Appointed Bishop: 2020-05-04
Bishop Jeremiah Madimetja Masela Diocese of Polokwane Ordained Bishop: 2013-09-07 Appointed Bishop: 2013-06-10
Bishop........................ Diocese of Queenstown Ordained Bishop: ..................... Appointed Bishop:..............................
Bishop Kevin Dowling CSsR Diocese of Rustenburg Appointed Bishop: 1990-12-02 Ordained Bishop: 1991-01-27
Bishop Joaõ Rodrigues Diocese of Tzaneen Ordained Bishop: 2010-04-18 Appointed Bishop: 2010-01-28
Bishop Stanislaw Jan Dziuba OSPPE Diocese of Umzinkulu Appointed Bishop: 2008-12-31 Ordained Bishop: 2009-03-14
Bishop........................ Diocese of Witbank Ordained Bishop: ..................... Appointed Bishop:...........................

Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC)


1. Most Rev Archbishop Jabulani Nxumalo OMI, Archbishop of Bloemfontein, 7A Whites Rd; PO Box 362, Bloemfontein 9300. Tel: 051 448 1658, Fax: 051 447 2420. E-mail:

2. Rt Rev Bishop Jan De Groef M.Afr, Bishop of Bethlehem. 218 Cambridge Street; PO Box 366, Bethlehem 9700. Tel: 058 303 5351, Fax: 058 303 5352. E-mail: /

3. Rt Rev Bishop Edward Risi OMI, Bishop of Keimoes-Upington. PO Box 323, Keimoes 8860. Tel: 054 461 1846 or 054 461 1517, Fax: 054 461 1085 or 054 461 1846. E-mail: Website:

4. Rt Rev Bishop ………………………, Bishop of Kimberley. 20 Dalham Road; PO Box 309, Kimberley 8300. Tel: 053 831 1861/2, Fax: 053 831 1863. E-mail: ……………………….. /

5. Rt Rev Bishop Peter Holiday, Bishop ofKroonstad Diocese,The Peak, PO Box 129, Kroonstad 9500. Tel: 056 212 6639, Fax: 056 212 7705. E-mail: /


1. His Eminence Wilfrid Cardinal Napier OFM, Archbishop of Durban, 154 Gordon Road Durban 4001; PO Box 47489, Greyville 4023. Tel: 031 303 1417. Fax: 031 312 1848. E-mail:

2. Rt Rev Archbishop Abel Gabuza, Coadjutor Archbishop of Durban, 154 Gordon Road Durban 4001; PO Box 47489, Greyville 4023. Tel: 031 303 1417. Fax: 031 312 1848. E-mail:

3. Rt Rev Bishop Thomas Graham Rose, Bishop of Dundee, 5 Hill Street, Postnet Suite 95, Private Bag X 6603, Newcastle 2940. Tel: 034 312 6591, Fax: 034 312 6592. E-mail: /

4. Rt Rev Bishop Xolelo Thaddaeus Kumalo, Bishop of Eshowe, Private Bag 553, Eshowe 3815. Tel: 035 474 1283 / 474 4151, Fax: 035 474 4644. E-mail: / or

5. Rt Rev Bishop Mandla Sigfried Jwara CMM, Apostolic Vicariate of Ingwavuma, PO Box 23, Mtubatuba 3935. Tel: 035 550 1051, Tel & Fax: 035 550 1062 (Mtubatuba office) Tel & Fax: 035 838 1136 (Hlabisa office) Fax: 086 608 8899. E-mail: /

6. Rt Rev Bishop Zolile Peter Mpambani SCJ, Diocese of Kokstad, 97 St John’s Street; PO Box 65, Kokstad 4700. Tel: 039 727 2239, Fax: 039 727 1151. Cell: 073 061 3939 / 072 844 2570. E-mail:

7. Rt Rev Bishop Mlungisi Pius Dlungwane, Bishop of Mariannhill, Bishop’s House, PO Box 11001, Mariannhill 3601. Tel: 031 700 2704, Fax: 086 694 3609. E-mail:

8. Rt Rev Bishop Sithembele Anthony Sipuka, Bishop of Mthatha, 19 Craister Street; PO Box 85, Mthatha 5100. Tel: 047 532 6301, Fax: 047 532 2914. Residence Tel: 047 532 6251. E-mail: /

9. Rt Rev Bishop Stanislaw Jan Dziuba, o.s.p.p.e, Bishop of Umzimkulu Diocese of Umzimkulu, Ballance Street; PO Box 250, Harding 4680. Tel: 039 433 1421, Tel: 039 433 1053. Fax: 039 433 1241. E-mail: /


1. Most Rev Archbishop Dabula Athony Mpako, Archbishop of Pretoria, 125 Main Street Waterkloof Pretoria 0181; PO Box 17245, Groenkloof 0027.Chancery, Jolivet House, 140 Visagie Street, Pretoria 0002; PO Box 8149, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 326 5311 / 2, Fax: 012 325 3994. E-mail:…………………………

2. Rt Rev Bishop Franklyn Nubuasah SVD, Bishop of Francistown. PO Box 702, Francistown Botswana. Tel: 00267 241 0588, Fax: 00267 241 7183. E-mail:

3. Rt Rev Bishop , Bishop of Gaborone. PO Box 218, Gaborone Botswana. Tel: 09267 395 2928 (Cathedral House), Tel: 00 267 391 2958 (office). Fax: 00 267 395 6970. Cell: 00267 716 13932. E-mail: …………………………

4. Rt Rev Bishop Jeremiah Madimetja Masela, Bishop of Polokwane. 108 Magazyn Street; PO Box 166, Polokwane 0700. Tel & Fax: 015 295 8152 / 56. E-mail: /

5. Rt Rev Bishop Kevin Dowling CSsR, Bishop of Rustenburg. St Joseph’s Mission Phokeng, PO Box 45, Boshoek 0301. Tel & Fax: 014 573 3403. E-mail:

6. Rt Rev Bishop Joaõ Rodrigues, Bishop of Tzaneen. 40 Boundary Street; PO Box 261, Tzaneen 0850. Tel: 015 307 5244, Fax: 015 307 3078. E-mail: /

1. Most Rev Archbishop Dabula Athony Mpako, Archbishop of Pretoria, 125 Main Street Waterkloof Pretoria 0181; PO Box 17245, Groenkloof 0027.Chancery, Jolivet House, 140 Visagie Street, Pretoria 0002; PO Box 8149, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 326 5311 / 2, Fax: 012 325 3994. E-mail: ………………………… /

2. Rt Rev Bishop ……………., Bishop of Francistown. PO Box 702, Francistown Botswana. Tel: 00267 241 0588, Fax: 00267 241 7183. E-mail:

3. Rt Rev Bishop Frank Nubuasah SVD , Bishop of Gaborone. PO Box 218, Gaborone Botswana. Tel: 09267 395 2928 (Cathedral House), Tel: 00 267 391 2958 (office). Fax: 00 267 395 6970. Cell: 00267 716 13932. E-mail: …………………………

4. Rt Rev Bishop Jeremiah Madimetja Masela, Bishop of Polokwane. 108 Magazyn Street; PO Box 166, Polokwane 0700. Tel & Fax: 015 295 8152 / 56. E-mail: /

5. Rt Rev Bishop Kevin Dowling CSsR, Bishop of Rustenburg. St Joseph’s Mission Phokeng, PO Box 45, Boshoek 0301. Tel & Fax: 014 573 3403. E-mail:

6. Rt Rev Bishop Joaõ Rodrigues, Bishop of Tzaneen. 40 Boundary Street; PO Box 261, Tzaneen 0850. Tel: 015 307 5244, Fax: 015 307 3078. E-mail: /


1. Most Rev Archbishop Stephen Brislin, Archbishop of Cape Town. The Chancery, 12 Bouquet Street; PO Box 2910, Cape Town 8000. Tel: 021 462 2417.Fax: 021 461 9330. E-mail:

2.Rt Rev Bishop Joseph Maria Kizito, Bishop of Aliwal North, 53 Cathcart Street; PO Box 27, Aliwal North 5530. Tel: 051 633 2342 / 633 2759, Fax: 051 633 3078. E-mail: /;

3. Rt Rev Bishop Adam Musialek SCJ, Bishop of De Aar. 1 van Riebeeck St; PO Box 73, De Aar 7000. Tel: 053 631 1149, Fax: 053 631 1043. E-mail:

4. Rt Rev Bishop …………………………., Bishop of Oudtshoorn. 44 St Saviour Street; PO Box 97, Oudtshoorn 6620. Tel: 044 272 5054, 044 251 6638, Fax: 044 272 8908. E-mail: / E-mail:

5.Rt Rev Bishop Vincent Mduduzi Zungu OFM, Bishop of Port Elizabeth. 4 How Ave Port Elizabeth Central 6001; PO Box 12194, Centrahil 6006. Tel: 041 373 2875. Fax: 041 374 3921. E-mail:

6. Rt Rev Bishop …………………, Bishop of Queenstown. 12 Grey Street; PO Box 182, Queenstown 5320. Tel: 045 839 7022, 045 839 7325, Fax: 045 838 2209. E-mail: / .………………


1. Most Rev Archbishop Buti Tlhagale OMI, Archbishop of Johannesburg. Chancery, 186 Nugget Street, Berea 2198; Private Bag X10, Doornfontein 2028. Tel: 011 402 6400, Fax: 011 648 5713 or Chancery Fax: 011 402 6406. E-mail:

2Rt Rev Bishop Duncan TsokeAuxiliary Bishop of

3. Rt Rev Bishop Victor Hlolo Phalana OMI, Bishop of Klerksdorp. 5 Poppy Avenue Adamayview; PO Box 532, Klerksdorp 2570. Tel: 018 462 9134, 018 462 2261, Fax: 018 462 9168. E-mail: /

4. Rt Rev Bishop José Luis Ponce de León IMC – Bishop of Manzini – Swaziland. Sandlane Street; PO Box 19, Manzini Swaziland. Tel: 002682 505 2348, Fax: 00 268 505 4876, E-mail: /

5. Rt Rev Bishop ………………………, Bishop of Witbank. 13 Elizabeth Ave / PO Box 651, Witbank 1035. Tel & Fax: 013 656 6827, E-mail: /


The Constitution of the SACBC also says that “it shall be in order for pastoral regional groups of Ordinaries, recognised by the Conference, to come together for consultation and action, within the general context of Conference policy and concern, on matters of particular interest to the Region”.

This aspect of Church life has developed further in that at present various bodies have been set up to cope with specific pastoral needs especially where it concerns the needs of language groups.

 1. Pastoral Conference of the Afrikaans Language Region (ALPR)
Full Members: The Ordinaries of Cape Town, De Aar, Keimoes-Upington, Oudtshoorn, Port Elizabeth and from the Namibian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Windhoek and Keetmanshoop.

Associate Members: The Ordinaries of Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Dundee, Klerksdorp, Kroonstad, Queenstown and the Managers of Angelus Printing and Die Oratorium Uitgewery.

Chairperson: Rt. Rev. Bishop Edward Risi O.M.I., Bishop of Keimoes-Upington, PO Box 323, Keimoes, 8860. Tel: 054 461 1846, Fax: 0880 54 451 1846; E-mail:

Secretary: Fr. Vernon D. Macaskill Meyer C.O. PO Box 407, Oudtshoorn, 6620; Tel: 044 279 4083; Fax: 0866 71 8627; Cell: 084 580 9777; E-mail:

2. Pastoral Conference of the English Language Region:
Full Members: The Ordinaries of all Archdioceses and Diocese of Port Elizabeth. Associate Members: The Ordinaries of all other Dioceses. Chairperson: Rt. Rev. Bishop Edward Risi O.M.I., Bishop of Keimoes-Upington, PO Box 323, Keimoes, 8860. Tel: 054 461 1846, Fax: 086 751 1452; E-mail: Sr Patria Finn FMA, 53 Melville Street, Booysens 2091. Tel: 011 680 2108 / 011 680 6631h, Cell: 072 299 5797. E-mail:, 

 3. Pastoral Conference of the Northern Sotho Region. Member Dioceses: Polokwane, Pretoria, Tzaneen, Witbank. Chairperson: Bishop Jeremiah M Masela, Bishop of Polokwane. PO Box 166, Polokwane 0700. Tel & Fax: 015 295 8152. E-mail: Secretary: Bishop Joaõ Rodrigues, Bishop of Tzaneen. 40 Boundary Street; PO Box 261, Tzaneen 0850. Tel: 015 307 5244, Fax: 015 307 3078. E-mail:

4. Pastoral Conference of the Southern-Sotho Region. Member Dioceses: Aliwal North, Bethlehem, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Kokstad, Kroonstad, Mthatha. Chairperson: Rt Rev Bishop Jan De Groef M.Afr, Bishop of Bethlehem, 218 Cambridge Street; PO Box 366, Bethlehem 9700. Tel: 058 303 5351, Fax: 058 303 5352. E-mail: /, Secretary: Vacant………………………………………..

5. Pastoral Conference of the Tswana Region. Member Dioceses: Bloemfontein, Francistown, Gaborone, Johannesburg, Kimberley, Klerksdorp, Pretoria, Rustenburg. Chairperson: Bishop Franklyn Nubuasah SVD, Bishop of Francistown, PO Box 702, Francistown, Botswana. Tel: 00267 241 0588 / 241 3601, Fax: 00267 241 7183. E-mail: Secretary: Sr Lucy Monggae, PO Box 30528, Metsef, Francistown, Botswana. Tel: 00267 241 3628.

6. Pastoral Conference of the Xhosa Region. Member Dioceses: Aliwal North, Cape Town, De Aar, Kokstad, Mthatha, Oudtshoorn, Port Elizabeth, Queenstown. Chairperson: Rt Rev Bishop Sithembele Anthony Sipuka, Bishop of Mthatha, 19 Craister Street / PO Box 85 Mthatha 5100. Tel: 047 532 6301, Fax: 047 532 2914. Res Tel: 047 532 6251. E-mail: Secretary: Rev ………………………………….,

7. Pastoral Conference of the Zulu Region. Member Dioceses: Dundee, Durban, Eshowe, Ingwavuma, Mariannhill, Umzimkulu. Chairperson: His Eminence Wilfrid Cardinal Napier OFM. PO Box 47489, Greyville 4023. Tel: 031 303 1417, Fax: 031 312 1848. E-mail: Secretary:


 OFFICE: Khanya House, 129 Main Street, Pretoria, PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001.Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218. GENERAL E-mail:
SACBC Secretary General: Sr Hermenegild Makoro CPS. E-mail:
SACBC Associate Secretary General: Sr Tshifhiwa Munzhedzi OP. E-mail:



Chairperson: Bishop Graham Rose (2nd Vice President)
Coordinating Secretary of Council for Evangelisation: Sr Patrica Finn FMA,  E-mail:

Bishop Sithembele Sipuka                       (President)
Bishop Dabula Mpako                              (1st Vice President)
Bishop Graham Rose                               (2nd Vice President)

Bishop Duncan Tsoke (Department for Christian Formation, Liturgy and Culture)
Bishop Jan de Groef M.Afr (Department for Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue)
Bishop Zolile Mphambani SCJ (Department for Formation, Life, and Apostolate of the Laity)
Bishop Peter Holiday (Department of Finance)
Bishop Victor Phalana (Department for Catholic Social Action)
Bishop Vincent Zungu OFM (Department for Formation, Life and Ministry of Clergy)
Secretary General and Associate

Christian Formation, Liturgy and Culture: Sr Patricia Finn FMA
Formation, Life and Ministry of Clergy: Fr John Selemela
Catholic Social Action: Mr Johan Viljoen 
Formation, Life, and Apostolate of Laity: Fr Sakhi Mofokeng
Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue: Fr Christopher Boyer MAfr 
Finance: Ms Geraldine Hedley
(LCCL-SA): Sr Thao Phi FMM
Communication & Media: Fr Paul Tatu CSS
Theological Advisory Committee: Sr Tshifhiwa Munzhedzi OP


Chairperson: Bishop Duncan Tsoke

Episcopal Members:
: Bishop Edward Risi OMI
Third Episcopal Member: Bishop Sigfried Mandla Jwara CMM
Coordinating Secretary of department for Christian Formation:  Sr Patrica Finn FMA,  E-mail:

Liturgy: Sr Victoria Sibisi
Culture: Sr Victoria Sibisi
Catholic Institute of Education (CIE): Mrs Janice Seland
Catechetics: Sr Patrica Finn FMA


Chairperson: Bishop Vincent Zungu OFM
Vice-ChairpersonBishop Thaddeus Kumalo
Third Episcopal Member: 
Bishop Abel Gabuza

Seminaries Commission:
St. Joseph’s Theological Institute:
St John Vianney Seminary:
St Francis Xavier Seminary:

Council for Deacons:

National Director of Vocations:
South African Council of Priests:
Professional Conduct:
Ongoing Formation:
Secretary General:

Coordinating Secretary of Department for the Clergy:  Fr Masilo John Selemela, E-mail:


Chairperson: Bishop Victor Phalana 
Vice-Chairperson: Archbishop Buti Tlhagale OMI (Human Trafficking, Migrants & Refugees)
Third Episcopal Member:
 Bishop Giuseppe Sandri MCCJ (CATHCA & AIDS Office)
Bishop José Luis Ponce de Leon IMC (CARITAS ESWATINI)
Bishop Frank Nubuasah SVD (CARITAS BOTSWANA)

Archbishop William Slattery (REAP)
Archbishop Stephen Brislin (RDSP)
Cardinal Wilfrid Napier OFM (CARITAS SA)
Archbishop Stephen Brislin (CPLO, DHPI)

Justice and Peace Commission Fr Stan Muyebe OP
Catholic Health Care (CATHCA) Andrea Cortemiglia
Migrants, Refugees and Itinerant Sr Maria Lurdes Lodi Rissini MSCS
Counter Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) Sr Melanie O’Connor HF
RDSP Brenda Snyders
HIV/AIDS: Fr Patrick Rakeketsi CSS
Rural Education Access Programme Mr Russell Davies
Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office Fr Peter-John Pearson
Denis Hurley Peace Institute (DHPI): Johan Viljoen
CARITAS Southern Africa: Sr Maria de Lurdes Lodi Rissini MSCS

Coordinating Secretary of Department for Social Action: Johan Viljoen: E-mail:


Caritas South Africa was founded by the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference in 1970 and is affiliated to the international confederation of which it is a full member.

Caritas Internationalis is confederation of over 160 members who are working at the grassroots in almost every country of the world. The diverse members give strength – from small groups of volunteers to some of the biggest global charities. Inspired by Catholic faith, Caritas is the helping hand of the Church – reaching out to the poor, vulnerable and excluded, regardless of race or religion, to build a world based on justice and fraternal love.

Caritas Internationalis has its headquarters in Rome – co-ordinating emergency operations, formulating development policy and advocating for a better world for everyone. All national Caritas organisations are members of their own regional Caritas networks and the international confederation.

From the founding of the first Caritas in Germany in 1897, to the setting up of Caritas Internationalis in 1951, until today, Caritas has a rich history of listening respectfully to the suffering of the poor and giving them the tools to transform their own lives. The deep moral and spiritual principles of dignity, justice, solidarity and stewardship still guide Caritas today.

Caritas shares the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and to promote charity and justice throughout the world.

 Faith in action
Caritas is inspired by the Gospels, by the teachings of the Catholic Church and by the hopes of people living in poverty. Caritas encourages everyone to respond to humanitarian disasters, to promote integral human development and to advocate on the causes of poverty and violence. Caritas animate Catholic communities and all people of good will in solidarity with the suffering of their brothers and sisters around the world.

Emergency response
Caritas responds practically to humanitarian crises such as natural disasters, conflict and the effects of climate change. Caritas save lives, relieve suffering and help rebuild livelihoods and communities in the longer-term. This allows women and men in the poorest and most vulnerable communities to survive and recover from crises and to live in a safe and secure environment.

 Transforming lives
Caritas promotes integral human development so that people in the worst off and most disadvantaged communities are free to flourish and live in peace and dignity. We work to ensure that our natural environment is managed responsibly and sustainably in the interests of the entire human family.

 Calling for a better world
Caritas seeks a world where the voices of the poor are heard and acted upon. This is a world where women and men in the poorest and most disadvantaged communities are able to influence the systems, decisions and resources that affect them. They can then live under governments, institutions and global structures that are just and accountable.

The Mission of Caritas is to make God’s love visible in the world. Deus Caritas Est.

Caritas Internationalis:
President: Cardinal Antonio Luis Gokim Tagle
Secretary General: Aloysius John

Caritas Internationalis
Palazzo San Calisto
Vatican City State

Reception Desk: 0039 06 698 797 99
Fax: 0039 06 698 872 37

Caritas Africa:
President: Archbishop Gabriel Anokye
Regional Executive Secretary: Mr. Albert Mashika

Caritas South Africa:
President: Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier OFM
Caritas SA National Coordinator: Sr Maria de Lurdes Lodi Rissini MSCS


Caritas Internationalis was founded by the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference in 1970 and is affiliated to the international confederation of which it is a full member.

Caritas Internationalis is confederation of over 160 members who are working at the grassroots in almost every country of the world. The diverse members give strength – from small groups of volunteers to some of the biggest global charities. Inspired by Catholic faith, Caritas is the helping hand of the Church – reaching out to the poor, vulnerable and excluded, regardless of race or religion, to build a world based on justice and fraternal love.

Caritas Internationalis has its headquarters in Rome – co-ordinating emergency operations, formulating development policy and advocating for a better world for everyone. All national Caritas organisations are members of their own regional Caritas networks and the international confederation.

From the founding of the first Caritas in Germany in 1897, to the setting up of Caritas Internationalis in 1951, until today, Caritas has a rich history of listening respectfully to the suffering of the poor and giving them the tools to transform their own lives. The deep moral and spiritual principles of dignity, justice, solidarity and stewardship still guide Caritas today.

Caritas shares the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and to promote charity and justice throughout the world.

 Faith in action
Caritas is inspired by the Gospels, by the teachings of the Catholic Church and by the hopes of people living in poverty. Caritas encourages everyone to respond to humanitarian disasters, to promote integral human development and to advocate on the causes of poverty and violence. Caritas animate Catholic communities and all people of good will in solidarity with the suffering of their brothers and sisters around the world.

Emergency response
Caritas responds practically to humanitarian crises such as natural disasters, conflict and the effects of climate change. Caritas save lives, relieve suffering and help rebuild livelihoods and communities in the longer-term. This allows women and men in the poorest and most vulnerable communities to survive and recover from crises and to live in a safe and secure environment.

 Transforming lives
Caritas promotes integral human development so that people in the worst off and most disadvantaged communities are free to flourish and live in peace and dignity. We work to ensure that our natural environment is managed responsibly and sustainably in the interests of the entire human family.

 Calling for a better world
Caritas seeks a world where the voices of the poor are heard and acted upon. This is a world where women and men in the poorest and most disadvantaged communities are able to influence the systems, decisions and resources that affect them. They can then live under governments, institutions and global structures that are just and accountable.

The Mission of Caritas is to make God’s love visible in the world. Deus Caritas Est.

Caritas Internationalis:
President: Oscar Andrés Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga, S.D.B.
Secretary General: Michel Roy
Caritas Internationalis
Palazzo San Calisto
Vatican City State

Reception Desk: 0039 06 698 797 99
Fax: 0039 06 698 872 37


Chairperson: Bishop Zolile Petrus Mpambani SCJ
 Vice-Chairperson: Bishop Joao Rodrigues (Marrriage and Family Life)
Third Episcopal Member: Bishop Stan Dziuba OSPPE (Youth)

Youth Council Fr Mthembeni Dlamini
Youth & ACTS Fr Mthembeni Dlamini
Marriage and Family Life Fr Nkosiingiphile Ngubane
Sodalities, Associations and Lay Movements Fr Nkosiingiphile Ngubane
Laity Council Fr Nkosiingiphile Ngubane
Coordinating Secretary: Fr Nkosiingiphile Ngubane

Coordinating Secretary of department for the Laity:  Fr Masilo John Selemela, E-mail:


Bishop Head of Department: Bishop Jan de Groef M.Afr
Vice-Chairperson: Bishop Jeremiah Masela
Third Episcopal Member:
Bishop Adam Musialek SCJ
Coordinating Secretary of Department for Ecumenism: Christopher Boyer MAfr: E-mail:


 Chairperson: Bishop Peter Holiday
 Vice-Chairperson: Bishop J. Ponce de Leon IMC (Lenten Appeal)
Third Episcopal Member: Archbishop Stephen Brislin

Finance Committee: Secretary General & G. Associate Secretary
Lenten Appeal Director: Bro Ashley Tillek OFM
SACBC Foundation: Fr Barney McAleer
Pontifical Mission Society (PMS): Fr. Gordon Rees mccj




Home Affairs:
Assistance is provided to religious personnel in obtaining work/study/residence permits: Sr Hermenegild Makoro CPS, Fr Patrick Rakeketsi CSS and Tsepo Hlasoa. PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218. E-mail: or or, or

Marriage Officers:
The Conference liaises with the relevant authorities for the administration and appointment of Marriage Officers, through the Secretary General and the Administrative Secretary, PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218. E-mail: or or, or

Catholic Theological Society: ………………………………………………….

 Theological Advisory Commission(TAC): Rt Rev Bishop Dabula Mpako (Chairperson), E-mail:

 Theological Education by Extension College (TEEC):…………………………..



President: Sr. Nkhensani Shibambu CSA, Address: Companions of St Angela Power Park. PO Box 901091 Bertsham 2013 Gauteng, Tel. 011 933 2782. Cell phone 072 194 5094, Email:

Vice President: Fr. Bhekinkosi Melchior Shabalala CMM, Mariannhill Provincialate: 10 Monastery Road, Mariannhill 3624, PO Box 11363, Mariannhil Pinetown 3624 Kwazulu Natal. Tel. 031 7002 666. Fax 031 7003 838, Cell Phone: 079 339 5169, Email. Wedsite

Secretary General: Sr. Thao Phi FMM, 158 Oxford Road, Melrose Gauteng, Tel. 011 327 0245 Cell Phone 084 203 5463, Email.

Abbreviations of Religious and Societies of Secular Life


The SACBC AIDS Office, part of the Department of Catholic Social Action, supports the response of the Church to AIDS. Projects in the dioceses provide home based care, AIDS education, TB screening, the care of orphaned and vulnerable children, antiretroviral treatment, and the construction of houses for child-headed and grandparent-headed households.

Director: Fr Patrick Rakeketsi CSS
129 Main Street, Pretoria
PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001. South Africa
Tel: 27 012 323 6458, Fax: 27 012 326 4309
Fax: 27 086 729 6500. E-mail:


CATHCA is the official voice of Catholic Health Care in South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland, the three territories covered by the SACBC. CATHCA is an umbrella body for hospitals, clinics, hospices, day care centres, home based care projects, old age homes and other health care institutions run by the Catholic Church in the SACBC territory. It is an associate body of the Bishops’ Conference.
CATHCA’s Vision is to enable the provision of accessible high-quality holistic health care services in Southern Africa, especially rural and marginalised communities, in the spirit and service of Christ.
CATHCA’s Mission is to affirm, develop, support and strengthen both individual health care workers and an evolving Catholic health care network, in conjunction with all other health care role-players.

CATHCA’s services include:
Supporting dioceses in their community health and welfare ministries/services

  • enabling collaboration between Catholic health providers and government
  • growing the unique spiritual dimension of Catholic health care
  • facilitating interaction between all key stakeholders in Catholic health provision on all levels
  • advocacy on behalf of CATHCA members and the Church on health issues
  • networking with other NGOs and health care agencies

Director:  Andrea Cortemiglia 
Administrator: Lulu Mhaka
Address: Catholic Health Care Association (CATHCA). P O Box 52015, Saxonwold, 2132 Johannesburg Tel: 011 880 4022, Fax: 011 880 4084
Email: and Website:


The Catholic Institute of Education (CIE) was established in 1985 under the auspices of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC). In January 1990 the work hitherto carried out by the SACBC Department of Schools was incorporated into the CIE.

The CIE is a service, research, co-ordinating and policy shaping body committed to Christian education in the Catholic tradition. Its aim is to work for the promotion of human dignity and the transformation of South African society through its different functions.

The services offered by the CIE include:

–      Work with staff of schools on staff development, resources, the role of Catholic education and other issues;
–      Assistance with Religious Education training and development of materials;
–      Religious Education curriculum development;
–      Establishing schools as centres of care
–      Policy development and support, communication and network liaison within the Catholic education network;
–      Literacy and Numeracy training for Foundation Phase educators;
–      Workshops on dealing with HIV/AIDS and gender issues in schools;
–      Assisting orphaned and vulnerable children to remain in Catholic schools;
–      Coordination of skills development projects of Catholic Church in South Africa;
–      Ongoing research in educational issues, and liaison with a variety of bodies involved in education;
–      Work with school governing bodies, school managers and other parties concerned with the running of schools;
–      Development of a Leadership and Management Training Curriculum;
–      Assistance with educational policy formation;

The Catholic Institute of Education has offices in Johannesburg, Kokstad, Polokwane, Rustenburg, Bloemfontein, Mthatha and Keimoes.

CIE National Office – Johannesburg:
The Director: Mrs Janice Seland

Catholic Institute of Education
66 Nelson Road, Booysens, 2091; PO Box 2083, Southdale 2135. Tel: 011 433 1888, Fax: 011 680 9628. E-mail: /

CIE Eastern Cape:
Kokstad: Anthony Ciro,
 PO Box 1077, Kokstad 4700. Tel & Fax: 039 727 1223. E-mail: Mthatha: Beryl Pierce, PO Box 845, Mthatha 5099.Tel: 047 532 3714, Fax: 047 531 4692. E-mail:

CIE Free State: Anthony Joseph, PO Box 362, Bloemfontein,9300. Tel & Fax:082 747 4722. E-mail:

CIE Northern Cape: Christopher Jones, PO Box 925, Keimoes 8860. Tel & Fax: 054 461 2397. E-mail:

CIE Limpopo/Mpumalanga: Mary Glory Pitjeng, PO Box 2564, Polokwane 0700. Tel & Fax: 015 291 5164. E-mail:

CIE North West: Paul Mogorosi, PO Box 2650, Phokeng 0335. Tel & Fax: 014 573 3951. E-mail:


Gauteng: Rosa Calaça, PO Box 2635, Saxonwold, 2132. Tel: 011 447 9219, Fax: 011 447 9129. E-mail:

KwaZulu Natal: Lionel Samuel, PO Box 11103, Mariannhill, 3601. Tel: 031 700 8090, Fax: 031 700 8091. E-mail:

Western Cape: Evona Rebelo, PO Box 491, Plumstead, 7801. Tel: 021 761 8050, Fax: 021 761 8050. E-mail:

Eastern Cape: Nomvuyo Daka, PO Box 12194, Centrahil, Port Elizabeth, 6006. Tel: 041 373 0847, Fax: 041 374 4009. Email:


Bloemfontein Archdiocese
Mariasdal High School
, PO Box 70, Tweespruit 9770. (Education Level – High). Tel: 051 963 0015, Fax: 051 528 1813. Cell: 082 563 6396.

Cape Town Archdioces
1. Dominican School for Deaf Children
 – Wittebome, PO Box 19027, Wynberg 7824. (Education Level – Combined). Tel & Fax: 021 761 8046 / 7.
E-mail: /
Dominican-Grimley School, PO Box 2986, Cape Town 8000. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: 021 790 1052, Fax: 021 790 6241.

Durban Archdiocese
1. Albini High School,
 PO Box 84, Hammarsdale 3700. (Education Level – High). Tel: 031 774 0150, Fax: 031 774 0150, Cell: 083 321 0556.
2. Kwa Thintwa School for the Deaf, Private Bag X1018, Hillcrest 3650. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: 031 783 4005, Fax: 031 783 4527,
Cell: 082 439 4761.
3. Montebello Primary School, Private Bag X505, Dalton 3236. (Education Level – Primary. Tel: 033 506 0231, Cell: 082 728 9954.
4. Mowbray C.P. School, PO Box 1029, Greytown 3250. (Education Level – Primary) Tel: 033 507 0150, Cell: 082 668 2512
5. Our Lady of the Rosary Secondary School, Private Bag X505, Dalton 3236. (Education Level – High). Tel: 033 506 0089, Fax: 033 5060098,
Cell: 082 628 2993. E-mail:
Sacred Heart Secondary, Oakford Priory, PO Box Verulam 4340. (Education Level – High) Tel: 032 541 0076, Fax: 032 541 0076.
Emergency 031 564 3143. E-mail:

Eshowe Diocese
1. Holy Childhood Convent School,
 Private Bag 553, Eshowe 3815. (Education Level – Primary). Tel: 035 474 1225, Fax: 035 474 2753, Cell: 082 321 1709.
Impumelelo High School, PO Box 168, Mahlabathini 3865. (Education Level – High). Tel: 035 873 0169 / 873 0069, Fax: 035 873 0169.
3. Inkamana Secondary Private School, Private Bag X9333, Vryheid 3100. (Education Level – High). Tel: 034 981 4717, Fax: 034 981 4717.
4. Little Flower Primary School, Private Bag 575, Eshowe 3815. (Education Level – Primary). Tel: 035 474 1686, Fax: 035 474 1686.
5. Nkosiyethu H.P.School, PO Box 605, Nongoma 3950. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: 035 831 0112.
6. St Victor Senior Secondary, Private Bag X9373, Vryheid 3100. (Education Level – High). Tel: 034 981 0018. Cell: 072 453 1258 (Principal)

Johannesburg Archdiocese
1. Dominican Convent School
 (Belgravia), PO Box 33619, Jeppestown 2043. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: 011 614 6943/6966, Fax: 011 614 8780.
St Benedict’s College, PO Box 15, Bedfordview, 2008. (Education Level – Combined, boys only). Tel: 011 455 1906, Fax: 011 455 6519,
E-mail:, /

Keimoes-Upington Diocese
St Anna Secondary School Hostel:
 Matjieskloof, PO Box 25, Springbok 8240. Tel: 027 712 1503. E-mail:

Kimberley Diocese
1. Devondale Intermediate School,
 PO Box 2613, Vryheid 8601. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: (05392) 71521, Fax: 053 9271 521, Cell: 083 511 7356.
2. St Patrick’s College, PO Box 10281, Beaconsfield 8315. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: 053 831 1558, Fax: 053 831 1669. E-mail:

Kokstad Diocese
Ntsimbini Public School
, PO Box 34, Swartberg 4710. (Education Level – Intermediate). Tel: 039 747 4300, Fax: 039 747 4300, Cell: 082 959 3414.

Kroonstad Diocese
St Dominic’s College
, PO Box 574, Welkom 9460. (Education Level – High). Tel: 057 352 3905, Fax: 057 353 4631. E-mail: /

Mariannhill Diocese
1. St Francis College, 
PO Box 11003, Mariannhill 3601. (Education Level – High). Tel: 031 700 2824, Fax: 031 700 3349. E-mail:
Mariathal Combined School, PO Box 662, Ixopo 3276. (Education Level – Combined. Boarding for girls only). Tel: 039 834 1843, Fax: 039 834 2411,
Cell: 083 362 7529.
3. Tholimfundo Primary, PO Box 72, Umzinto 4200. (Education Level – Primary). Tel: 039 974 1608, Fax: 039 974 1608, Cell: 083 949 4762.

Mthatha Diocese
1. Cwele Public Junior Secondary School,
 PO Box 38, Libode 5160. (Education Level – Intermediate). Tel: 047 568 6479, Cell: 083 340 6129.
2. Ikhwezi Lokusa Special School, PO Box 156, Mthatha 5100. (Education Level – Intermediate). Tel: 047 535 0601, Fax: 047 535 0505.
Little Flower SP School, PO Box 27, Qumbu 5180. (Education Level – Primary).  Tel: 047 553 1000, Fax: 047 553 0440, Fax: 082 815 1337,
Cell: 072 112 3497
4. Mariazell High School, PO Box 68, Matatiele 4730. (Education Level – High). Tel: 039 256 5738, Fax: 039 256 5742, Cell: 039 256 5742.
5. Mount Nicholas JS School, PO Box 723, Libode 5160. (Education Level – Intermediate). Tel: 047 555 9388, Fax: 047 555 0018.
6. St Patrick’s JS School, PO Box 572, Mthatha 5100. (Education Level – Intermediate). Tel: 083 770 7124, Fax: 047 535 0707.

Polokwane Diocese
1. Motse Maria High School,
 Private Bag X7836, Polokwane 0700. (Education Level – High). Tel: 015 224 1088, Fax: 015 224 1088.
2. Pax High School, Private Bag X7822, Polokwane 0700. (Education Level – High). Tel: 015 295 9096, Fax: 015 295 9096, Cell: 072 333 4807.
Peter Herman’s School, PO Box 401, Senoabaroana 0790. (Education Level – Primary). Tel: 083 751 1565.
4. Siloe School, Private Bag X7354, Polokwane, 0700. (Education Level – Combined LSEN). Tel: 015 651 0156, Fax: 015 651 0222,
Cell: 082 449 6080. E-mail:

 Port Elizabeth Diocese
St Thomas School for the Deaf,
 PO Box 275, King Williams Town 5600. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: 043 683 1214 / 043 683 2786,
Fax: 043 685 1741, Cell: 083 342 7625.

Pretoria Archdiocese
Dominican School for Deaf Children,
 PO Box 33, Hammanskraal 0400. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: 012 711 0032 / 0378 / 0299 / 2340,
Fax: 012 11 0316, Cell: 072 211 4015. E-mail: / E-mail:

Queenstown Diocese
St James S.S. School,
 PO Box 33, Cofimvaba 5380. (Education Level – High). Tel: 047 874 0207, Fax: 047 874 0273.

Rustenburg Diocese
St Anne’s High School,
 PO Box 54, Boshoek 0301. (Education Level – High). Tel & fax: 014 519 0619.

Tzaneen Diocese
1. St Brendan’s Catholic Secondary School,
 PO Box 30, Bandelierkop 0800. (Education Level – High). Tel: 015 527 2041, Fax: 015 527 2044,
Cell: 082 499 5303. E-mail:
St Scholastica School, PO Box 52, Soekmekaar 0810. (Education Level – Primary). Cell: 072 141 2917

 Umzimkulu Diocese
1. Sehole Combined School,
 PO Box 250, Harding 4680. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: 039 433 2072, Fax: 039 433 1388, Cell: 082 692 3812.
St Martin de Porres Comprehensive, Private Bag X893, Port Shepstone 4240. (Education Level – Combined). Tel: 039 682 5725, Fax: 039 682 6054,
Cell: 083 789 4772. E-mail:

Witbank Diocese
1. Glen Cowie High School
, PO Box 6, Glen Cowie 1061. (Education Level – High). Tel: 013 298 1009, Fax: 013 298 1167. E-mail:
St Peter’s School, PO Box 618, Nelspruit 1200. (Education Level – Primary). Tel: 013 741 1021, Fax: 013 741 2031. E-mail:


The CPLO is a bridge between Church and State, and its task is to see that the traffic of ideas, values, opinions and insights passes in both directions across that bridge.

Who we are…
The Parliamentary Liaison Office of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference is the vehicle for contact and dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church in South Africa on the one hand, and the country’s parliament and government on the other.

Since 1997 it has provided an avenue for the Church – as part of civil society – to contribute to debates on issues of public policy, to exert an influence for the common good in areas of political, economic and social concern, and to help shape legislative and policy developments.

The present staff complement is twelve: a Director, who is a priest of the Archdiocese of Cape Town; a Programme Co-ordinator; a Research Co-ordinator; five Researchers; a Research Assistant a Financial Administrator; Events Administrator and an Office Administrator.

We host interns from Notre Dame University, the Kroc Peace Instititue and the University of the Western Cape.

Organisationally, the CPLO is an extension of the head office of the SACBC in Pretoria, and is located in Cape Town, the seat of Parliament. The office reports to a bishop designated as the link between it and the conference (presently Bishop Kevin Dowling CSsR, of the Diocese of Rustenburg) and accounts for its activities at the biannual plenary meetings of the Bishops’ Conference.

 What we do…
Formal submissions are made on legislation before parliament. These are usually written, but wherever possible they are supplemented by an oral presentation to the relevant parliamentary committee.

Written responses are made to policy documents such as Green Papers and White Papers, reports of the Law Commission and the like.

 Informal contact with members of parliament, cabinet ministers and senior civil servants is an important and fruitful part of the work. It is often the case that more can be achieved over a lunch or dinner, where conversation is frank and off the record, than by making a formal submission.

 Attendance at parliament, on notable occasions such as the annual opening and the budget speech, and at everyday committee meetings or question time, is a way of showing the interest and involvement of the Church, and of interacting with the parliamentary process.

 Networking and, when necessary, forming alliances with other civil society organisations and parliamentary monitoring groups in order to maximise resources and capacity when working on the same pieces of legislation.

 Roundtable Discussions are organized for civil society focus groups and/or MPs who work together on the same pieces of legislation. Outside experts are invited to give input.

 A documentary information service is provided, consisting of:

 Newsletters (very brief synopses of items of interest and activities of the office).

 Responses (short, quick reactions to important events or developments in public policy).

 Briefing Papers (short analyses of topical issues, be it legislative, policy or otherwise).

 Occasional Papers (more in-depth analyses, not restricted to topical issues)

 Research Papers (substantive documents aimed at informing the Church’s agenda on a particular topic).

 Research is conducted at the behest of church leadership and includes analysis of the likely effects of a law, summaries of government policy or tracking a piece of policy or legislation through its developmental stages.

Director: Fr Peter-John Pearson
Programme Co-ordinator: Adv Mike Pothier
Programme Co-ordinators Ms Lois Law
Mr Kenny Pasensie
Ms Lovedonia Mkansi
Finance Manager: Ms Karen Morris
Events Co-ordinator Ms Megan Damon
Office Administrator: Ms Lovedonia Mkansi

Contact Address:
SACBC Parliamentary Liaison Office
PO Box 2910, CAPE TOWN 8000 South Africa
Tel: 021 461 1417, Fax: 021 461 6961
E-mail: Website:


Who We Are
The Counter trafficking in Persons Office 
is a joint project of the Leadership Conference of Consecrated Life [LCCL-SA)] and the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) begun in 2008. The original Inspiration and promotion of this initiative is due to Constellation Six (C6) – Congregations of religious women who have their Generalates in Southern Africa.

Vision Statement
Our vision is the creation of a world in which all its peoples are safe, respected ,valued and given the dignity which is their God given human right; a world where no one seeks to exploit and enslave another for the purpose of any gain.

 Work of the Office
The work of the office focuses mainly on
1. Protection of potential victims of trafficking through:
– capacity Building Workshops and coordination of trainees
– awareness raising campaigns.
2. Networking
3. Research
4. Certain amount of survivor support post shelter towards accommodation and education
5. Partnering

What you can do
  • Create awareness of the issue and pray in parishes for the victims of trafficking
  • Welcome strangers and foreigners so that they find a home in the parish community.
  • Report suspicious conduct around the issue to the police
  • Form or join groups to oppose the ‘grooming’ of young people for the sex industry.

For information or assistance in South Africa:
Sr Melanie O’Connor HF

Counter Trafficking in Persons Office (CTIP)
Khanya House, 129 Main Street, Pretoria 0002.
PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001. South Africa
Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218 E-mail:
Website: and


Acting in solidarity for a just peace in Africa and the world

Who are we?
The Denis Hurley Peace Institute is named after South African Catholic Archbishop Denis Eugene Hurley, a critical voice of the Church during apartheid, It was established in 2005 with the blessing of the Southern Africa Catholic Bishops’ Conference, to serve people in conflict situations by ensuring that building peace addresses the root cause; of conflict and that the processes by which peace is achieved respects the human rights of people.

Our mission statement
It is our vision that the Dennis Hurley Peace Institute be a credible, respected peace-builder in Africa and internationally, actively upholding the social teaching of the church that peace is much more than the absence of war.

What is our goal?
Our goal is to enhance capacity for an informed and appropriate response to conflict by the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference in particular, and faith-based leadership in general. This is to be achieved by acting in solidarity with other civil society partners for the benefit of humanity through the promotion of dialogue, justice and reconciliation.

What do we offer?
-Peace-building techniques
-In-Country Training Workshops on: Justice and Peace, conflict analysis, mediation praxis, approaches to reconciliation, democratisation and civil society participation
-Networking with other peace role players
– Hurley Dialogues


Director: Mr Johan Viljoen
Administrator/Project Manager Jeanette Lesisa

Contact Details:
Khanya House, 129 Main Street, Pretoria 0002.
PO Box 4000, Pretoria 0001. South Africa
Tel: 012 321 2600 / 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218
E-mail: Website:


History of the SACBC Justice and Peace Commission
During the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), Pope John XXIII, Pope Paul VI and the bishops from all around the world declared that the Church is in the World and is to be like leaven (yeast) in the transformation of the world. This was a radical statement after millennia of the Church being identified with political power (after Constantine in the fourth century) followed by a turning in on itself in opposition to the world (after the French Revolution at the end of the eighteenth century).

Soon after the Council, in 1967, Pope Paul VI established the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace to remind the Church that work for justice and peace is fundamental to evangelisation. All Bishops’ Conferences were instructed to establish a Justice and Peace commission and all Bishops were asked to establish Justice and Peace commissions in their Dioceses and in each parish. The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) was one of the first Bishops’ Conferences in the world to establish a Justice and Peace commission in 1967.

From the outset, the Justice and Peace Commission (J&P) understood itself to be continuing the mission of Christ to bring Good News to the poor (economic justice), to the oppressed (political justice), to the blind, sick and afflicted (healing and peace) and to the prisoners or offenders (mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation), (Luke 4:18).As spelt out in the social teachings of the Church, this involved bringing the Gospel to life by promoting the oneness and integrity of all creation and hence human dignity, justice and peace for all people, especially for the poor and marginalised, both within the Church and in broader society. With this spirituality, it wanted to help all levels of the Church in the SACBC territory to realise that work for justice and peace is an integral and indispensable part of Christian faith.

During the Apartheid era, the commission focused on the need for Christians to counter the dehumanising and unjust system prevailing. Activities included giving support to political detainees in their ill-treatment, supporting the anti-conscription campaign targeted at white males and economic pressure against the government.

During the political transition period after 1990, the commission focused mostly on promoting a positive negotiation process, encouraging informed participation in the 1994 elections through democracy education, and (subsequently) the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) process. Over the two decades of the post-apartheid era since 1994, the commission established dedicated programmes to promote economic, environmental, gender and trade justice, land reform, democracy, reconciliation, capacity building, social renewal, and international solidarity and peace-building.

The commission now functions as the official social, political, economic and environmental justice advocacy and peacebuilding agency of the SACBC with dedicated programmes in five focus areas: economic justice, environmental justice, gender justice, good governance and social cohesion, and land justice.

The commission continues the mission of Christ in our societies by promoting human dignity, justice, peace and the integrity of creation both within the church and in broader society, drawing on gospel values and the social teachings of the Church. The commission’s work is informed by a preferential option for the poor and marginalised, and a fundamental commitment to social justice and the eradication of poverty.

It attempts to harness the vast expertise that exists within and without the Church in all sectors of society to deepen the understanding and analysis of issues within these priority areas that require our response. It then encourages all levels of the Church (bishops, priests, parish communities and local Justice and Peace groups) to advocate for a more just and peaceful society, leading to effective action.

To ensure that action is undertaken to promote justice at a grassroots level in all these areas, the Commission organises a training programme in organisational and skills development for the Justice and Peace network throughout the SACBC region. The goal is to establish operational Justice and Peace groups in every parish in the region (about 1000 parishes) which will mobilise the whole parish community to become involved in work for justice both within and beyond the Church in the local community.

Mandate of Justice and Peace
According to the SACBC statutes, the mandate of the Justice and Peace Commission is to promote justice and peace action in the light of Catholic Social Teachings as part of the evangelizing mission of the Catholic Church in Southern Africa.

This includes:
 Helping the church community to be aware of the suffering, injustice, divisions and violence in the territories served by the Conference and to be committed to transforming society.
. Raising awareness among people about the causes of suffering and poverty and helping them recognize the social implications of faith for all areas of human life as well for the environment.
. Working for a more just society where the basic human rights of all people are respected especially those of the poor, of women and others who are marginalized;
. Having a special concern within the Church for preaching and promoting action for justice and peace in support of the poor, disadvantaged and oppressed and to act as an advisory body on justice issues;
. Promoting awareness of the integrity of creation and encouraging the church community to work for environmental justice;

. Being a contact point for women’s groups and assisting these groups to raise women’s concerns in the Conference especially those dealing with issues of justice relating to women in society, the role of women in the Church and their participation in its life;
. Address injustice within the Church itself so that it can be a more credible witness to its gospel message.

The Staff of the Justice and Peace Commission

Coordinator: Fr Stan Muyebe OP
Organising Secretary: Kabelo Selema
Administrative Secretary: Thabitha Chepape
Financial Manager: Angelique Naweza,
Land Desk Coordinator: Philani Mkhize,
Advocacy Officer: Shaka Dzebu,
Communication Officer: Robert Mafinyori,

Contact Address:
Justice and Peace Commission
Khanya House, 129 Main Street, Pretoria; PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001
Tel: +27 (0) 12 323 6458, Fax: +27 (0)12 325 6125
Email: Website:


Lumko is the pastoral institute of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference. It aims at building up a local Church that gives prophetic service to society.

Through workshops and other courses the staff of Lumko Institute:
 promotes a Church in which all can take their appropriate role in their parish community;
. promotes and supports Small Christian Communities which are founded on Gospel reflection and service of the neighbourhood;
. caters for the catechetical needs of the Christian community: adult, adolescent and children;
. offers training for Church leaders: lay and cleric, female and male;
. supports inculturation of Church life, particularly in the parish;
. through the Institute’s publications (which are sold throughout the world) offers means by which pastoral trainers can implement a Community Church;
. conducts formal training for pastoral ministers at diocesan level in its “Called To Serve” programme;
. facilitates pastoral meetings on request;
. conducts, on request, workshops and seminars throughout the SACBC region, as well as internationally;
. conducts an annual catechetical course for catechists, parish leaders, priests and religious;
. conducts an annual international course in pastoral ministry for participants from other countries;

Administrator: Rev Sr Thandi Moyo FIC
Contact Details: 47 Dickenson Road, Benoni North 1501;
PO Box 5058, Delmenville 1403. Cell: 083 346 5660 or 072 646 9909. E-mail:


1. Encouraged by her priest brother, Phileas, Pauline Marie Jaricot, aged 19, founded the Society of the Propagation of the Faith on 3 May 1822 in Lyon with the sole aim of raising funds for the Asian missions. Her method was personal and she used leaders, herself included, to personally approach groups of people for funds. Against opposition she was encouraged to continue to propagate this work of charity. With papal encouragement, it spread to the different dioceses of France, then to other European countries and later to America. Since 1928 it has been set up progressively in mission countries too, and at present it exists in 101 countries. So as to give it wider scope and a more universal character, pontifical status was granted to the Society on 3 May 1922, and its central administration was transferred to Rome. It thus became the Church’s official organization for mission aid for 938 Dioceses. Collection is taken on the third Sunday of October or the fourth Sunday when there are five Sundays in the month.

2. The Society of the Missionary Childhood was founded in 1843 by Bishop de Forbin-Janson of Nancy. From the very beginning it received the support of the Holy See, and quickly spread throughout France, to the other European countries and to America. Recently it has been set up also in several mission countries, and today it is organized in about 90 countries. Its central administration was in Paris. It was given pontifical status on 3 May 1922 and transferred to Rome in 1987. Collection is taken on the first Sunday of February.

3. It was in France as well, at Caen 1889, that Stephanie Bigard and her daughter Jeanne founded The Society of St Peter the Apostle. With the support of the Holy See, it too, spread to the majority of dioceses in Europe and America. Its central administration was transferred to Rome in 1920, and it was officially given pontifical status on 3 May 1922. It is closely linked to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Collection is taken on the first Sunday of August.

4. The Pontifical Missionary Union (Unio Cleri pro Missionibus) was founded in Italy in 1916 by Blessed Fr Paolo Manna. It received papal approval from the beginning and rapidly spread to the majority of dioceses in the world. It is organized in more than 50 countries at present. It received official pontifical status on 14 April 1937. Though founded originally as an association of priests, its scope was enlarged on 14 July 1949 to take in religious Brothers and Sisters. Its central administration is in Rome. Membership Sunday: Collection in May.

National Director for Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland.
Director: Rev Fr. Gordon Rees mccj
1030 Meerlust Road, Equestria, Pretoria East;
PO Box 73514, Lynnwood Ridge 0040
Tel: 012 816 5001, Cell: 062 247 7698. E-mail:


Rural Development Support Program (RDSP) has been active in rural areas of South Africa since 1992 and is an associate body of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC).

We operate as a service organisation in a country filled with both problems and promise. However, without the right intervention, this promise could be wiped out by the sheer intensity of poverty combined with poor delivery of education and basic healthcare. RDSP forms part of this intervention, making a real contribution to a new order in our country as a whole and in rural areas in particular. We do this by building the capacity of rural people, brought together in community based organisations or informal groups, to initiate and manage development activities.

We have assisted community based organisations (CBOs) to grow in effectiveness by offering them our capacity building services. These include running training programmes in development, leadership and management skills and conducting on-site organisational development and consultation sessions. We believe in working with rural groups on a long-term basis, assisting them as they implement their anti-poverty programmes. These include, amongst others, income-generation, gender issues, paralegal advice, youth and community haealthcare. Our services are carried out nationally and regionally, with an emphasis on field work, monitoring and impact assessment.

Director: Gardie Judge
Rural Development Support Program
Cathedral Place, 12 Bouquet Street,
Cape Town 8000. SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: 021 462 4555, Fax: 021 465 8338
E-mail: –
Non-Profit Organisation: 010-190NPO, Public Benefit Organisation: 930001418,
BEE Verified level 3


The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, at its meeting in Cape Town on 3 September 1970, decided to establish a provisional council of priests for Southern Africa.

The first meeting of this provisional council took place at Pretoria in December 1970. On 9 December 1970, the provisional council decided that a permanent council of priests should be established. In July 1971, the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference accepted the Constitution of the Southern African Council of Priests and established the Council as a permanent one. A revised constitution was approved in January 1985.

In the words of the Constitution:
“The purpose of the Council shall be to promote, in hierarchical communion, an effective sharing of responsibility in the mission of the Church”. To this end, the Council shall serve as:

*      An instrument for close co-operation with the SACBC in matters of general concern;

*      A forum for the exchange and co-ordination of the views of priests regarding the mission of the Church, in a spirit of true brotherly unity;

*      An agency for dealing with problems affecting the personal life and ministry of priests;

*      A medium of helpful collaboration with other legitimately constituted apostolic groups, especially those operating at national level;

*      A means of co-operating with Christian and non-Christian bodies in the development of ecumenical activities.

The priests of South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland are all represented on the Council through delegates from their respective dioceses, on the basis of one delegate per 50 priests, or part thereof.

In 1986, links were made with the international “Assembly of Priests’ Representatives”, Room 218, 1307 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60605 U.S.A.

 The present Executive Committee consists of:

Chairman: Fr. Christopher Slater – Port Elizabeth, P. O Box 10049, Pefferville, East London, 5220. Tel: 043-7333658(h) 043-7338415(o) Fax: 043-7338416.
Vice Chairman: Fr Cosmas Mzizi, PO Box 20, Donnybron 3237. Tel: 039 831 0197, Cell: 082 931 6578. E-mail:
Secretary: Fr Vusumuzi Magagula, PO Box 2510, Witbank 1035. Tel: 013 698 1100, Cell: 083 332 6602. E-mail:
Treasurer: Fr Hugh O’Connor, PO Box 46876 Glosderry 7702. Tel: 021 697 1420.
Additional Member: Fr Bheki Motloung, (Spiritual Advisor): PO Box 157, Edendale 4505. Tel: 033 399 5362. Fax: 033 3994291. E-mail:

Substitutes Member:  Fr Albert Post, PO Box 73, De Aar, 7000. Tel: 053 631 1149. E-mail:


St Francis House of Studies (OFM) (The Kraal): PO Box 914-1192, Wingate Park 0153. Tel: 012 345 1172, Fax: 012 345 6058. E-mail:
Rector: Rev Fr Hyacinth Ennis OFM.
St Francis Xavier Seminary: PO Box 46876, Glosderry 7702. Tel: 021 697 1420 / 1, Fax: 021 697 1835. E-mail:
Rector: Rev Fr Thomas Plastow SJ
St. John Vianney Seminary NPC: 179 Main Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria 0181; P O Box 17128 Groenkloof, 0027. Tel: 012 460-2039, Fax: 012 460-3596.
President: Rev. Fr. Masilo John Selemela

Rev. Fr. Dr. Masilo John Selemela President/Rector 083 0750 1556
Rev. Fr. Bongani Mbhele Vice-President/

Rector 081 099 5923
Rev. Fr. Thulani Joel J. Skhosana Academic Dean 064 951 6142
Rev. Fr. Sello Maboea Registrar 071 828 9450
Examination Officer
Rev. Fr. Zakheleni Mkhwanazi Head of Theology Deparmtent 072 461 4335
Dean of Students
Rev. Fr. Ncedo


Liturgy Father 076 843 3137
Rev. Fr. Dr. Ricardo Smuts Financial Administrator 082 886 4212
Rev. Fr. (S’busiso) Benjamin Sithathu Health & Safety Officer 076 595 7524
Human Resources Officer
Rev. Fr. Dr. Jerome Nyathi Spiritual Father 082 720 3278
Rev. Fr. Chris Mathaha Head of Pastoral Department 072 866 7361
Rev. Fr. Bangizwe Khoza Head of Philosophy Department 071 830 7000
Rev. Fr. Francis Mahubane Communications Officer 076 668 8281
Mrs. Anne Burt Secretary to Theology & Pastoral Departments 012 460 2039
Ms. Elizabeth Mlombo PA to President 012 460 2039
Secretary to HOD Philosophy
Mr. Tom Sebastian Bookkeeper 012 460 2039
Ms. Lillian Chongo Secretary to Academic Dean 012 460 2039
Mrs. Roelna Odendaal Librarian 012 460 2039
Ms. Tebogo Malaka Receptionist 012 460 2039

Private Bag 6004, Hilton 3245. Tel: 087 353 8940/41, Fax: 086 43 52264
President: Fr. Ewen Swartz  OMI, Tel: 087 353 8940.
E-mail: Website:
Dean: Fr. Quinbert Kinunda MAfr, E-mail:
Registrar: Fr Luigi Morell MAfr, E-mail:
Secretary Office of the President: Tracy Naidoo, Tel: 087 353 8940,


Coordinator: Rev Fr. Mosebetsi Mokoena, PO Box 5087, Phuthaditjhaba 9866. Tel: 058 713 1585; Cell: 082 947 5141. E-mail:

Coordinator: Rev Fr. Mosebetsi Mokoena, PO Box 5087, Phuthaditjhaba 9866. Tel: 058 713 1585; Cell: 082 947 5141. E-mail:

 Major Seminaries in IMBISA Region
1. Arrupe College (Zimbabwe) E-mail: /
Chishawasha Major Seminary (Zimbabwe) E-mail:
Oblate Scholasticate: PO Box 13, Roma 180.
4. S, Pio X Maputo (Mozambique) E-mail:
Seminario de S. Agostinho da Matola (Mozambique) E-mail:
Seminario do Sagrado Coracao de Jesus da Luanda (Angola) E-mail:
St Augustine Major Seminary: PO Box 8, Roma 180. Tel: 00266 2234 0210. (Lesotho) Rector: Rev. Fr. Costantinus Bereng Mosuoe, E-mail: /
St. Charles Lwanga’s Major Seminary (Namibia) E-mail:
St. John Vianney Seminary (South Africa): Rector: Fr Molewe Machingoane.
St. Joseph’s Theological Institute (South Africa) E-mail:


After Vatican II the bishops of Southern Africa encouraged the Church on the local and national level to become increasingly self-reliant. One practical step towards this goal has been the annual appeal to all the faithful during the six weeks before Easter to contribute in a special way towards “the work of the church and the poor” in the Dioceses of Southern Africa and towards the support of our seminaries. The response continues to be generous despite difficult financial times.

The money is distributed for the support of the Total Mission of the Church in South Africa. The largest proportion of money received goes to various projects, namely:

After Vatican II the bishops of Southern Africa encouraged the Church on the local and national level to become increasingly self-reliant. One practical step towards this goal has been the annual appeal to all the faithful during the six weeks before Easter to contribute in a special way towards “the work of the church and the poor” in the Dioceses of Southern Africa and towards the support of our seminaries. The response continues to be generous despite difficult financial times.

The money is distributed for the support of the Total Mission of the Church in South Africa. The largest proportion of money received goes to various projects, namely:

1. Poor and Needy:
Street Children
Supplement feeding programs
Disadvantaged school children

2. Refugees
Refugee centres
People in transit
Sailor ministry

3. Special needs of care and support
Pregnant girls’ homes
Women’s shelter
Handicapped or special needs centres

4. Special Ministries
Marriage programs
Family Life

5. Vocations
Promotion and workshops in needy areas

7,Back to work or Income generating projects
Skills development
Marketing and money generating projects
Women empowerment programs- catering, dress making, arts and crafts and marketing programs

6. Lay training programs
Training of Church leaders in needy areas with proper programs and trainers

8. Youth
Leadership training
Church involvement programs

Each diocese has its own director who meets once a year with the national director to plan the programme of the following year.

Applications for aid from the fund are received and channeled via the Diocesan Directors, the offices of the SACBC or the office of the National Director:
Director: Bro Ashley Tillek, PO Box 2206, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 326 0537, Fax: 012 326 0575. Or Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218. Cell: +27 61 441 4232
E-mail: / E-mail:
Administrator: Bafana Magagula, E-mail:

Liaison Bishop and Military Ordinary: Archbishop William Slattery OFM, Jolivet House, 140 Visagie Street, Pretoria 0002; PO Box 8149, Pretoria 0001.
Tel: 012 326 5311 / 2, Fax: 012 325 3994. E-mail: /


1 Eshowe – KZN: Fr Eugene B Mhlongo, PO Box 20, Mandeni 4490. Tel: 032 458 4022, Fax: 032 458 4289. Cell: 083 922 3492.
2 Free State: Fr A Ntuli. Private Bag X22, Bethlehem 9700.Tel: 058 306 2550, Fax: 058 306 2560. Cell: 072 835 5077.
3 Makhado: Fr Simon Khamali CP, PO Box 81, Braamboss 0954. Tel: 015 577 2005 (W), Fax: 015 577 2713, Cell: 082 961 Fr Simon Khamali CP, PO Box 81, Braamboss 0954. Tel: 015 577 2005 (W), Fax: 015 577 2713, Cell: 082 961 8354.
4 Phalaborwa: Fr Silias Rangwaga, Senior Chaplain. PO Box 2091, Phalaborwa 1390. Tel: 015 780 4631 (W), Fax: 015 780 4612, Cell: 082 781 0778

Thaba Tshwane:

Fr Obed Ramoipone, PO Box 913129, Thaba Tshwane 0143.


1 Free State: Fr Thabang Joseph Molefi OMI, PO Box 29583, Danhof 9310. Tel: 051 436 2284 (W), Fax: 051 426 6047, Cell: 071 436 0976.
2 Gauteng: Rev Deacon Joseph Makhubela, 1939 Molapo Park, PO Kwa-Xuma, Molapo 1818. Tel: 011 274 7473, Fax: 011 983 2617, Cell: 083 427 2089.


1 Gauteng: Fr Jordan Ngondo, Private Bag X2, Bryanston 2013. Tel: 011 208 9521 (W), Fax: 011 260 0241, Cell: 073 786 2023. E-mail:

1. Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt:
National Movement Director: PO Box 2279, Clareinch 7740. Tel & Fax: 021 683 3690.
2. Catholic Charismatic Renewal: John Goncalves. Tel: 011 814 5248 (w), Cell: 083 449 6599. E-mail:
3. Catholic Nurses Guild: Antonia Dladla, PO Box 971, Eshowe 2815. Cell: 078 1927 837.
4. Catholic Men’s Association: Spiritual Director: Rt Rev Fr Banda .
Chairperson: Mr Victor Sofala, 1639 Zone 7, Ga-Rankuwa 0208. Tel: 012 703 7800, Cell: 082 785 6641, Fax: 012 421 3397. E-mail:
Secretary: Mr Peter Kekana, 2998 Block L, Soshanguve 0152. Tel: 012 790 3212. Cell: 083 7568 316. E-mail:
5. Catholic Women’s Association: Preisdent: Mrs Daphney Kgantsi, Cell: 083 447 1869.
Spiritual Adviser: Fr Jonas Mokoena MSC, 7 Kopanong Setion, Tembisa. Tel & Fax: 011 924 1536.
6. Catholic Women’s League: National Chaplain: Fr. Tony Horgan, Immaculate Conception. PO Box 48124, Hercules 0030. Tel: 012 377 1288, Cell: 076 0877 593. E-mail:
National President: Mrs. Veronica Patricia Elicia Malan-Lebona, 297 Jourisson Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria 0002; P O Box 8149, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 343 0111,
Fax: 012 343 8575. Cell: 082 4553 545. E-mail: / E-mail:   Website:
Facebook page: cwlnatpta Twitter: #cwlnatpta 1st Vice President: Lemao Dorah Nteo, Cell: 072 1089 106, E-mail: ;
2nd Vice President: Esther Itumeleng Ganyane, Cell: 082 9283 796, E-mail: ; Secretary: Mavis Baba Kok, Cell: 082 7844 280,
E-mail: ; Treasurer: Maria Beatriz De Souza-Ferreira, Cell: 082 3690 580, E-mail: ; News Correspondent:Mabel Adelaide Senabe, Cell: 082 7785 864, E-mail:
7. Christian Action Movement (CAM): Peter Sadie, 56 African Street, Orcharc 2192. Tel: 011 640 3917 (H), Cell: 084 602 3982. E-mail:
8. Christian Life Community: Ecclesiastical Assistant: Fr Graham Pugin, SJ Tel: 021 685 3465, Cell: 083 587 7322. E-mail:
Coordinator: Kaye Henrick, Tel: 041 586 0810 (after hours), Cell: 083 299 1842. E-mail
National Secretary: Jane Hulley, Tel: 021 790 1668, Cell: 082 783 0331. E-mail:
9. Christian Social Action: Robin Picas, 91 Sneddon Ave. Sydenham. Tel: 011 485 1282 (H), Tel: 011 648 5203 (O).
10. Heralds of the Gospel, (Association of Pontifical Right): Cintact: Arthur Hlebnikian. PO Box 1712, Edenvale 1610. Tel: 011 453 6351 (H). E-mail:
11. Immaculate Conception: Theresa Leboa, Cell: 082 496 7200, PO Box 2546, Benoni, 1500.
`12. Knights of da Gama: Supreme National Secretary: Alvaro Peres, PO Box 748, Garsfontein 0042. Cell: 082 447 6231.
Supreme Knight: Anthony Beale, PO Box 3653, Witbank 1035. Tel: 013 656 4184 (H), Tel: 013 690 2258 (O), Cell: 082 855 1146.
Deputy Supreme Knight: Vic Barra, Cell: 083 308 4014. E-mail
Supreme Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Peter Cullen, PO Box 83, Dundee 3000. Tel: 034 212 2241 (H), Tel: 034 212 2127 (O), Cell: 072 187 9095.
Supreme Secretary: Brian Sutcliffe, PO Box 29344, Sandringham 2131. Tel: 011 882 3144 (H), Tel: 011 647 7161 (O), Cell: 083 440 9275.
Supreme Secretary National: Alvoro Peres, PO Box 748, Garsfontein 0042. Cell: 082 4476 231.
13. Legion of Mary: President: Mrs Justine Teka, 27 Waterbok Street, Leondale, Germiston 1401. Tel: 011 8661 591, Cell: 071 0484 239.
Vice President: Patrick Butcher, Tel: 011 472 9597, Cell: 079 1368 937.
Secretary: Michael Cook, 11 Charmonix Terrace, 45 Soetdoring Avenue; PO Box 7, Bassonia 2190. Tel: 011 432 8720. Cell: 083 2612 921,
Treasurer: Sue San, Tel: 011 643 6330, Cell: 082 3925 214. E-mail:
14. Marriage Encounter: National Coordinators: Joe & Neely Kay. 13 Dibo Mews, 25 McKineley Road. Kenilworth 7708, CT. Tel: 021 674 7428, Cell: 082 940 6474. E-mail:
15. Pioneers Movement: Jacqui Otto, 19 – 134th Street, Ravensmead, 7493. Tel: 021 932 2103.
16. Sacred Heart Sodality:


Office Bearer Contact Details
President: Ms L. Khohlooa 073 1451 559 –
D. President: Ms M. Mathedimusa 060 3712199 –
Secretary: MS G. Serage 083 6999 166 –
D. Secretary Ms J. Ramara 083 6504 715 –
Treasurer Mr E. Netshiswinzhe 076 0921 190 –
Spiritual Director Fr. R Ramoabi 076 1628 253 –

17. Secular Franciscans: National Minister: Mrs Albertina Dlamini.
National Secretary: Jenny Harrington, Tel: 011 678 9426 (w), Cell: 072 673 2521. E-mail:
18. Sodality of The Immaculate Conception: Mrs Khosi Mthembu, Cell: 0834580924, E-mail:
19. St. Vincent de Paul: National President: Clement Venter. PO Box 771, Alberton 1450. Tel: 011 8690 458, Cell: 076 6878 765. E-mail:
20. The Grail (lay women’s movement): National Leadership Team, c/o 51 Rose Village, 22 Reunert Drive, Roosevelt Park, Johannesburg 2195; P O Box 29334, Melville, Johannesburg 2109. Tel/Fax 011 782 0389. E-mail:
18. Union of Catholic Apostolate: The Secretary UAC, Rev. Fr BJ Reabow SAC, PO Box 2435, Komani, 5322. Tel: 045 838 2550 and 045 838 1062,
Fax: 045 838 2550; Cell (Fr Reabow): 082 940 3542.
19. Women of St. Anne: National President: 

Office Bearer Contact Details
President: Mrs Mbombo (Cape) 072 368 5510 –
D. President: Mrs GL Zondi (Durban) 073 109 7790
Secretary: Mrs Puleng Molepo (Polokwane)   082 450 8336 –
D. Secretary Mrs S Dire (Klerksdorp) 076 165 5729 –
Treasurer Mrs G. Mere (Kimberly) 078 977 5361-  
Spiritual Director Fr. Bafana Hlatshwayo (Rustenburg) 082 902 4177-
WUCWO Board Member: Mrs P. F. Motsa (Swaziland) 00268 7617

20. Young Adults Catholic Organisation (YACO): Executive Chairperson: Thabang Diketana, Cell: +27 82 423 0269
21. St Joseph Sodality:
22. SACBC Council for the Laity:

Office Bearer Arch/Diocese Contact Details
President: Ms. Ursula Collings Durban 084 699
D. President: Mr. Joe Nkumane Swaziland +268 7602 0225  –
Secretary: Ms. Enency Mbatha Pretoria 082 638 5489
D. Secretary Mr. Kelly Shikwambana Cape Town 074 460 1717 –


Home Affairs:
Assistance is provided to religious personnel in obtaining work/study/residence permits: Sr Hermenegild Makoro CPS, Fr Patrick Rakeketsi CSS and Tsepo Hlasoa. PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218. E-mail: or or, or

Marriage Officers:
The Conference liaises with the relevant authorities for the administration and appointment of Marriage Officers, through the Secretary General and the Administrative Secretary, PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218. E-mail: or or, or

Catholic Theological Society: ………………………………………………….

 Theological Advisory Commission(TAC): Rt Rev Bishop Dabula Mpako (Chairperson), E-mail:

 Theological Education by Extension College (TEEC):…………………………..


1. Gauteng: Fr Jordan Ngondo, Private Bag X2, Bryanston 2013. Tel: 011 208 9521 (W), Fax: 011 260 0241, Cell: 073 786 2023. E-mail:


National contacts


1. Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE): National Spiritual Director: Fr Patrick Rakeketsi CSS: Cell: 0733805629, Email: , National Coordinators: Mr Kabelo Senne: Cell: 079 281 9561, E-mail:, & Bridget Senne:Cell: 072 056 2225, E-mail: In Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Gaborone, Swaziland.


1. Equipes de Nossa Senhora(Teams of Our Lady): Serafim and Ana-Maria Nogueira. 55 Buckingham Road, Kensington, 2094.Tel & Fax: 011 615 7827. (W) Ana 011 607 4032. Cell: 072 627 6907. Email:

2. Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE): Mr Kabelo & Mr Bridgette Senne. St John the Baptist Catholic Church, Pretoria North. Contacts: 0792819561, Email:

3. Marriage Encounter (ME): Andy and Bev Frazier, PO Box 28655 Kensington 2101. Cell (Bev): 082 556 3880, 011 302 5011. E-mail: website: Twitter: @MEncounter Facebook:
Fr Benno Singer, Cell: 082 693 9600. E-mail:

4. Retrouvaille, help for hurting marriages: Africa Liaison couple, Stephen and Sandra Conway. Operates in Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Bulawayo, Kenya. Tel: 082 9416 154, (Stephen) Cell: 083 648 2345. E-mail: /


1. Couples for Christ (CFC): National Director: Keith Sampson, Cell: 082 458 0964. E-mail: /

2. Focolare Movement (Work of Mary): New Families: Percy & Mpho Matshane. Cell: Percy 082 563 2400, Mpho 082 880 7181, Home: 012 803 9963, Fax: 086 546 5027. E-mail / Mpho:

3. MARFAM : Marriage and Family Life Renewal Ministry: Toni Rowland, PO Box 2881, Randburg 2125. Tel: & Fax: 011 462 7472 E-mail:

 4. Schoenstatt Family Movement: Sr Connie O’Brien, Tel: (H) 021 794 5150, (W) 021 650 3480, Cell: 073 848 1001. E-mail: constance.o’


1. FAMILY MATTERS magazine and other publications by
2. MARFAM – Marriage and Family Life Renewal Ministry.
Language: English with occasional translations
Editor: Toni Rowland, PO Box 2881, Randburg 2125. Tel & Fax: 011 462 7472. E-mail: Website:

3. New City/Nouvelle Cite’: Language: English
c/o Focolare Movement, 10 Bruno Drive, Florida North 1709. Tel: 011 674 5075. E-mail:


1. Aliwal North: Nomntu Mpambani 0827098977. C/o POBox 27, Aliwal North 9750. E-mail:

 2. Bethlehem: Fr Mahlomola Joseph Khumalo, PO Box 6, Harrismith 9880. Tel: 058 622 157.

 3. Bloemfontein: c/o Archdiocesan Office. PO Box 362, Bloemfontein 9300. E-mail:

 4. Cape Town: Domestic Church Office, Centre for Pastoral Development,The Chancery, 12 Bouquet street, Cape Town 8001; PO Box 2910, Cape Town 8000. Tel: 021 462 2417. E-mail:

5. De Aar: Mr and Mrs Taai, c/o POBox 73, De Aar 7000. Tel: 053 631 1149.

6. Dundee: c/o Private Bag X6603, Newcastle 2940. Tel: 034 312 6591. E-mail:

7. Durban: Fr Peter Lafferty, 171 Bulwer road, Durban 4001. Tel: 031 202 7748. Cell: 082 939 9991. E-mail: /

8. Eshowe: Fr Mkeseni Xulu. Cell: 076 3831 004, PO Box 12, Nkandla 3855. E-mail:
Bongani and Pinky Ndlovu. Cell: 083 2871 849. E-mail:

 9. Francistown: Robert Shaibu, PO Box 10001, Palapye, Botswana. Tel: 00267 7148 9471. E-mail:

10. Johannesburg: Fr ………………………….. Private Bag X10, Doornfontein 2028. Tel:………………. E-mail:………………………… Family Life Office 011 402 6400. E-mail: Rob and Mahadi Buthelezi, (M) Cell: 083 9920 387/0839884268. E-mail:

11. Kokstad: Jonathan Meth, 107 Hope street, Kokstad 4700. Tel: 079 832 7727.
Fr Richard Okanya, Cell: 061 655 4917. E-mail:

12. Kroonstad: Fr Emmanuel Omollo, Cell: 072 848 5449. PO Box 752, Parys 9585. E-mail: Edmund and Moipone Sefudi Cell: 083 357 8566

13. Oudtshoorn: Dullah and Dawn Brown, 30 Factory Road, Blanco 6531. Tel: 044 870 8068, Cell: 084 660 9723 or 072 391 4554. E-mail:

14. Pretoria Archdiocese: Family Life Office. Errol and Miggie Martinez. Fr Peter Switala. c/o Jolivet House, 140 Visagie street, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 326 5311,Cell: 081 727 1066. Errol E-mail:

15. Port Elizabeth diocese: Marriage and Family Life Ministry. Fr Jerry Browne, Cell: 041 365 2117, E-mail: Kaye Henrick 083 299 1842, (h) 041 586 0819

16. Queenstown: Deacon Augustine Selana, Cell: 073 247 7731, c/o POBox 182, Queenstown 5320. E-mail:, /

17. Rustenburg: Family Life Office, c/o PO Box 45, Boshoek 0301. Patricia Raborife. Cell: 073 695 9934. E-mail:

18. Tzaneen: Sr Gladys Papiso, Director for Catechesis, PO Box 878, Musina 0900. Cell: 076 901 9257, E-mail:

19. Umzimkulu: c/o Diocesan Office, POBox 332, Harding 4680. Tel: 039 433 1421. E-mail:

 20. Witbank: Jabu and Buyi Nkosi. PO Box 4035, Witbank 1035. Cell: (Buyi) 072 246 4359.
Jabu: 082 461 3576. E-mail:


It is the express concern of the Bishops Conference of Southern Africa, that the Youth of its Pastoral region be guided and inspired in a meaningful and co-ordinated way. It is therefore essential that a National Youth Chaplain, who will be based at Khanya House, be appointed to facilitate this ministry.

1. The Goals of this Ministry will be to:
1. Empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
2. Draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community.
3. Foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.
4. Provided Resources that will assist Diocesan Chaplains and Youth workers carry out their ministry (Diocesan & Parish Levels)
5. Co-ordinate all matters that pertain to Youth Ministry.
6. Youth Chaplain must be in regular contact with and available to ALL the youth Leaders and their Chaplains (including ACTS chaplains)

2. Specific Tasks: (THE HOW)
1. To form a Diocesan Youth Team and National Youth Council.
2. To make follow up to all youth groups and programs on the Diocesan level.
3. To be familiar with the Youth Programs that are existing in the Diocese: Such as:
a) Education for life
b) Theology of the Body
c) Life in the Spirit
d) Children of Mary
e) Children for Christ
f) Youth for Christ
g) Chiro Movement
h) Young Adult Catholic Organisation

a) The Ministry of Catechesis
b) The Ministry of Leadership Development
c) The Ministry of Evangelization
d) The Ministry of Pastoral Care

4. CORE VALUES: Team Work:
1. Organise Planning and Evaluation Meetings with: National Team, Diocesan Team and Youth Council.
2. Youth Chaplain must be creative but work hand in hand with other Chaplains and youth Coordinators.


1. Bloemfontein: Fr Peter Ramakatsa, Cell: 071049 8344, E-mail:
2. Bethlehem: Fr Mahlomola Lucky Khumalo, Cell: 083 499 8525, E-mail:
3. Keimoes –Upington: Fr Patrick Julie, Tel: 027 851 8344, E-mail:
4. Kimberly: Fr Kagiso Moreri, Cell: 0735124 266, E-mail:
5. Kroonstad: Fr Modise Hlomola, Cell: 060 6654 552. E-mail:

1. Cape Town: Fr Charles Prince, Cell: 083 290 0606, E-mail:
2. Aliwal North: Fr Mlulami Matiwane, Cell: 073310 2428, E-mail:
3. De Aar: Fr Ntsikelelo Bambatha, Tel: 049 892 2721, E-mail:
4. Mthata: Fr Potlako Sello, Cell: 076 089 0587 / 083 431 8640, E-mail:
5. Oudtshoorn: Fr Dennis Ongansie, Cell: 073 546 7804, E-mail:
6. Port Elizabeth: Fr Peter Chungu, Cell: 079 318 2292 / 082 7539 505, E-mail:
7. Queenstown: Fr Thembalethu Matywatywa, Cell: 087 0122655, E-mail:

1. Durban: Fr Phelelani Mswane, Cell 076 264 8671, E-mail:
2. Dundee: Fr Anthony Kazibwe, Cell: 072 631 8238; E-mail:
3. Eshowe: Fr Lehlonoholo Tapole, Cell: 076 810 2011, E-mail:
4. Ingwavuma: Fr Vukani Phoseka, Cell: 072 613 3822, Email.
5. Kokstad: Fr Sihle Mbhele, Cell: 078 163 0250, E-mail:
6. Mariannhill: Fr Thamsanqa M Doncabe, Cell: 071 7704 656, E-mail:
7. UMzimkhulu: Fr Raphael Phiri, Cell: 073 1450 748, E-mail:

1. Johannesburg: Fr Rodney George, Cell: 078 5010516, E-mail:
2. Klerksdorp: Fr Oupa Kgage, Cell: 073 4273259, E-mail:
3. Manzini: Fr Bonginkosi Nhleko, Cell: 00268 7630 9875, E-mail:
4. Witbank: Fr Sonnyboy Motankane Mahlako, Cell: 082 815 2566, E-mail:

1. Pretoria: Fr Elias Senona, Cell: 083 423 7185, E-mail:
2. Polokwane: Fr Elias Ledwaba, 084 4973 377, E-mail:
3. Francistown: Fr Reuben Makgothu, Tel: 00267 4630357. E-mail:
4. Gaborone: Fr Richard Rathari, Cell: 00267 75916687. E-mail:
5. Rustenburg: Fr Kenneth Cell: 076 626 6321 E-mail:
6. Tzaneen: Fr Ione Racumu, Cell: 079 080 7289, E-mail:



NATIONAL COORDINATING OFFICE: Fr Mthembeni Dlamini CMM, SACBC Youth Office, PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218,
Cell: 082 063 9305. E-mail: / E-mail:

1. Provincial Chaplain: Fr Towe 051 436 2284. Tel: 051 447 2827, Fax: 051 447 8167. E-mail
2. University of Free State (Qwaqwa): Fr Buang Mofokeng, Cell: 071 881 5168.
3. Free State University (Main Campus): Fr Gracious Lombe, Cell. 083 4912 132. E-mail:
4. Central University: Fr Gracious Lombe, Cell. 083 4912 132. E-mail:
5. North West University (Mafikeng): Fr Tshegofatso Morolong, Cell: 073 669 1628. E-mail:

1. Provincial Chaplain: Fr Peter Chungu Cell: 079 318 2292 / 082 7539 505 E-mail:
2. Cape Peninsula University of Technology: Fr Charles Prince, Tel: 083 290 0606. E-mail:
3. Cape Town: Fr Graham Pugin SJ, Tel: 021 685 3465, E-mail: Fr Charles Prince, Cell: 083 290 0606, E-mail:
4. Fort Hare University: Fr Peter Whitehead, Cell: 073 3603 788. E-mail:
5. Nelson Mandela University: Fr. Longinus Kharjia OFM Cap, Tel: 041 5852 677, E-mail:
6. Rhodes University: Fr Peter Wilson, Tel: & Fax: 046 6222 808, Tel: 046 6224 882. E-mail:
7. Stellenbosch University: Fr Wim Lindeque, Tel: 021 883 9859, E-mail:
8. University of Cape Town Technology: Fr Graham Pugin Cell: 083 587 7322
9. University of Western Cape: Fr Charles Prince, Tel: 083 290 0606.E-mail:
10. Walter Sisulu University: Fr Francis Selwyn, Tel: 046 645 1279, E-mail:

1. Provincial Chaplain: Fr Peter Lafferty, Tel: 031 2089 755, Cell: 082 939 9991. E-mail:
2. ACTS Regional Chaplain and Fort Hare University & Cape College of Education:
Fr. Selwyn Francis, PO Box 25, Fort Beaufort 5720. Tel & Fax: 046 645 1279. E-mail:
3. University of KwaZulu-Natal (Howard College / Medical School / Westville): Fr Peter Lafferty CSSp, Tel: 031 2089 755; Cell: 082 939 9991. E-mail:
4. University of KwaZulu-Natal (Edgewood Campus): Fr. David Sithole, Tel: 031 7767 006 / 071 9996 411
5. University of KwaZulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg Campus): Fr. Mark James OP, Tel: 033 3452 241, E-mail:
6. Durban University of Technology: Fr Ndodana Tshuma OMI, Tel: 031 2086 186
7. Durban University of Technology (Imbali Campus): Fr Pheko Thinane OP, Tel: 033 3452 241 / 072 1393 267; E-mail:
8. Mangosuthu University of Technology: Fr Senzo Ngidi, St Francis College, Tel: 031 7002 824; Cell: 079 7390 972.
9. University of Zululand: Fr Simphiwe Kheswa OFM, Cell: 079 4204 755; E-mail:
10. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University: Fr. Longinus Kharjia OFM Cap, Corpus Christi Parish, PO Box 13007, Humewood 6013. Tel: 041 5852 677, Fax: 041 5850 398. E-mail:
11. Training College, Zwelitsha: Fr Peter-Chungu Shitima, PO Box 440, King William’s Town 5600. Tel 040 636 0019, Fax 086 666 5958, Cell: 082 753 9505, E-mail:

1. Vaal University of technology: Fr. Graham Bouver, Cell: 079 132 7777, E-mail:

2. University of Witwatersrand: Fr William Davies, Tel: 011 6165546 / 011 5076536, Cell: 082-5532830, E-mail:

3. University of Johannesburg: Fr Patrick Maselwane OMI, Tel: 011 9331246 / 011 9331302 / 011 9337672, E-mail:

4. North West University Potchefstroom: Fr Oupa Kgage, Cell: 073 427 3259, E-mail:

1. Medunsa: Fr Harry Kalonga CSS, Cell: 0785969480, E-mail:
2. TUT: Fr …………………….., Tel: 012 327 0427, Cell:…………………….., E-mail:……………………………………..
3. University of Pretoria: Fr. Manuel Graca, Tel.: 012 362 9787, Cell: 073 254 4185. E-mail:
4. Tshwane University of Technology: Fr. Samuel Setshedi, Tel: 012 797 2120, Cell: 0734529808, E-mail:………………………………..
5. University of the North: Fr. Bernard Madiba, Tel: 015 267 5101, Cell: 076 469 4529, E-mail:

1. (Affiliated to IMCS – International Movement of Catholic Students) National Office/National Chaplaincy:
 Fr Mthembeni Dlamini CMM, SACBC Youth Office, PO Box 941, Pretoria 0001. Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218, Cell: 082 063 9305.
E-mail: / E-mail:


 3. BOTSWANA NATIONAL MOVEMENT OF CATHOLIC STUDENTS (IMCS – Botswana): PO Box 218, Gaborone, Botswana. Tel: 00267 391 2958, Fax: 00267 395 6970.

 4. SWAZILAND MOVEMENT OF CATHOLIC STUDENTS (IMCS – Swaziland): UNISWA Catholic Students Society, PO Box 19, Manzini, Swaziland. Tel: 002682 505 2348, Fax: 002682 505 4876.

(National / Diocesan)

6.  ACTS: ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC TERTIARY STUDENTS (Affiliated to IMCS – International Movement of Catholic Students): National Chaplain: Vacant,
PO Box 941, Pretoria, 0001. Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218, Cell: 078 543 0586. E-mail:

7. EDUCATION FOR LIFE / YOUTH ALIVE: National Co-ordinator: Sr Victoria Sibisi FCSCJ, SACBC Office, PO Box 941, Pretoria, 0001, Tel: 012 323 6458, Fax: 012 326 6218, Cell: 079 0788056, E-mail:

8. FOCOLARE  MOVEMENT: Women’s Group: Violetta Sartori, 10, Bruno Drive, Florida Nord 1709, Johannesburg. Tel: 011 674 5057, Fax: 011 672 8266.E-mail:
Men’s Group: Bruno Frei, 158, 6th Avenue, Percelia Estate 2192, Johannesburg, Tel: 011 887 9957, Fax: 011 887 9958. E-mail:

9. RURAL DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT PROGRAMME: 10 Tuin Plein, Cape Town, 8001, Tel: 021 462 4555, Fax: 021 465 8338.

10. SALESIAN YOUTH: Provincial: PO Box 2335, Southdale, 2135, Tel: 011 680 1235, Fax: 011 860 1680, E-mail:

11. SCHOENSTATT YOUTH: National Director: “Schoenstatt”, Hout Bay Raod, Constantia, 7806. Tel: 021 794 5100, Fax: 021 794 3042, E-mail:
Youth Encounter Spirit (Y.E.S): National Spiritual Director: Fr Peter Whitehead, Cell: 083 341 0628 National Secretariate: PO Box 40034, Cleveland, Johannesburg 2022, Cell: 082 411 7928, Fax: 011 498 5530, E-mail:


“With the help of the Holy Spirit it is the task of the entire People of God, especially pastors and theologians, to hear, distinguish, and interpret the many voices of our age, and to judge them in the light of the divine word. In this way, revealed truth can always be more deeply penetrated, better understood, and set forth to greater advantage” (Gaudium et Spes, 44).

. To links and support Catholic theologians and those interested in theological dialogue.
. To stimulate research and reflection.
. To examine topics relevant to the Southern African context.
. To promote theological exchange through the print and electronic media.
. To foster inter-faith contact with other christian communities and other religions on theological issues.
. To encourage the publication of theological articles and books.

. The Society is under the patronage of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference.
. The Executive Committee consists of:

Chairperson: Fr Anselm Laurence Prior, OFM
Vice-Chairperson: Sr Jennifer Slater, OP
Secretary: Sr Jean Evans, RSM
Treasurer: Mr Nick Luyckx

Members of the Executive Committee:
Sr Judy Coyle, IHM
Itumeleng Daniel Mothoagae
Fr Rodney Moss
Nontando Hadebe
Jean Evans
Margaret Mollett
Wency Kwindingwi

Postal Address & Enquiries:

The Catholic Theological Society of Southern Africa (CTSSA)

Address of the Chairperson: Address of the Secretary:
National Leadership Team:
The Grail
c/o 51 Rose Village
22 Reunert Drive
Roosevelt Park
Johannesburg 2195E-mail:
The Grail
PO Box 29334
Johannesburg 2109
Tel & Fax: 011 782 0389

The Grail is a community of lay women (single, married, celibate) who strive to weave the values of the Gospel into the fabric of daily life. Established in 1921 it is indigenous in 18 countries.

Grail work involves contributing, in different ways and on different levels, towards the transformation of the world into a place of justice, peace and solidarity; building a culture of love and care for the good of human-kind and the life of planet earth.

Contact Address: Contact Address:
Fr Anselm Laurence Prior, OFM
Santa Sophia
PO Box 17004
Groenkloof 0027
Tel: 012 460 1778
Fax: 012 346 1438
Sr Jean Evans, RSM
PO Box 350
Rosslyn 0200
Tel: 012 703 0021
Tel: 012 703 3110


  1.  Augrabies – Retreat & Conference Centre; Guest Accommodation: PO Box 37, Augrabies 8874. Tel & Fax: 054 451 7369. E-mail:
    2. Augustinian Sisters Retreat and Conference Centre: JACOB’S WELL: 6 Warwickshire Crescent; PO Box 41, Botha’s Hill 3660. Tel: 031 7651 959; Fax: 031 765 8199.
    3. Ave Maria Conference Centre: PO Box 80, Mooketsi, 0825. Tel: 015 395 2408 / 087 751 2338, E-mail: Contact Person: Ms. Mariaan Stopforth, Cell: 083 371 9406
    4. Ave Maria Pastoral Centre: Plot 2862 Ko Kgale; PO Box 218, Gaborone. Botswana. Tel: 00267 318 2009, Fax: 00267 318 1379. E-mail: Website:
    5. B F CONNOR: Conference Centre: No 5 Leinster Road, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, 3209. P O Box 100150, Scottsville 3209. E-mail:
    6. Bertoni Centre: PO Box 16222, Pretoria North 0116. Tel: 012 546 4322, Fax: 012 565 836; Cell: Sr Odilia: 0728506019/0738822431.
    7. Bishop Simon Centre – Retreat & Conference Centre: Pella, PO Box 56 Pofadder 8890. Tel: 054 971 0190 / 0020. E-mal:
    8. Bloemfontein: St Mary’s Conference Centre, PO Box 16031, Batho 9307. Tel & Fax: 051 432 2432.
    9. BLUFF: St Dominic’s House of Prayer: Retreat and Conference Centre: Baudry Road, off Sormany Road, Bluff. P O Box 21923, Bluff 4036. Tel & Fax: 031 467 3721. E-mail:
    10. BLUFF: Ukuphila House of Retreats (Dominican Sisters) 54 Grafton Street, Ocean View, Bluff 4036. PO Box 21647, Bluff 4052. Tel & Fax: 031 466 6630
    11. Bosco Youth Centre: R557 Randvaal Road, Walkerville, 1876; P O Box 25, Randvaal, 1873. Tel: 011 949 2361, Fax: 086 680 5420. E-mail:, Website: For info and bookings when above numbers are unavailable, Agnes Cell: 073 242 0798 or Abbie Cell: 083 267 6163
    12. Capuchin Convent Guest House: Melville, PO Box 624, Annerley 4230. Tel: 039 684 6336.
    13. Catholic Centre (Repository): PO Box 1120, Kimberley 8300. Tel: 053 832 7322.
    14. Christ the New Man Centre: PO Box 911719, Rosslyn 0200. Tel: 012 700 3000, Cell: 072 688 8496, E-mail:
    15. Christian Brothers’ Centre: Suites, single-rooms, dormitories; ordinarily self-catering; chapel, meeting-rooms, country grounds. Paradyskloof Road Stellenbosch 7600; PO Box 142 Stellenbosch 7599.Tel: 021 880 0242. E-mail:
    16. Claerhout House: PO Box 29583, Danhof 9310, Bloemfontein, Residential: 28-30 Dickie Clark Street, Dan Pienaar. Tel: 083 5142 276, Fax 086 684 6105. E-mail:
    17. Conference / Retreat Centre: Rabbuni Catholic Retreat and Conference Centre: 9 Convent Lane, Elandsheuwel, Klerksdorp 2571. PO Box 3613, Freemanville, 2573. Tel: 018 462 7711, Fax: 086 653 9407. E-mail: Website:
    18. Coolock House, Sisters of Mercy Retreat and quite Holiday Centre: 39 Big Fisherman Road, Melville, South Coast; PO Box 528, Arnerly 4230. Tel: 039 684 6358, Fax: 039 684 6244. E-mail:
    19. Damesfontein Pastoral Centre: 5 Hill Street, Postnet Suite 95, Private Bag X6603, Newcastle, 2940. Tel: 034 312 6591, Fax: 034 312 6592, E-mail:
    20. Diocesan Catechetical Centre and Repository: PO Box 3613, Freemanville, 2573. Tel: 018 462 7711.
    21. Dysselsdorp: Kolping House, Street Address: 7 Adonis Street, Dysselsdorp. Manager: Sandra Afrika. Postal Address: PO Box 15, Dysselsdorp, 6628. Tel: 044 251 6336, Fax: 044 251 6337.
    22. Emaus Heritage Centre (Abbot Francis Pfanner’s last Mission), Emaus Mission:
    PO Box 160, Umzimkulu 3297. The CPS Sisters: Cell: 072 617 61194. E-mail:
    23. Emaus Heritage Co-ordinator: Mariannhill – Fr. Yves La Fontaine CMM, Tel: 031 700 9442, Cell: 071 506 5860. E-mail:,Website:
    24. Eugene de Mazenod Retreat and Training Centres, Fourteenstreams, PO Box 129, Warrenton 8530. Tel: 073 4344 592.
    25. Felo Ga Tumelo Diocesan Pastoral Centre: Director: Fr. John Melhuish MHM, PO Box 1933, Phokeng, 0335. Tel: 087 802 5205, Cell: 076 283 3757. E-mail:
    26. George: Step-A-Side Pastoral & Training Centre: Outeniqua Pass, Oudtshoorn Road, Farm 215, Blanco, George Director: Fr. Cosmas Onwukwe S.A.C., Postal address: PO Box 515, George 6530. Tel & Fax: 044 870 8374. Email:
    27. Gethsemane Health Care Centre: 140 Fontein PO Box 265, Ficksburg 9730. Tel: 051 933 6221.
    28. GLENMORE: Conference Centre: 10 Donlene Crescent, Glenmore. PO Box 17048, Congella 4013. Tel: 031 205 6271; Fax: 031 205 4877;E-mail: Website:
    29. Goedgedacht Rural Centre: Riebeeksrivier district, Malmesbury / PO Box 458 Malmesbury 7299. Tel: 022 482 4466. Fax: 086 655 5193. E-mail: Website:
    30. Good Shepherd Retreat Centre: PO Box 15, Hartbeespoort 0216. Tel: 012 259 1392, Fax: 012 259 0235. E-mail:
    31. Ha-Phororo/Empophomeni Youth Centre: Meerhof, PO Box 428, Ifafi 0260. Fr. Chris Schonenberger, Cell: 083 304 2595, Tel & Fax: 012 259 1222. E-mail:
    32. Holy Cross Retreat House: PO Box 48775, Hercules 0300. Tel: 012 379 5636, Fax: 012 379 3650. Sr. Helen Bothe, Cell: 071 153 2775
    33. Holy Spirit Centre: Catering for workshops, retreats, seminars, conferences. 161 Coronation Road Maitland 7405 / PO Box 925 Maitland 7405. Tel: 021 510 2988. E-mail: Manager: Margaret Okkers
    34. John Paul II Conference Centre: Farm De Rust, Old Fouriesburg Road, Bethlehem; PO Box 1768, Bethlehem 9700. Tel: 058 303 3072, Fax: 058 303 9378 /086 272 1800. Cell: 076 305 1621
    35. Josephine Bakhita Regional Pastoral Centre: Director: Fr. Kenneth Moteane, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Zeerust. PO Box 191, Zeerust, 2865.
    Cell: 076 626 6321. E-mail:
    36. Koinonia: Sr. Jacqueline, 53 First Street, Judith’s Paarl, 2094; P O Box 53423, Troyeville, 2139. Tel: 011 624 1002 Centre/Residence. Tel: 011 618 4421 (Card, Outside).
    Tel: 011 614 2101 Hall, Fax: 011 614 6086. Tel: 011 624 2765 Inside. E-mail:
    37. Kolping Guest House: 7 Biccard Street Durbanville 7550. Tel: 021 970 2900. Fax: 021 976 9839. E-mail: Website:
    38. La Verna Franciscan Retreat Centre: Brother Ashley Tillek OFM, P O Box 838, Vanderbijlpark, 1900. Tel: 016 987 2878, Fax: 086 511 7352. E-mail:
    39. Langen Youth Centre: PO Box 160, Umzimkulu 3297. Cell: 073 145 0748. Contact: Fr. Raphael Phiri CMM. E-mail:
    40. Little Flower Retreats and Conference Centre: 42- 44 Webber Street, Eshowe, 3815, PO Box 488, Eshowe, 3815. Tel: 035 474 0017
    41. Lumko Institute, Retreat, Formation/Training & Conference Centre: 47 Dickinson Road, Brentwood Park, 1501P O Box 5058, Delmenville, 1403. Cell: 083 346 5660, Cell: 072 646 9909 E-mail: Website:
    42. Mansuet Biyase Community Development Centre: 46- 50 Webber Street, Eshowe, 3815, PO Box 488, Eshowe, 3815. Tel: 035 474 4151
    43. Maria Trost Pastoral and Retreat Centre: PO Box 146, Lydenburg 1120. Director Cell. 072 9820 854; E-mail: Regina Pacis Retreat Centre: PO Box 1106, Ladybrand 9745. Tel: 051 924 0096, Cell: 079 8409 009, Fax: 051 924 2278.
    44. Maryland Centre: Conference and seminar facilities with overnight accommodation. PO Box 24604 Lansdowne 7779 South Africa. Tel: 021 692 1180, Fax: 021 691 0803
    45. Mater Dei Pastoral Centre: Fr. Sunny John SVD PO Box 3063; Mokopane, 0600. Tel & Fax: 015 491 5641, Cell: 078 316 5084. E-mail:
    46. Mazenod Centre T/A O.M.I. Retreat Centre: Fr. Terrence Barnard OMI, 44 Parkhill Road, Parkhill Gardens, Lambton, Germiston,1401; P O Box 15236, Lambton, 1414. Tel: 011 824 2830, Fax: 011 824 2830. E-mail:
    47. Oudtshoorn: The Oratory of St. Philip Neri: Postal Address: PO Box 407, Oudtshoorn 6620. Tel: 044 279 4083, Fax: 044 272 0822. E-mail:
    48. Pax Christi Pastoral Centre: Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, 44 St. Dominic’s Street, Postnet Suite 36, Private Bag X 6603, Newcastle 2940. Tel & Fax: 034 312 1952. E-mail:
    49. REDACRES: Retreat Centre: District Road 292, No. 14 Merrivale; PO Box 224, Merrivale 3291. Tel: 087 8020 789. E-mail:
    50. Retreat House and Youth Centre: Pallotti Farm, PO Box 2740, Komani, 5322. Tel & Fax: 045 838 1374. Cell (Provincial Delegate): 082 313 3547.E-mail:
    51. Sacred Heart Villa: 329 Boundary Road, Walkers Fruit Farm, Walkerville, 1884. Tel: 011 900 4218, Cell: 076 986 3350
    52. Santa Sophia (non-residential): 129 Main Street, Waterkloof 0181. Tel: 012 346 1438. Booking at Chancery Office: 012 326 5311.
    53. Scalabrini Centre Guest House: 47 Commercial Street Cape Town 8000. Tel: 021 465 6433, 072 126 7808. Website:
    54. Schoenstatt Retreat and Training Centre: 3 Schoenstatt Avenue Constantia 7806.
    Tel: 021 794 3132 Fax: 021 794 4630.
    55. Sea View Retreat Centre (Mthunzini): 10 William Street, Mthunzini, 3867, PO Box 25, Mtunzini 3867. Tel: 035 340 1644 / 340 1034.
    56. Sediba Meditation Centre: PO Box 222, Ifafi 0260. Tel & Fax: 012 259 0170.
    57. Sizanani Bronkhorstspruit: Tel: 013 932 6610, Fax: 013 932 6651.
    58. St Joseph’s Retreat and Training Centres, Mafikeng: PO Box 43, Mahikeng 2745. Tel: 018 383 2646; 083 388 3660.
    59. St Lucia Retreat and Training Centre: 162 McKenzie Street, PO Box 18, St Lucia Estuary 3936. Tel: 035 590 1018.
    60. ST PHILOMENA’S: Conference Centre and Accommodation: 92 Rippon Road, Sydenham. P O Box 19194, Dormerton, 4015. Tel: 031 208 4187/8;
    61. St. Luke’s Retreat Centre: Manager: Neill Deane, 10 Park Lane, Central, Port Elizabeth, 6001, Tel: 041 373 0039, Fax to E-mail: 086 606 5307, Mobile: 074 376 5833. E-mail:
    62. St. Pius Pastoral Centre: Mr Cecil Halley, PO Box 3499, Cambridge 5200. Tel & Fax 043 721 3077. Cell 082 853 8869, E-mail: ;
    63. Swellendam: Capuchin Adoration Convent “Bethany”, Lower Voortrek Street, Swellendam; Postal Address: PO Box 43, Swellendam 6740. Tel: 028 514 1319. Fax: 028 514 3380, E-mail:
    64. The Grail Centre, 15th Avenue, Kleinmond 7195; P O Box 80, Kleinmond 7195. Tel: 028 271 3410, Fax: 028 271 4704. E-mail:
    65. THE PALLOTTINES: Vincent Pallotti House: 39-40 off Sutton Road, Merrivale; P O Box 234, Merrivale 3291. Tel: 033 3305 353; Fax: 033 3302 875;
    66. Tre Fontane Guest House: PO Box 11039 Mariannhill 3624. Tel: 031 700 2059. Tweespruit: Fatima Centre, PO Box 84, Tweespruit 9770.


  1.  Angelus Printing & Catholic Bookshop: Bro Manfred Pietsch OMI, PO Box 8315, Windhoek, Namibia. Tel: 00264 6125 5267, 00264 6126 4565, Fax: 00264 6126 0068.
    Cathedral Bookshop: Ms Nora Beukes, 335 Cape Road, Newton Park, PO Box 425, PE Central 6000. Tel: 041 373 1686, Fax: 041 364 1803. E-mail:
    Cathedral Mall Religious Store: Mr Reggie Francis, Shop No.: 2, Cathedral Mall, Durban 4001; PO Box 1619, Durban 4000. Tel: 031 306 9738.
    Catholic Centre (Repository): Mr John Underwood, Cathedral Catholic Centre, 72 Du Toitspan Road, Kimberley 8301; PO Box 1120, Kimberley 8300. Tel: 053 832 7322, Fax: 053 831 4422. E-Mail:
    Catholic Bookshop: Meg O’Brien, PO Box 379, Cape Town 8000. Tel: 021 465-5904, Fax: 021 461 0785. E-mail: /
    Catholic Bookshop: PO Box 261, Tzaneen 0850. Tel: 015 307 4233, Fax: 015 307 3078.
    Catholic Centre: Fides Building, 68 Mare Street, PO Box 166, Polokwane 0700. Tel: & Fax: 015 295 5013.
    Catholic Centre: 229 Jorissen Street; PO Box 28170, Sunnyside 0132. Tel & Fax: 012 341 6705. E-mail:
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    Mariannhill Repository: Mr. & Mrs RESSA, PO Box 11077, Mariannhill 3624. Tel: 031 7004288, Fax: 031 700 4244. E-mail:
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    St John Vianney Bookstore: Roelna, 179 Main Street, Waterkloof 0181; PO Box 17128, Groenkloof 0027. Tel: 012 460 2039, Fax: 012 460 3596.


The idea to establish a Catholic Universty in Easterm Africa was first debated by the Bishops of AMECEA in 1961. This idea could not be materialised at that time due to lack of finances and qualified personnel. But in 1974 the Bishps of AMECEA, in collaboration with the Congregation for the Evangelization of People and the Congregation for Catholic Education, decided to establish a Theological Institute known as “The Catholic Higher Institute of Eastern Africa” (CHIEA). The Institute was to award a Licentiate and the Doctorate in Theology to priest students who hold a Baccalaureate in Theology.

On 3rd September 1984, the Institute was opened with 21 priest students by Rt Rev Bishop Medardo Mazombwe, the then Chairman of AMECEA, and on 18 August 1985 Pope John Paul II formally inaugurated it as The Faculty of Theology, when he came to Nairobi for the celebration of the 43rd International Eucharistic Congress. Two years after its establishment, the Graduate School of Theology was authorised by the Congregation for Catholic Education to award Canonical Degrees in some specialised disciplines of Theology. In the same letter, it was also authorised to commence the Doctorate Programme in Theology. In 1989 the same Congregation granted the validity of Statutes to endure until new statutes are issued.

In 1992 the intention of the Bishops of AMECEA, to establish a Catholic University, in Eastern Africa was materialized when the President of the Republic of Kenya, His Excellency Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, formally granted CUEA the Civil Charter entitled “The Universities Act” (cap.210B) on 3rd November 1992.

Although CUEA is owned by the Bishops of AMECEA, its faculties are controlled academically by two distinct competent academic authorities, one ecclesiastical and the other civil. The faculty of Theology is directly under the control of the Congregation for Catholic Education to award canonical or ecclesistical degrees in eight areas of specialisation, and the the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is directly under the supervision of the Commissioner for Higher Education of the Republic of Kenya, on behalf of other countries of AMECEA, to award civil degrees in sixteen areas of specialisation.

The mission of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa is based on its Motto: “Consecrate them in truth”Jn17:17. As a centre of the community of scholars, lecturers, and students; the main aims of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa are:
1. To discover and impart the truth in all its aspects and its essential relation with the Supreme Truth: God, through academic endeavours and scientific research.
2. To play a fundamental role in the integral formation of the human person and the family in AMECEA Region and Africa at large.
3. To be a faithful witness of the Christian message as it comes through the word of God, the Catholic Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church.
4. To promote contact and co-operation with other member Universities so as to share any acquired body of knowledge with all academicians of good will and together foster a nobler society.

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa is, therefore, an institute where aspects of reality, particularly African reality, values and understanding are critically analysed and synthesised through the various sciences and disciplines for the purpose of promoting the continous integral development of man and woman in their environment.

The CUEA Campus is found Nairobi – Kenya, a distance away from the city centre.

CUEA has two faculties, namely: the Faculty of Theology – with eight departments, and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – with sixteen departments.

CUEA offers both ecclesiastical and secular courses.

The Faculty of Theology offers several – areas of specialisation: Biblical Theology; Canon Law; Church History, Doctrinal Theology; Moral Theology; Pastoral Theology; Sacred Liturgy; Spiritual Theology; Post Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – Areas of specialisation: Commerce and Business Administration; Education; Philosophy; Social Sciences; Religious Studies; Mathematics; History; Geography; English (under Education); Social Education and Ethics (under Education); Post Graduate Diploma in Education; Post Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management of Development Projects. Education at CUEA promotes Christian Ethics and Integral formation of students.

Students of CUEA comprise of young lay men and women, Priests, and the Religious.

CUEA has several facilities including: A Library, A research Centre, Lecture Halls, an Infirmary, and a Canteen.

8. INSTITUTION ADDRESS OF CUEA: The Administrator, PO Box 62157, Nairobi, City Square 00200, Kenya. Tel: 00254 289 0023/4, Tel: 00254 289 1606-6,
Fax: 00254 289 1261. E-mail: Website:




The idea of founding a Catholic university in South Africa was first discussed in 1993 by a group of Catholic academics, clergy and business people. A Board of Trustees was set up in June 1997 and a Section 21 Company in November 1997. The name “St Augustine” was chosen in order to indicate the African identity of the institution and because St Augustine of Hippo (354 – 430AD) was one of the first and one of the greatest Christian scholars of Africa and the world.

On 5 July 1999 St Augustine College was given conditional permission by the national Department of Education in South Africa to function as a private higher education institution and to offer the degrees of Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy and was opened on 13 July 1999 by the Deputy Minister of Education. It started teaching its first students that same month.

While the College started off in a small way with postgraduate degrees, one of its most important aims is to expand to a broader range of disciplines at undergraduate level. At the end of 2001, the College was able to purchase the Holy Family Centre at 53 Ley Road in Victory Park, Johannesburg and moved at the end of January 2002 to its own campus. The purchase was made possible by a generous donation of the Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart in Germany.

In 2008 the South African Catholic Bishops Conference formally decreed the establishment of the University and its first Statutues were promulgated in that same year. St Augustine College also received from the Congregation for Catholic Education in Rome in 2008 its formal registration as a Catholic University.

At present, the College has full accreditation by the national Department of Education in South Africa to offer the following programmes.

  • The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy and Theology
  • The Degree of Master of Philosophy in the following fields:

Applied Ethics; Culture and Education; Philosophy and Theology
–           A Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Peace Studies
–           A Bachelor of Theology (Honours)
–           A Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies (Correspondence course

For more information write to: St Augustine College of South Africa


St Augustine College of South Africa (St Augustine) is South Africa’s only Catholic ‘university’.  (Although a ‘university’ in all senses of the word, current legislation, prevents St Augustine – as with all private providers of tertiary education – from calling itself a university.)  Founded in 1999, St Augustine is registered with, and its degrees are accredited by, South Africa’s Higher Education authorities.  In addition, St Augustine is also canonically recognised as a Catholic ‘university’ by the South African Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education.  As a Catholic ‘university’, it operates in conformity with the Code of Canon Law and HH St Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Universities, Ex Corde Ecclesiae – which document shapes the mission and vision of the institution.


St Augustine is committed to being both ‘university’ and ‘Catholic’.  At the core of the academic enterprise is the pursuit of truth; for a Catholic university that ‘truth’ is not limited to man and nature – rather, the very idea of the ‘truth’ is premised on the Mystery of the Incarnation.  Faith and reason are complementary; faith opens the way to step through the door of truth, but, in order to find God and believe, one must scrutinise truth: Intellige ut credas – ‘understand that you may believe’!

Although Catholic, St Augustine is neither exclusivist nor parochial.  Indeed, the challenge is to imbue in each individual – regardless of religious or cultural differences – an unequivocal respect for the dignity of the human person and a determination to advance the common good.  Committed to the spirit and values of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, the mission of St Augustine is to produce graduates who have learnt ‘to think rigorously, so as to act rightly and to serve humanity better’.


St Augustine offers a range of qualifications at both the post-graduate and undergraduate levels.

Postgraduate study, uniquely, combines contact modules with independent study: the contact modules are scheduled four times during the year; students attend one week of intensive lectures and then complete further requirements independently in the following 9 or 10 weeks.  Lecturers on the various courses include those in the permanent employ of St Augustine and visiting academics from some of the great universities of the world – all are experts in their respective fields.

The following degrees are offered:

  • Bachelor of Theology Honours
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Peace Studies
  • MPhil in Theology (The degree allows for specialisation in one of the following areas: Christian Spirituality, Fundamental & Systematic Theology, Pastoral Theology, and Canon Law.)
  • MPhil in Philosophy
  • MPhil in Applied Ethics (The degree allows for specialisation in Business Ethics or Social and Political Ethics.)
  • MPhil in Culture and Education
  • DPhil in Theology
  • DPhil in Philosophy

At the undergraduate level, St Augustine offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor of Theology (BTh) degrees.

  • Subjects offered in the BA include: Communication / Cultural Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Law, Literature in English, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Religious Studies, Zulu. The degree also includes a few compulsory courses, including one aimed at the acquisition of Academic Development and Research Skills (the remaining modules reflect the institution’s Catholic Identity).  Although obviously suited to future careers in education, politics and government, media and communication, law and business, the interdisciplinary nature of the qualification – with its emphasis on developing the ability to think independently and critically – prepares graduates more generally for the ‘world of work’.
  • Apart from a compulsory major in Economics, the BCom (PPE) allows for a second major in either Philosophy or Politics, and, potentially, a third major in Business Management, Law or Mathematics. In addition, students are required to complete courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Commercial Law and Accounting.  The degree also includes a few compulsory courses, including one aimed at the acquisition of Academic Development and Research Skills (the remaining modules reflect the institution’s Catholic Identity).
    This multidisciplinary qualification, which may be completed on a full-time basis (over three years) or part-time, prepares graduates for a range of careers that require critical thinking, logical reasoning, and a solid foundation in commercial literary and numeracy.
  • The BTh addresses all of the principal concerns of Theology. Although Catholic in its orientation, the degree is ecumenically open and concentrates on the shared tradition of all Christian denominations.  With a solid philosophical foundation, the degree aims to incorporate the contributions of faith, reason and human experience.  Apart from those contemplating Christian ministry, the qualification also appeals to persons teaching religion, and – more generally – those interested in learning more about their faith.  Because it is offered by way of evening classes (between 17h00 and 20h30), and because it accommodates those wishing to study on a full-time basis (over three years) or part-time (over six years), the degree is ideally suited to those in permanent employment.

In addition to its degree offerings, St Augustine also offers a Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies (HCBS), and a range of short courses that contribute to lifelong learning and enrich intellectual and spiritual development.  The short courses are taught by St Augustine academics or invited guests who are specialists in their respective fields.


Situated in the secure, leafy suburb of Victory Park in Johannesburg, St Augustine prides itself on the quality of its teaching and research.  Through small-classes, high-impact teaching and personalised tuition, St Augustine encourages the individual student to engage with relevant subject matter in a critical and interdisciplinary manner, in the light of the values of human dignity and the common good.  Not surprisingly, the pass rate achieved is higher than that at many South African universities.  Although a ‘private’, St Augustine is recognised as a National Research Foundation (NRF) Institution; its academics publish widely in national and international accredited journals.  It has a well-stocked library covering all relevant disciplines – the Grimley Collection of Theological texts is one of the most impressive on the continent.  To the benefit of its staff and students, St Augustine is a member of a global network of Catholic universities (IFCU), many of which are amongst the most highly ranked universities in the world.  St Augustine offers bursaries for study to deserving students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

President and CEO: Prof Garth ABRAHAM (
Registrar: Mrs Petru HARRISON (

011 380 9000.

President and CEO: Prof Garth ABRAHAM (
Registrar: Mrs Petru HARRISON (

011 380 9000.


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List of Prelates of Honour in Southern Africa, with the Diocese (or Vicariate) of each and the year of appointment.
Protonotaries Apostolic
Chaplains of the Holy Places
 Prelates of Honour

Aertker, Rt Rev Msgr Franz Aliwal North(2009)
Alacaster, Rt Rev Msgr Joseph De Aar(2001)
Baird, Rt Rev Msgr Jock D Cape Town(1991)
Borello, Rt Rev Msgr Andrew Johannesburg
Borras Cabaces A, Rt. Rev Msgr Port Elizabeth(2008)
Clarke, Rt Rev Msgr John Pretoria (1993)
de Muelenaere, Rt Rev Msgr Marc Port Elizabeth(2008)
Deenihan, Rt Rev Msgr James Brendan Johannesburg(2012)
Finlayson J, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Johannesburg(2012)
Finlayson, Rt Rev Msgr John Johannesburg
Gonzalez M, Rt. Rev. Msgr Johannesburg
Gonzalez, Rt Rev Msgr Miguel Pretoria(1989)
Hill, Rt Rev Msgr Vincent Johannesburg
Huges R, Rt. Rev. Msgr Johannesburg(2003)
Jaworski J, Rt. Rev. Msgr Johannesburg(2003)
Kelly A, Rt. Rev. Msgr Johannesburg
Killoran M, Rt. Rev. Msgr Aliwal North(2009)
Kizito, Rt Rev Msgr Joseph Mary Johannesburg(2012)
McAleer, Rt Rev Msgr Barney Durban
Nadal, Rt Rev Msgr Paul Johannesburg(1984)
Plesters A, Rt. Rev. Msgr Cape Town(1992)
Stokes, Rt Rev Msgr Clifford Mthatha
Tsalong, Rt Rev Msgr Tsepo Canisius Bethlehem
Van Dyk, Rt Rev Msgr Gregory Bethlehem(1994)
Wagner, Rt Rev Msgr George Johannesburg
Williams C L, Rt. Rev. Msgr
Papal Chamberlain
Lighton, Rt Rev Msgr T Aliwal(1978)


Knights of St Gregory the Great

Hart, M J Johannesburg(1969).
Jones, Dr A J Witbank(1967)
Mitchell, Alsan G Durban(1960)
Purcell, John Manzini(1963)
Schwarer, H J Johannesburg(1963)
Smith, J Leslie Durban(1960)
Waollas, George T Durban(1965)

Knights of St Sylvester

Brouckaert, Dr JC Mariannhill(1987)
Carlisle, Mr F W Queenstown(1969)
Clarke, Mr B C Volksrust(1981)
Hokwana, Mr F Queenstown(1978)
Mahoud, Mr S Queenstown(1978)
Norman, Antony Mr SACBC, Pretoria/Durban(2000)
Van Oosten, Mr AA Queenstown(1978)

The Cross pro Ecclesia et Pontifice and the Bene Merenti Medal, conferred by the Holy See, may be worn at any solemn ecclesiastical or religious and church social function. The decoration is to be worn on the left lapel. Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice

Adams, Mrs A Durban(1972)
Agustine Theresa Mrs. Johannesburg(1991)
Aikema, Ms I Cape Town(1988)
Alcaster, W Port Elizabeth(1966)
Alderson-Smith, Mrs F Durban(1972)
Alessandro Nicosia Mr Johannesburg(2002)
Alexander, Miss J Cape Town(1960)
Alexander, Mrs E Cape Town(1968)
Allan, Dorothy Mrs Durban(2008)
Allesandro Niosia Mr. Johannesburg(2002)
Alt, J M Cape Town(1977)
Anderson F. Johannesburg(1964)
Andrea, Piper Mrs Johannesburg(1975)
Anthony, N Johannesburg(2005)
Augustine, P Durban(1961)
Augustine, Theresa Mrs Johannesburg(1991)
Backman, Dr Frederick Cape Town(1999)
Badenhorst, Mrs Cape Town(1972)
Barry, Mrs A Cape Town(1975)
Battison, Mr Sante Guido Cape Town(1994)
Baxter, P E Johannesburg(1963)
Bayne, Miss M Cape Town(1964)
Beaunoir, Mr H M Durban(1972)
Bendall, Mrs A Polokwane(1961)
Benjamin, Mrs P Cape Town(1991)
Bergamasco, Mrs A Cape Town(1960)
Berrill A. Johannesburg(1955)
Bila, Salvador Mr Cape Town(1992)
Binstead, Mr C Johannesburg(1975)
Blaser, Mrs M Cape Town(1988)
Bohe, Donaat OMI, Rt Rev Fr Klerksdorp(2003)
Bonarchis, Philip Mr Durban(2005)
Bonnici, Mrs H Cape Town(1987)
Boonzaaier, Mr Aubrey Queenstown(1969)
Bosman, Mrs G Queenstown(1969)
Boud, Mr H Cape Town(1979)
Boud, Mrs H Cape Town(1979)
Boulle, Ms Marguerite Durban(1977)
Boulle, Ms Marie Durban(1977)
Bowyer, Ms P Durban(1978)
Bradley, C Cape Town(1977)
Bradley, G Cape Town(1977)
Bradley, Mrs E M Cape Town(1988)
Brain, Joy Professor Durban(1996)
Brand, Mrs K H Cape Town(1987)
Brassel, Mr M Cape Town(1985)
Broderick, Paddy Mr Durban(1991)
Bromfield Mr & Mrs Durban(1998)
Brown, Mrs H Cape Town(1987)
Brunnschwiller Cape Town(1973)
Burke, Mr T Cape Town(1986)
Burke, Mrs G Cape Town(1986)
Cadman, Mrs O Cape Town(1990)
Cairns, Dr J Cape Town(1979)
Cairns, Mrs M Cape Town(1979)
Carlisle, Mrs K Queenstown(1969)
Carter, Mrs A E D Cape Town(1993)
Casey, J Cape Town(1981)
Cassar, Miss M T Cape Town(1990)
Chambers, Mr P Durban(1972)
Chemaly, Ms J Queenstown(1968)
Chinnian, Mrs E Cape Town(1975)
Claasen, J Port Elizabeth(1967)
Clare, Mrs E Durban(1972)
Clarke, G A Durban(1964)
Clay, Roy Johannesburg(1959)
Colombo, F Cape Town(1975)
Connolly, Tom Mr Durban(2007)
Consani, Mr G Cape Town(1984)
Mr GCooper, Mrs J Durban(1981)
Crowther, Mrs V Cape Town(1991)
Dangerfield, A Mrs Durban(1956)
Daniels, I Cape Town(1975)
D’Arcy, Rev Fr W Cape Town(1975)
Davidson, John Mr Durban(2004)
De Broglio, P D Durban(1961)
De Bruin, Mrs G Durban(1980)
De Gersigny, Mr X Durban(1977)
De Gersigny, Mrs Anna Cape Town(1975)
de Gouveia, Mrs A Johannesburg(1992)
De Rijk, Mrs N Cape Town(1968)
de Stadler, Mr H R Cape Town(1968)
De Stadler, Mrs C H Port Elizabeth(1972)
Debs, Mrs A Durban(1980)
Deeb, Mr F SACBC, Pretoria(2005)
Deeb, Mr George Kimberley(1971)
Dithebe, E Aliwal(1948)
Ditton, Dr M Aliwal(1970)
Dlikilili, Ms B Durban(1991)
Drummond, Margaret Mrs Durban(1955)
Du Mollard, HM Mrs Cape Town(1964)
Duggan, Miss M Cape Town(1972)
Dunford, A Eshowe(1956)
Dunn, M Queenstown(1969)
Edwards, Mr W H Johannesburg(1975)
Elsmore F. Mrs Johannesburg(1975)
Elsmore, Mrs F Cape Town(1989)
English, Mr C K Cape Town(1999)
Ernstzen, Mrs Veronica Pretoria(1976)
Eustace, Sr Cape Town(1975)
Fanoe, Mr A Cape Town(1992)
Farrell, D G Cape Town(1975)
Figagi, Mr Durban(1996)
Sheila Mrs Kimberley(1952)
Foullois, Dr E Durban(1988)
Fuller, M Kimberley(1952)
Gaboutloloe, T Durban( )
Gabriel, Dr M S L Queenstown(1968)
Gaffney, Mr A Cape Town(1960)
Galvin, C A Cape Town(1988)
Galvin, Mr A P Mariannhill(1987)
Gearing, Dr GG Aliwal(1973)
Geigenberger, J Durban(1952)
Gilder, S Durban(1998)
Glover, Leonice Mrs Cape Town(1981)
Gore, Mr V Cape Town(1984)
Grainger, Mr J Cape Town(1979)
Green, Mr B Cape Town(1979)
Green, Mrs M Durban(1977)
Grossi, Mrs E Durban(1972)
Gumede, Mrs C W Cape Town(1969)
Hagemeyer, Mrs M Kimberley(1971)
Hall, M B Bethlehem(1927)
Hanrahan, Winnie Mrs Cape Town(1960)
Hansford, Mrs C Johannesburg(1955)
Hardwood, G Cape Town(1983)
Harrison, Ms P Queenstown(1969)
Harwanger, Mr M Cape Town(1975)
Hassall-Williams, Mrs G Durban(1977)
Hawes, Mr R Durban(1977)
Hawes, Mrs Durban(1952)
Hayes, M Cape Town(1986)
Heeger, Mrs O Cape Town(1986)
Hemmings, Mrs E Cape Town(1972)
Heunis, O Cape Town(1974)
Hilario, Ms R Cape Town(1979)
Hill, Mrs V Queenstown(1962)
Hokwana, F W S Johannesburg(1985)
Honeywill, Mrs P C M Cape Town(1986)
Houghton, Mr W A D Cape Town(1987)
Houghton, Mrs A D Cape Town(1991)
Howell, A H Cape Town(1970)
Hubbard, Mrs E Kimberley(1971)
Hubbart, M Oudtshoorn(1972)
Hubertine, Sr M Cape Town(1990)
Jacobs, Miss E Kimberley(1971)
Jebetle, C Durban(1972)
Joseph, Mrs F M L Cape Town(1975)
Judge, M Queenstown(1961)
Kairuz, Dr G Bloemfontein(1968)
Kalil, T S Kimberley(1971)
Kamore, P Durban(1960)
Keane, Ms M Cape Town(1981)
Keeney, A Cape Town(1985)
Keet, Ms G M Cape Town(1988)
Kettle, Mr A Cembu, Tsolo, Mthatha
Kholwane, Innocentia Nyameka Kimberley(1971)
Kim Sing, M Durban(1986)
King, S K Rustenburg(1993)
Komane Mr Bruno Cape Town(1982)
Koopman, Mr E Cape Town(1982)
Koopman, Mrs G Oudtshoorn(1972)
Kortje, Mrs M Oudtshoorn(1972)
Kortje, V Queenstown(1946)
Kunz, Dr M Cape Town(1976)
Lambert, Mrs M Cape Town(1989)
Lawless, Mr V Johannesburg(1995)
Lawrence May Miss Durban(1995)
Lawrence, Ms M A Durban(1982)
Lawrence, Sylvia Ms Aliwal(1973)
Letlala, J Cape Town(1992)
Lewis, Mrs M Durban(1986)
Leydon, M J Cape Town(1960)
Liliefelde, Mr I Umzimkulu(1968)
Linasell, Mrs M Mthatha(1958)
Lowry, T E Cape Town(1991)
Ludwig, P F Cape Town(1985)
Maggott, Mr J CapeTown(1985)
Maggott, Mrs C Durban(1987)
Mahlase, A Queenstown(1980)
Mahola, Mr P J Durban(1991)
Maidment, Michael Mr Durban(1962)
Major, Martin, B E Durban(1991)
Makae, Emmerencia Mrs Durban(1972)
Makhaye, Mrs E E F Kimberley(1971)
Makhobela, J Johannesburg(2008)
Mamotte, Michael Mr Durban(2007)
Mamotte, Mr Michael & Mrs Myriam Johannesburg(1975)
Mann, Mr Stan Polokwane(1994)
Masiane, Victor George Johannesburg(1995)
May, Lawrence Miss Durban(1967)
Mbata, Mrs C Durban(1972)
Mbele, Mr S Cape Town(1985)
McBain, Ms D Cape Town(1960)
McCann, Mrs S Cape Town(1969)
McCoy, Mrs K C Cape Town(1986)
McCrae, Ms M Queenstown(1962)
McDonagh, Mrs K Cape Town(1969)
McEvoy, J Cape Town(1960)
McGaw, Mrs B Volksrust(1966)
McHardy, Mrs M J Durban(2002)
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Lateran Cross 1st Class
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The long story of Christian influence on what would later be called Southern Africa began with the arrival of Portuguese mariners led by Bartholomew Diaz early in 1488. On 12 March, they erected a padrâo, or limestone pillar, topped by a small cross near the mouth of the Bushman’s River on the eastern Cape coast and a Mass was offered. It is recorded that a small church was built in 1501 in Mossel Bay. There is no evidence, however, of any missionary work in present day South Africa during these early days.

Between 1652 and 1795, under the Dutch East India Company rule, Catholicism was forbidden in South Africa. Only occasional visits of priests travelling on Portuguese or French boats were allowed. The same attitude prevailed between 1795 and 1802 under the British rule. In 1804, the Batavian (or Dutch) government opted for religious toleration, under the influence of the ideas of the French Revolution. Three Dutch priests arrived in Cape Town. But they were sent back to Holland when the Cape returned to the British rule two years later.

In 1814 the Cape became a British colony. The Catholic community only got recognition from the British Government in 1820. A priest, Fr. Scully, was accredited and a church was built in Harrington Street, Cape Town. In 1837, at the request of the Cape Town community, the Holy See appointed an Irish Dominican, Patrick Raymond Griffith, as the first Bishop of South Africa. Under his guidance the Catholic Church began to grow. This missionary expansion had one important limitation: very little attention was given to the African population. The priority was to provide for the needs of the European settlers. They were to be the main beneficiaries of the network of schools, hospitals and orphanages that developed throughout the colony with the assistance of several congregations of sisters.

In 1847, the Eastern Cape Vicariate was created. Aidan Devereux, one of the best missionaries of the time, became its first vicar apostolic. It is he who invited the first religious sisters to South Africa. In 1850, the Natal Vicariate, which included at the time the Orange Free State, the Transvaal and Lesotho, was entrusted to the newly-founded congregation of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The Bishop, Jean-François Allard, had been instructed by his superior general to start missionary work among the Zulus. In 1854, a mission station was established near the Umkomaas River, but due to various obstacles it was closed six years later. The second attempt among the Amacele on the Umzimkulu River also failed. In 1861, Bishop Allard, accompanied by Fr Gerard, travelled to Lesotho. Despite the presence of the Paris Evangelical Mission Society which had been there since 1835, they obtained from King Moshoeshoe, the founder of the Basotho nation, a mission site which they called Roma. The Lesotho Mission was to become one of the strongest Catholic communities in Africa.

In the mean time, a Premonstratensian missionary, Jacobus Hoendervangers, had begun to work in Bloemfontein. When diamonds were found on the banks of the Vaal River, Fr Hidien, an Oblate, went to visit the camps, say Mass and administer the sacraments. In 1875, a church was built at Pilgrim’s Rest in the Transvaal for the Catholic diggers. Other mission stations were opened as new gold fields were discovered and in 1886 the Holy See erected the diamond fields and Lesotho into a new Vicariate and the Transvaal into a Prefecture. In 1887, the Prefect Apostolic, Odilon Monginoux, took up residence in the newly-erected town of Johannesburg.

So far very little had been done for the indigenous people, in South Africa at least. The Protestant missionary societies, active in the region since the beginning of the century, were far ahead of their Catholic counterparts. The first significant results came with the Trappists of Mariannhill in the 1880’s. Under the leadership of Abbot Francis Pfanner, they developed innovative missionary methods, combining farming, schooling and preaching. These efforts eventually led to conversions, contributing to the growth of Catholicism in Natal.

In 1925 the first South African born bishop, David O’Leary, was consecrated in Johannesburg and the following year, another South African, Cornelius Bernard O’Riley, became the Vicar apostolic of Cape Town. But the South African Church still relied heavily on expatriate clergy. It was only in 1948 that a national seminary (for whites) was founded. In 1951, when Pope Pius XII established the hierarchy in Southern Africa, not more than five out of twenty one bishops were born locally.

The process of Africanisation of the Southern African Clergy has also been slow to develop. The first four African priests had been ordained at the turn of the century, but it was only in the 1920s in the Diocese of Mariannhill, that the first concerted efforts were made to train a black clergy. This led to the establishment of a national seminary for blacks in 1947. The first black bishop, Emmanuel ‘Mabathoana, was consecrated in Leribe in 1953, followed by Bonaventure Dlamini in Umzimkulu in 1954.

Despite its late coming on the missionary scene, the Southern African Catholic Church has shown remarkable signs of growth throughout the 20th century, particularly just before and after the Second World War. Long seen as a foreign church, it has now gained influence in all sectors of society. According to the 1991 census, at least 7.5% of the South African population (not including the TBVC states), and probably more given the large number of unspecified responses, are Catholic. The Catholic Church has become the second biggest church in the country (after the DRC).

It ranks first among the Blacks if one excepts the African Independent Churches, which are not one church but loose collections of perhaps 3 000 churches. It is reckoned that about 80% of its members are black. In Lesotho, the percentage of Catholics is considerably higher (49% according to church sources) than in South Africa. It is lower in Swaziland (6%) and Botswana (4%), Namibia (16%).

Like most Christian churches, the Catholic Church was relatively slow in opposing apartheid. It laboured at the cost of the heritage of segregation that it had shared with the rest the church in most pre-liberation colonial situations.

During the first decades of Nationalist rule, the hierarchy often adopted a conciliatory stance towards the government in the hope of maintaining the church’s network of schools, hospitals and welfare institutions. When in 1953 the government struck at church schools for African children with its Bantu education Act, the Catholic Church fought desperately to retain the educational system which it saw as its major aid to evangelisation. The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, created in 1947, made its first pronouncement against racism in 1952 and in 1957 condemned apartheid as “intrinsically evil”. Until the late 1970s however, there were few acts of defiance against the state. Within the church itself, a de facto discrimination was practised at many levels.

In 1970s, under the influence of the Vatican Council and spurred by protests from black clergy, catholic opposition to apartheid started to intensify. In 1972 a move began to desegregate the seminary. In 1976 the decision was taken with regard to both seminaries and schools. The Soweto uprising of 1976 led to a still greater awareness among Catholics for more active Catholic participation in various manifestations of Christian protest, activated mainly by the South African Council of Churches and the Christian Institute. Since February 1990, priority is given to conflict resolution, education to democracy and development.

Bishop Eddie Risi OMI

History of the Catholic Directory 1904 – 2015

According to our own records the earliest publication of the Catholic Directory was in 1896 when it appeared in the Catholic Magazine of South Africa on pages 463, 583 and 584. Within the next few months this Directory appeared in a separate publication along with articles and line drawings of the main churches at the time. It was compiled by Fr. Alban O’Riley of Cape Town.

In 1896 the first group of the Salesians of Don Bosco arrived in Cape Town at the invitation of Bishop John Leonard (1871 – 1908). The Salesians, under the superiorship of Fr. Tozi, established the Salesian Institute of Arts and Crafts with departments of carpentry, cabinet-making, printing and bookbinding at 49 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.

Information for a Catholic Directory was collected in 1903 and the following year “The Catholic Directory of British South Africa for the year of Our Lord, 1904 was published by them.

In the Archives of the Catholic History Bureau we have the issues of 1908, 1911, 1913, 1916 and 1921 with further issues from 1930 onwards, all published by the Salesian Press.

An indication of the progress of the Church in the country can be gained from the earlier directories which at the time numbered one hundred pages and cost one shilling and sixpence each. They listed 291 priests and nearly two thousand religious, while today there are 1391 priests in a volume of 393 pages at far a higher price.

These earlier directories included not only South Africa but the territories north of the Limpopo and Zambezi, staffed by the Jesuit missionaries, the Zimbabwe and Zambia areas of today.

A directory is usually of interest in the current year but it is of far greater interest as the years go by. To read these earlier issues not only recalls those pioneer missionaries but to study the details of events and activities is of greater interest.

A feature of those earlier issues was “WHAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR” and among many other events we find:-

“The Catholics of Fort Beaufort held the Golden

Jubilee of their church which had been blessed

by Bishop Moran on 28th January 1857.”

The Salesian Press is to be commended for the many years it published the Directory. As from 1976 it has been published by the Commission for Social Communications of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Pretoria, and since 1996 distribution through Lumko. This edition is being distributed from Khanya House.



The Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) was born out of the will of young African Bishops during the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). They wanted to speak with one voice. The establishment of SECAM is therefore the result of the bishops resolution to build a continental structure in order to bring forth the African vision to the whole Church.

Seeing the importance of such an Association for Africa, the Congregation for the Evangelisation of the Peoples invited the Presidents of the Regional Episcopal Conferences for consultation in 1968. A year later, the first-ever visit of a Pope to Africa was seen as very opportune to launch the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar. As a matter of fact, His Holiness Pope Paul VI was welcomed to Kampala (Uganda) for the official launching of SECAM.

By choosing the word Symposium, instead of Conference, the Founding Fathers of SECAM wanted to emphasise their desire of communion and fellowship, the word symposium in Greek, signifies meal, banquet. In his opening speech, Paul Cardinal ZOUNGRANA gave an explanation of the concept of symposium by using the image of the Eucharistic table, which gathers together the community of brothers. There was already in that explanation the seeds of the Church as Family of God which was declared in 1995 as an “expression of the Church’s nature particularly appropriate for Africa”, Ecclecia in Africa, n. 63.

The MISSION of SECAM is “to promote its role as a sign and instrument of salvation and to build the Church as a Family of God in Africa”, to preserve and foster communion, collaboration and joint action among all the Episcopal Conferences of Africa and the Islands. Accordingly, the Symposium, through the Episcopal Conferences promotes:

i. Propagation of Faith: Stressing on primary evangelization of those who have not yet received the message of Christ, i.e. in-depth and on-going evangelization of the peoples of Africa and the Islands.
ii. Human Development: i.e. the integral liberation of the human person, Good Governance and Justice and Peace issues.
iii. Ecumenism: i.e. the pursuit of fraternal relations and inter- religious dialogue with peoples of other faiths.
iv. Formation: i.e. the establishment of theological/pastoral institutions and research centers
v. Consultation: i.e. on the major problems facing the Family of God in Africa and in the world as a whole.


1).  Plenary Assembly
It is the highest body of SECAM and, as such, draws up the major policies and guidelines. It brings together the African Cardinals and Patriarchs, the Presidents and the elected delegates of the member- Episcopal Conferences, the Diocesan Bishops and those equivalent to them in law but are not yet members of and juridically constituted Episcopal Conference, the members of the Standing Committee of SECAM, the African members of the Congregation of the Evangelisation of the Peoples and other members as stipulated in the Statutes of SECAM. The Plenary Assembly is held every three years.

2) Standing Committee
The Standing Committee, consists of the President, two (2) Vice-Presidents (belonging to language groups different from the President’s – English, French or Portuguese) and eight (8) members from each of the Episcopal regions of SECAM. Each Regional Episcopal Conference is therefore represented on the Standing Committee.

It has a three- year renewable term of office and its function is to direct the affairs of SECAM between Plenary Assemblies. It meets twice a year: (in February and October)

3) The Presidential Council:
This Council consists of the President and the two Vice-Presidents of SECAM.

4). The Treasurer
The position of Treasurer is not an elected but an appointed one. It is usually given to a bishop in Ghana, preferably the Archbishop of Accra. The Treasurer is a member of the Standing Committee. He also heads the Finance Board of SECAM

5). The Secretariat of SECAM
The Secretariat is headed by a Secretary General who is assisted by two deputies. Their main task is to carry out the decisions and policies of SECAM.

The following are the Commissions and offices of SECAM:

1). Evangelisation Commission
This Commission is headed by the First Vice-President of SECAM. The day-to- day work of it is carried out by the First Deputy Secretary General of SECAM.

The following offices fall under the department of Evangelisation:

a) The Catholic Biblical Centre for Africa and Madagascar (BICAM)which encourages and co-ordinates Biblical Apostolate on the continent.
b) Theological Committee (COMITHEOL): encourages and co-ordinates theological activities.
c) Pan-African Laity Co-ordination Board: organ of liaison, co-operation and joint action for the training and formation of the Laity.
d) Association of Catholic Education for Africa and Madagascar (ASSECAM,)

2. Justice, Peace, Peace and Development Commission
The Second Vice-President of SECAM heads this Commission. The Second Deputy Secretary General handles the administrative work of the Commission It has the following offices:

a) Justice, Peace and Development
b) Good Governance- it studies and appraises the African political, diplomatic and social situations so as to enable SECAM take relevant positions regarding
the promotion of Good Governance

3. Social Communications Commission
The Communications Commission has bishop Chairman appointed by the Standing Committee. The day-to-day work of the Commission is carried out by its Secretary who is the Director of Communications of SECAM. His role is to animate, co-ordinate and stimulate Social Communication activities on the regional and continental levels. The Director of the Commission also works directly under the President and the Secretary General of SECAM.

Other offices of SECAM are:

a) The Administrative Office which falls under the Secretary General.
b) The Accounts Office is headed by the Treasurer of SECAM with a full-time Accountant for the day-to-day work of this office. The Accountant’s day-to-day work is supervised by the Secretary General of SECAM.

Please refer to the organogram of SECAM for a full list of the Commissions, Departments, Offices and Committees of SECAM.
Official Languages: English, French, and Portuguese.

SECAM is funded mainly through the contributions of member Episcopal Conferences with levies paid by each diocese. Occasionally, SECAM receives subsidies and grants from the Evangelization of Peoples, Vatican City and various religious organizations and Partner Agencies throughout the world. Efforts are being made to make SECAM self-reliant through projects and raising funds within Africa for its activities.



Kampala, Uganda
28 – 31 July 1969
The Establishment of the Symposium and General Problems of the Church in Africa

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
18 – 24 August 1970
The Clergy in Africa, The Catechists in Africa, The Constitution of SECAM

Kampala, Uganda
18 – 24 August 1972
The Commitment of the Laity in the Growth of the Church and Integral Development of Africa

Rome, Italy
22 – 28 September 1975
Evangelization in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya
24 – 30 July 1978
Christian Family Life in Africa Today.

Yaounde, Cameroon
20 Jun – 5 Jul 1981
Christian Life and Marriage in Africa, 2. SECAM as an Instrument of Episcopal Collaboration for Evangelization in Africa and Madagascar

Kinshasa, DRC
15 – 22 July 1984
The Church and Human Promotion in Africa Today

Lagos, Nigeria
12 – 19 July 1987
The Identity and Structure of SECAM: Evaluation, 2. Reflection on the Future of the Christian Mission in Africa

Lome, Togo
22 – 29 July 1990
Evangelization through the Communication Media.

Rome, Italy
 May 1994
Not Specified

Midrand, South Africa
22 – 28 September 1997
The Church as Family, 2. The Restructuring of SECAM

Rome, Italy
30 Sept – 9 Oct 2000
Christ our Peace (Eph. 2:14; How the Church as Family of God may be Sacrament of Reconciliation in Africa

Dakar, Senegal
1 – 13 October 2003
HIV/AIDS, 2. The Restructuring of SECAM,

Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
16 – 22 January 2007
Pan-African Congress on Evangelization. Theme: Evangelization in Africa – Ecclesia in Africa (EIA) in Retrospect and the way forward.

Accra, Ghana
26 Jul – 2 Aug 2010
SECAM at Forty; Self-Reliance and the way forward for the Church in Africa.

 Kinshasa, DRC
15 – 22 July 2013
The Church Family of God in Service to Reconciliation, Justice and Peace

Luanda, Angola
18- 25 July 2016
The African Family, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in the light of the Gospel.

Kampala, Uganda
21-29 July 2019
SECAM Golden Jubilee; Church Family of God in Africa, Celebrate your Jubilee, Proclaim Jesus Christ, your Saviour.


Secretary General: Rev. Fr. Joseph KOMAKOMA, E-mail:
1st Deputy Secretary General: (Vacant.), E-mail:
2nd Deputy Secretary General: Rev. Fr. Samuel de Jesus PAQUETE, E-mail:
Director of BICAM: Rev. Fr. Yves Lucien EVAGA NDJANA, E-mail:
Director of Communications: Sir Benedict ASSOROW, E-mail:

SECAM Secretariat: 4 Senchi Street, PO Box KA 9156, Airport, ACCRA, GHANA. Tel: 00233 302 778 867/8, Fax: 00233 302 772 548. E-mail:


PRESIDENT: Most Rev. Gabriel MBILINGI, Archbishop of LUBANGO, C.P. 231 Lubango, ANGOLA Tel: 00244 9233 10055. E-mail: /

1ST VICE-PRESIDENT: Most Rev. Louis PORTELLA-MBUYU, Bishop of Kinkala, B.P. 200, Kinkala, Congo-Brazzaville. Tel: 00242 06 838 0795. E-mail:

2ND VICE-PRESIDENT: Most Rev. Gabriel J. ANOKYE, Archbishop of Kumasi, PO Box 99, Kumasi. Tel: 00233 2085 50154, E-mail:

TREASURER: Most Rev. Charles Gabriel PALMER-BUCKLE, Archbishop of Accra, PO Box GP 247, ACCRA, GHANA. Tel: Office 00233-302 222728, Fax: 00233-302 231619. E-mail:

ACEAC: S. Exc. Msgr Smaragde MBONYINTEGE, Evêque de KABGAYI, B.P. 66 Mahanga, Rwanda. Tel: 00250 788 516 346. E-mail:

ACERAC: Archbishop Samuel Kleda, Archeveche, B.P. 179, Douala, Cameroun. Tel: 3342 3714 / Fax: 3343.1837.

RECOWA-CERAO: Most Rev. José Camnate Na Bissign, C.P 20 Av.14 De Novembro, 1001, Bissau Codex. Tel: Mobile: 00245 662 7291 / 00245 7313 318 / 00245 5978 606. E-mail: / /

AHCE: Rt. Rev. Joannes ZAKARIA, Contact Person: Fr. Hani KOURILOS, Secretary General, BP 69, Saray El Koubbeh, Pont de Koubbeh, EGYPTE. Tel: 0020 95-237 2716 (Evêché) 0020 12465 1445. (Cellulaire) Fax: 0020 95 237 4058. E-mail:

AMECEA: Most. Rev. Thomas Lucas MSUSA, Archbishop’s House, PO Box 385, Blantyre, Malawi. Tel: 00265 163 7905

CEDOI & MADAGASCAR: S. Exc. Msgr Benjamin Marc Balthason RAMAROSON, Mailing Archeveche, 5 Boulevard le Myre de Villers, B.P. 415, Antsiranana 201, Madagascar. Tel: 00261 2082 21605; GSM 00261 32115 3939. E-mail: / /

CERNA: S. Exc. Mgr Paul DESFARGES, Evêque de Constantine et Hippone, 32 Boulevard Belouïzdad, B.P. 24 B 25002 CONSTANTINE- Coudiat, ALGERIE. Tel: 00213 3192 3367, E-mail:

IMBISA: Rt. Rev. Sithembele SIPUKA, Bishop of Mthatha, 19 Craister Street, Eastern Cape; PO Box 85, Mthatha 5100. SOUTH AFRICA. Tel: +27 47 532 2914 or 532 6301, Fax: +27 47 532 2914. E-mail: /


: S. Exc. Mgr Smaragde MBONYINTEGE,
Secrétariat Général, B.P. 20511 KINSHASA, REPUBLIQUE DEMOCRATIQUE DU CONGO (RDC). Mobile Sec : 00243 818 742 320. E-mail: /

 S. Exc. Mgr. Louis PORTELLA-MBUYU
Secrétariat Général, B.P. 200, BRAZZAVILLE. REPUBLIQUE DU CONGO.
Tel & Fax: 00242) 6610 782 / 00242 5263 056, Mobile: 00242 066 610 782. E-mail: /

 S. Eminence Théodore Adrien Cardinal SARR
RECOWA-CERAO Secretariat, PO Box 6039 Garki, Abuja, NIGERIA.
Tel: 00234 9672 1509, Fax: 00234 80450 46336. E-mail:

 His Beatitude Ibrahim ISAAC,
SECRETARY GENERAL: Dr. Hahi Bakhoum Kiroulos
Secrétariat Général, BP 69, Saray El Koubbeh, Pont de Koubbeh, 11712 LE CAIRE.
Tel: 00202 2257 1740 / 00201 22475 1621, Fax: 00202 2454 5766. E-mail:

 His Eminence, Berhaneyesus Cardinal SOURAPHIEL
AMECEA Secretariat, Gitanga Road 49; PO Box 21191, 00505 NAIROBI, KENYA.
Tel: 00254 72749 8964, Fax: 0025420 3878 009 / 3871 590. E-mail: / / /

 Rt. Rev. Frank NUBUASAH
(Bishop of the Vicariate Apostolic of Francistown,
Catholic Secretariat, PO Box 702, Francistown, BOTSWANA.
IMBISA Centre, 88 Broadlands Road, Avondale; PO Box EH 99, Emerald Hill Harare, ZIMBABWE. Tel: 002634 336775 / 336908, Fax: 002634 336909,
(Fax: 005460 13916 0169. E-mail: / /

 Msgr Denis WIEHE CSSp
Secrétariat Général, Evêché, B.P. 43, Victoria Mahé, SEYCHELLES.
Tel: 00248 32 21 52; Fax: 00248 32 40 45. E-mail:

 S. Exc. Msgr Vincent LANDEL
1 Rue Haji Mohammed Riffai, B. P. 258 R.P. 10001 RABAT MAROC.
Tel: 00212 3770 9239, Fax: 00212 3770 6282. E-MAIL: /


 Most Rev. Berhaneyesus D. SOURAPHIEL, C.M.
Secretariat, PO Box 2454, ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA.
Tel: 002511 1155 0300 / 552986; Fax: 002511 553113. E-mail: / /

 Fr. Teclebrhan TSEGGAI
Catholic Secretariat of Eritrea, 2/4 Gebrai Gebremariam Str.; P. O. Box 19190, Asmara, ERITREA. Tel: 00291 1112 5000 / 0514, Fax: 00291 1112 0070.

 Most Rev. Joseph OSEI-BONSU
Secretariat, PO Box KA 9712 Airport, Accra, GHANA. Tel: 00233 2150 0491 / 2 / 02150 0082 (Sec. Gen.), Fax: 00233 2150 0493. E-mail: / / /

 Most Rev. Patrick KOROMA
Secretariat, Santanno House, P O Box 893, FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE.
TEL: 00232 7662 5266 / 00232 3332 4526, Mobile: 00232 7661 1924 /
00232 7638 1506, Fax: 00232 2222 4075 / 00232 2222 8252.E-mail: /

 His Eminence John Cardinal NJUE
Waumimi House, Chiromo Rd., Westlands; PO Box 13475, 00800 NAIROBI, KENYA.
Tel: 00254 20444 3133 / 00254 72527 7277, Fax: 00254 20444 1914 / 4442 910, Mobile: 00254 72277 0193. E-mail:

 Bishop Augustine Bane O.M.I
SECRETARY GENERAL: Rev. Fr.Hosea Mookameli Chale
Secretariat, PO Box 200, MASERU 100. LESOTHO. Tel: 00266 2231 2525 /
00266 22 310294, Mob: 00266 5919 4444. E-mail: / /

 Rt. Rev. Lewis J. ZEIGLER
Secretariat, PO Box 2078, MONROVIA, LIBERIA. Tel: 00231 2213 89 /
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Secretariat, Chimutu Rd., PO Box 30384, LILONGWE 3, MALAWI.
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 (Acting): Most Rev. Liborius Ndumbukuti NASHENDA OMI
Secretariat, PO Box 11525, WINDHOEK 9000, NAMIBIA.
Tel: 00264 6122 4798 / 225265, 00264 812 566021, Fax: 00264 6123 3748 / 00264 – 6124 8126. E-mail: /

Most Rev. Ignatius A. KAIGAMA (Archbishop of Jos)
Secretariat, 6 Force Rd., PO Box 951, LAGOS, NIGERIA. Tel: 00234 80333 20217 / 00234 80530 84882, Fax: 00234 1263 6680. E-mail:

 Archbishop Stephen BRISLIN, Archbishop of Cape Town, Cathedral Place, 12 Bouquet Street; PO Box 2910, Cape Town 8000.
SECRETARY GENERAL: Rev. Sr. Hermenegild MAKORO, cps
Secretariat, Khanya House, 399 Paul Kruger street; PO Box 941, PRETORIA 0001. SOUTH AFRICA. Tel: +27 12 3236 458, Fax: +27 12 3266 218 / 3264 358.
E-mail: / /

Most Rev. H.L. Rudolf Deng MAJAK
Secretariat, El Ryad, Middle Street, Block 43112; PO Box 6011, KHARTOUM, SUDAN. Tel: 00249 91457 2845 / 00249 12610 3726. Fax: 00249 18322 4866.

 Rt. Rev. Juda Thaddeus S. RUWA’ICHI
Secretariat, PO Box 2133, DAR-ES-SALAAM, TANZANIA. Tel: 00255 75403 3351, Mob: 00255 75403 3351, Fax: 00255 22285 1133 / 285 0427.
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 Rt Rev. Ignatius CHAMA
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 Most Rev. Angel FLORO
Secretariat, Africa Synod House, 29 Selous Avenue; PO Box CY 738, Causeway HARARE, ZIMBABWE. Tel & Fax: 00263 0206 2347, Mobile: 00263 7123 6032.


 S. Exc. Mgr Antoine GAGNE
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 S. Exc. Mgr Seraphin F. ROUAMBA
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Secretariat, 5 Boulevard de l’Uprona, B.P. 1390 BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI. Tel: 00257 2230 2183, Fax: 00257 2230 2150.
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Secretariat, B.P. 1963 YAOUNDE, CAMEROUN. Tel: 00237 2231 1592,
Mobile: 00237 9955 7011, Fax: 00237 2231 4915. E-mail: /

 S. Exc. Mgr Gilbert WIEHE
Secretariat, Diocèse de Saint-Denis, 36 Rue de Paris, 97461 SAINT DENIS CEDEX, LA REUNION. Tel: 00262 26294 8570, Fax: 00262 26294 8573.

Secretariat, B.P. 200 BRAZZAVILLE. Tel: 00242 5532 766, Gsm 00242 06884 9888. E-mail: /

 S. Exc. Mgr Alexis Touabli YOULO, B.P. 527 Gagnoa, COTE D’IVOIRE
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Secretary General, BP 69, Saray El Koubbeh, Pont de Koubbeh, EGYPTE.
Tel: 0020 95237 2716 (Evêché) / 0020 12465 1445 (Cellulaire), Fax: 0020 95 237 4058. E-mail:

S. Exc. Mgr Timothée MODIBO-NZOCKENA
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Secretariat, 102 Bis Rue Lenine Antanimena, B.P. 667 ANTANANARIVO 101, MADAGASCAR. Tel: 00261 2020 478 / 212204 / 21158 (permanence),
Fax: 00261 20222 4854. E-mail: / /

 S. Exc. Mgr Jean-Baptiste TIAMA (Evêque de Sikasso)
SECRETARIAT: B.P. 298 BAMAKO, MALI. Tel: 00223 2226 784 / 2372 161/ 00223 2162 0270. Portable: 00223 7618 0240, Fax: 00223 2226 700.
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 S. Exc. Mgr Dieudonne NZAPALAINGA, Cssp.
Tel: 00236 502746 / 00236 617072 / 00236) 610898, (Ligne directe de l’Archevêque),
Fax: 00236 614692 / 00236 617072 (Ligne directe d’Archevêque). E-mail: /

 S. Exc. Nicolas DJOMO LOLA
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 S. Exc. Msgr Benjamin NDIAYE
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 S. Exc. Mgr Jean-Claude BOUCHARD
Secretariat, 177 Rue 3007 N’djamena, B.P. 456 N’DJAMENA, TCHAD.Tel: 00235 56623 3814 / 00235 6629 0701, Fax: 00235 523779,
Cellulaire: 00235 276 936 / Père DOBADE Cellulaire: 00235 9952 3312.
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 S. Exc. Mgr Vincent LANDEL
Secretariat, 1 Rue Haji Mohammed Riffai, B. P. 258 R.P. 10001 RABAT, MAROC.
Tel: 002123 7709 239, Fax: 0021253 7700 6282. E-mail: /


 Most Rev. Gabriel MBILINGI
Coordenador do Secretariado: Pe Dionisio HISILENAPO
Secretariat, C.P. 3579 LUANDA, ANGOLA. Tel: 00244 2223 34640, Fax: 00244 2449 442. E-mail: /

 Dom Lucio Andrice MUANDULA
Coordenador do Secretariado: Pe. Elpideo PARRUQUE
Secretariat, Avenue Paulo Samuel Kamkomba 188, C.P. 286 MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE. Tel Mobile: 00258 82881 4140, (Office) 00258 2822 2164,
Fax: 00258 2822 2298. E-mail: /

Presidents of SECAM since 1969
1. His Eminence Paul Cardinal ZOUNGRANA (1969 -1978; 1981 -1984),Burkina Faso
2. His Eminence, Hyacinthe Cardinal THIANDOUM (1978 – 1981) Senegal
3. His Eminence Joseph Cardinal MALULA (1984 – 1987), D.R. Congo
4. His Eminence Christian Cardinal TUMI (1991-1994) Cameroun.>
5. Most Rev. Gabriel GONSUM GANAKA (1987–1990; 1994 -1997) Nigeria
6. Most, Rev. Laurent MONSENGWO PASINYA (1997 – 2003), D.R. Congo
7. Most Rev, John Onaiyekan, Arcbishop of Abuja, Nigeria 2003-2007
8. His Eminence Polycarp Cardinal Pengo, Arcbishop of Dar-Es- Salaam, Tanzania, January 20 2007 – July 2013
9. Most Rev. Gabriel MBILINGI, Arcbishop of Lubango, Angola July 2013 –

1. Fr. Joseph OSEI 1970 – 1984 (5)(Ghanaian)
2. Fr. Philip Obina AGUH 1985- 1986(Nigerian)
3. Msgr. Hilary SENOO 1986 – 1997(Ghanaian)
4. Fr. Joseph FANIRAN, 1997- 1998 (Nigerian) served as Ag.Sec. Gen.
5. Fr. Benoit PENOUKOU, 1998 – 2001(Togolese)
6. Fr. Peter LWAMINDA, 2001- 2004 (Zambian)
7. Fr. Francois-Xavier DAMIBA 2005- July 2013 (Burkinabe – Burkina Faso)
8. Fr. Joseph Komakoma, July 14, 2013 – (Zambian)



The Inter-Regional Meeting of Bishops of Southern Africa, known as IMBISA is an organ of Liaison and Pastoral Cooperation between Episcopal Conferences of Angola and São Tome & Principe (CEAST), Lesotho Catholic Bishops’ Conference (LCBC), Mozambique Catholic bishops’ Conference (CEM), Namibia Catholic Bishops Conference (NCBC), Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference which is made up of Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland (SACBC) and Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC). The

Region has 78 ecclesiastical territories (Archdioceses and Dioceses) and 101 Bishops. At the moment IMBISA is the only Regional Conference that is made up of language groups, that is English and Portuguese.

IMBISA grew out of the desire of the Bishops to discuss matters of common concern and to update each other with regards to developments in each other’s country. After meeting informally during the Universal Bishops’ Synod in Rome in 1974, a meeting of Bishops’ delegates of Southern African countries was held in Pretoria in April 1975. This was the beginning of the process of the birth of IMBISA. Initially IMBISA was known as The Inter-Territorial Meeting of the Bishops of Southern Africa. The name was changed to Inter-Regional Meeting of the Bishops of Southern Africa (IMBISA) when the application of the approval of the Constitution was made. This was done to distinguish IMBISA from the National Episcopal Conferences and their equivalents which were spoken of using the term ‘territorial’. The IMBISA Constitution was approved at an assembly that was held in Lesotho in 1978 and in 1980 the IMBISA Secretariat was established in Manzini, Swaziland.

 The existence of IMBISA was a result of the new needs of the Church in the Region and the prophetic vision of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). The Council brought in a new era of collegial ministry in the Catholic Church. This was an appreciation of the changing circumstances, which the Church now found herself. The circular institutions and organisations had already proved the effectiveness of corporate action.

The Second Vatican Council Decree on Pastoral Office of Bishops in the Church, Christus Dominus, Chapter 3 page 37 states that; it is often impossible nowadays especially, for Bishops to exercise their Office suitably and fruitfully unless they establish closer understanding and cooperation with other Bishops…”this sacred synod judges that it would be greatly helpful if in all parts of the world the Bishops of each country or region would meet regularly, so that by sharing their wisdom and experience and exchanging views they may jointly formulate a program for the common good of the Church.

The IMBISA Members are all those Southern African Episcopal Conferences which have applied for membership and have been accepted. 30the minutes of the first meeting of IMBISA we read: “The chairman – Convenor explained that not Conferences but countries had been invited in order to obtain as much information as possible and to collect a wide spectrum of opinion”. 31 Such being the case, the continuation Committee decided in December 1976 that the Second General Assembly should be made up of Bishops or their duly delegated representatives chosen by each member country. In subsequent meetings, the emphasis has been on member countries more than on member Episcopal conferences. The members of IMBISA first met in general assemblies until 1984 when the plenary assemblies were introduced. Since then the plenary assembly has become established as the major platform for policy making.

From its early days IMBISA focused its attention on:
1. the integration of the Social Teaching of the Church into the mission of the Church in Southern Africa and its application to the life situation of its people. the plight of refugees in the region due to the apartheid regime in South Africa and civil war and guerrilla activities in other IMBISA countries and the need of pastoral care for the refugees;

2. the importance of the means of social communications for the spreading of the Gospel. A Southern African Regional Secretariat for Communications (SARCOM) in fact pre-dated the setting up of IMBISA;

3. the integration of the Social Teaching of the Church into the mission of the Church in Southern Africa and its application to the life situation of its people.

At the Plenary Assembly of 1984 at Chishawasha in Harare, Zimbabwe, the Bishops decided to change one structure of IMBISA providing for Plenary Assemblies, a Standing Committee and an Episcopal Secretary as head of the Secretariat. The Secretariat was set up on a permanent basis in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Plenary Assemblies were held in 1984 (Chishawasha, Zimbabwe), 1988 (Harare, Zimbabwe), 1992 (Matola, Moςambique), 1995 (Windhoek, Namibia), and 1998 (Manzini, Swaziland). 2001 (Chishawasha, Zimbabwe-This Assembly included the celebration of the Silver Jubilee of IMBISA), 2004 (Chishawasha, Zimbabwe) and 2007 (Luanda, Angola)

The particular aims of IMBISA are to:-
-effect and maintain liaison between the members;
– provide the members with facilitie for consultation and pastoral action in matters of common interest;
-promote and facilitates the forming of an up-to-date assessment of situations in Southern Africa;
– maintain communication and co-operation with the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) and other regional meetings of Episcopal Conferences in Africa.

The Plenary Assembly:
Plenary Assembly exercises supreme authority in the governance of IMBISA. The Plenary Assembly is constituted of all the members by right of the Episcopal Conferences

of IMBISA and any Cardinal emeritus residing in the region of IMBISA who is not a member of any of the Episcopal Conferences.

The Plenary Assembly is held every three years.

To the Plenary Assembly belongs:
– to elect the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary General;
– to confirm the election of the other members of the Standing Committee;
– to approve the Statutes of IMBISA;
– to set up Commissions and Committees/Departments and to approve by-laws for them, etc.

The Standing Committee
The Standing Committee represents the Plenary Assembly in the ordinary governance of IMBISA. The Standing Committee is constituted of the President,The Vice President, the Secretary General and six members, each one elected by the six member Conferences from among its members.

The Standing Committee has the authority:
– to execute any mandate and perform any function committed to it by the Plenary Assembly;

– to organize the Plenary Assembly;
– to set up Commissions, Committees/Departments whenever the need arise prior to ratification by the Plenary Assembly;
– to hold and administer all goods and funds belonging to IMBISA;
– to approve each year the financial statements and budget presented by the Secretary General.

The General Secretariat
The General Secretariat is responsible for carrying out the day to day business of IMBISA and whatever has been assigned to it by the Standing Committee.

The General Secretariat consists of: The Secretary General who is a Bishop member of IMBISA, a Director or Principal Secretary who is a priest nominated by the Secretary General and approved by the Standing Committee. The Director has an Assistant Director.

The General Secretariat has the authority:
– to prepare the minutes of IMBISA meetings;
– to act as Treasure and manage carefully the goods and property of IMBISA;
– to approve press releases;
– to appoint personnel required
– to submit an annual financial report and prepare the annual budget, etc.

The IMBISA Centre in Harare operates:
– The General Secretariat;
– Refugee Services:
– Social Communications Department
– Theological Reflection and Exchange
– Biblical Pastoral Ministry
– Justice and Peace
– Translations Office

Refugee Services
Co-ordinates the pastoral care for Refugees from the IMBISA Region itself as well as in neighboring countries where Refugees from IMBISA Region have found refuge, addresses other non-material needs of refugees, in so far as these are not taken care of by other organizations, plays a role in the defense of the human rights of refugees and displaced persons, conscientizes the local Church and its communities on their responsibilities towards Refugees, gives assistance to the Member Conferences and its agencies in looking for resources in finances and personnel and in organizing of relevant training programmes; identifies with the proper local Church Authorities, the pastoral care and development needs of homeless and displaced people within IMBISA countries.

Social Communications Department
IMBISA Social Communications Department is an organ of liaison and collaboration among the Bishops of the Region. It Coordinates and evaluates Media Activities in the member countries and help in setting up viable structures of communication. The Department also helps in the building up of Media Training Programmes for people working in the National and Diocesan offices of Social Communications.

 Theological Reflection and exchange
The aim of this Department is to facilitate and foster theological reflection and research on the meaning of the GOOD NEWS and the mission of the Church in this region of Africa; Provides opportunities for ongoing theological formation and updating in the Region; establish and maintain a documentation centre on the publications of the member Conferences (pastoral letters, statements, directives, pastoral plans and programmes; reports on meetings, conferences, etc.); publishes information on theological-pastoral research and discussions and assists in publishing the results of such research and debates.

 Biblical Pastoral Ministry
The purpose of the Department is to promote and coordinate, with the assistance of the General Secretary of the CBF, the Biblical Pastoral Ministry in the Region of IMBISA. The Department works in collaboration with its mother body, the Catholic Biblical Federation through the African Regional Headquarters, the Catholic Biblical Centre for Africa and Madagascar (BICAM). BICAM is the arm of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM)

Justice and Peace Desk
The Justice and Peace Desk was established because justice and peace has always been the concern of IMBISA right from its beginning. The tasks of this desk are: to impart to the Coordinators of the Catholic Commissions for Justice and Peace (CCJPs) clear Christian Ethical Vision in their approach and dealing with social issues so as to accomplish a proper Christian Mission.

Translation Office
The translation came into existence in 1996. It came as a fulfillment of a long standing desire/wish in IMBISA as a bilingual Organization. IMBISA is the only Regional Association of Bishops’ Conference in Africa that is bilingual, English and Portuguese.

The office was established to facilitate communication between Episcopal Conferences by making translations between the language groups. Apart from translating documents, the office also provides simultaneous interpretations during meetings, Plenary Assemblies and Seminars.

The IMBISA Centre in Harare operates a hostel which can accommodate up to 18 persons in single and double bedrooms for IMBISA-related activities, for example conferences, study sessions, workshops.







22—26 August

The Social Teaching Of the Church and her Prophetic Mission in Southern Africa

Harare, Zimbabwe.


2—10 Sept

If you want peace, work for Justice

Harare, Zimbabwe


16—23 Feb




2 April—4 May

Church and Family in Southern Africa after the Synod for Africa

Windhoek, Namibia


6—12 June

The Powerful Word of God

Manzini, Swaziland


30 July—8 Aug

Poverty and Economic Justice in the New Millenium. A Christian Approach

Harare, Zimbabwe


11 – 16 October

Self Reliance

Harare, Zimbabwe


20—26 July

Good Governance for Development

Luanda, Angola


03—12 December

Fostering Good Work Ethics for the Promotion of Self-Reliance, Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Southern Africa

Pretoria, South Africa







22 –27 April

To establish situational reports

Pretoria, South Africa


26—28 Sept

Review of the General Assembly and adoption of Proposed Constitution

Mazenod, Lesotho


2—6 June

Preparation of the 1st Plenary Assembly

Manzini, Swaziland

IMBISA, the Inter-Regional Meeting of Bishops of Southern Africa, is made up of the Bishops’ Conferences of nine Southern African countries, namely Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, São Tomé e Principe, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

The countries of Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland constitute the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC), while Angola and São Tomé e Principe make up the Episcopal Conference of Angola and São Tomé e Principe (CEAST). The rest of the countries each has its own Bishops’ Conference.



Conferéncia Episcopal de Angola e São Tomé (CEAST)
Coordinator/ Executive Director: Antonio Francisco Jaca, Presidente: D. ​Filomeno do Nascimento Vieira Dias. Vice Presidente: D. ​José Imbamba​. Secretário Geral: D. ​António Francisco Jaca​. Secretário Geral Adjunto: ​D​. Dionísio Hisiilenapo. Physical Address: Rua Comandante Bula, 118 Luanda – São Paulo, Angola. Postal Address: C.P. 3579, Luanda, Angola. Tel: 00244 222 3686 / 449442, Fax: 00244 222 5504 / 449442. E-mail:,  

Lesotho Catholic Bishops’ Conference (LCBC)
President: Bishop Augustine Tumaole Bane O.M.I., E-mail:
Secretary General: Fr.Hosea Mookameli Chale
Physical Address: Catholic Secretariat, Cathedral Area, Main North 1, Maseru, Postal Address: PO Box 200, Maseru 100, Lesotho, Tel:+266 22 310294, Mobile: +266 5919 4444/+266 66030303, E-mail:

Conferéncia Episcopal de Moςambique (CEM)
President: D. Lucio Andrice Muandula
Secretary General: D. ErnestoMaguengue
Director: Pe. Inácio Mole
Physical Address: Av. Paulo Samuel Kankomba, 188 Maputo, Moςambique; Postal Address: C.P. 286, Maputo, Moςambique. Tel: 00258 21 490766, Fax: 00258 21 492174.

NAMIBIA Catholic Bishops’ Conference (NCBC)
Acting President Bishop Joseph Shikongo, OMI
Secretary General: Fr. Thomas Manninezhath, CMI
Physical Address: 17 Jan Jonker Road, Windhoek, Namibia;
Postal Address: P.O. Box 11525, Windhoek, Namibia.
Tel: 00264 61 224798 / 225265, Fax: 00264 61 248126. E-mail: /

Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC)
President: Archbishop Stephen BRISLIN
Secretary General: Sr. Hermenegild Makoro CPS E-mail:
Associate Secretary General: Fr Patrick Rakeketsi CSS,
Physical address: Khanya House, 399 Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria, 0002 South Africa Postal Address: PO Box 941, Pretoria, 0001 South Africa. Tel: 27 12 323 6458,
Fax: 27 12 3266 218. E-mail: /  Website:

Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC)
President: Archbishop Robert Ndlovu
Secretary General: Fr. Fredrick Chiromba
Physical address: Africa Synod House, 29-31 Selous Avenue/4th Street, Harare, Zimbabwe; Postal Address: PO Box CY 738, Causeway Harare, Zimbabwe.
Tel: 00263 4 705369 / 705368, Fax: 00263 4 704001. E-mail:


PRESIDENT: Bishop Lucio Andrice Muandula
VICE PRESIDENT: Archbishop Tlali Gerard Lerotholi OMI
SECRETARY GENERAL: Archbishop Robert Christopher Ndlovu

Bishop Michael Bhasera (ZCBC)
Bishop Ernesto Maguengue (CEM)
Bishop Joseph Mopeli Sephamola (LCBC)
Archbishop Liborius Ndumbukuti Nashenda (NCBC)
Bishop Pius Mlungisi Dlungwane (SACBC)
Bishop Estanislau Marcques Chindecasse (CEAST)

Bishop Chairman of Respective Departments

1.     Social Communications Bishop José Nambi
2.     Refugees
3.     Justice and Peace Bishop Martin Munyanyi
4.     Finance Bishop Frank Nubuasah
5.     Theological Reflection Bishop Philipp Pollitzer
6.     Biblical Pastoral Ministry Bishop Lucio Andrice Muandula

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Fr. Richard menatsi
Physical Address: 88 Broadlands Road, Avondale Harare, Zimbabwe; Postal Address: IMBISA CENTRE, PO Box EH 99, Emerald Hill, Harare, Zimbambwe.
Tel: 00263-4-336775 / 336908, Fax: 00263-4-336909, E-mail: /

Residence: IMBISA HOUSE, 31 Chester House, Avondale West, Harare, Zimbabwe. Tel: 00263-4-336572.

IMBISA FLAT: Santa Carolina Flat 9, Wakefield Road, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe. Tel: 00263-4-302332

IMBISA Hostel, (Priests): 88 Broadlands Road, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Co-ordinator:    Fr Claudio Dos Reis, E-mail: /

Coordinator:      Fr. Oskar Wermter Email: /

Apostolic Nuncio to South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho, and Botswana:
H.E. Archbishop Peter Wells,
Secretary of the Nunciature: Msgr………………………………………
PA to the Apostolic Nuncio: Ms Octavia E. Schubart (
4 Argo Street, Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria 0181; PO Box 95200, Waterkloof Pretoria 0145. Tel: 012 346 4235, Fax: 012 346 1494. E-mail:

Apostolic Nuncio to Zimbabwe:
H.E. The Most Rev Archbishop George Kocherry
Councelor: Fr. Vincenzo Turturro
Physical Address: Apostolic Nunciature, 5 St. Kilda Road, Harare; Postal Address:
PO Box MP 191, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe. Tel: 00263 (04) 744547 / 2915597, Fax: 00263 (04) 744412. E-mail:

Apostolic Nuncio to Angola and Pro-Nuncio to Sáo Tomé e Principe:
H.E. The Most Rev Archbishop Petar Rajic​
Secretary: Rev. Fr Michele Tutalo, Physical Address;
Apostolic Nunciature, Rua Martin Luther King, 123, C.P. 1030, Luanda, Angola.
Tel: (00244) 222 330 289 / 330 532/ 931 294 270​ , E-mail:

Apostolic Nuncio to Mozambique:
H.E. D. António ARCARI, Physical Address: Núncio Apostólico, Av. Kwame Nkrumah, 224 Maputo; Postal Address: C.P. 2738, Maputo Mozambique.
Tel: 00258 21 491144, Fax: 00258 21 492217. E-mail:

Apostolic Nuncio to Angola and to Sáo Tomé e Principe:
H.E. The Most Rev Archbishop Petar Rajic​
Secretary: Rev. Fr Michele Tutalo, Physical Address; Apostolic Nunciature, Rua Martin Luther King, 123, C.P. 1030, Luanda, Angola. Tel: (00244) 222 330 289 / 330 532/ 931 294 270​ , E-mail:


CAFOD: Physical Address: 29-31 Selous Avenue/4th Street, Harare, Zimbabwe;

Tel: 00263 4 737199 / 706522, Fax: 00263 4 708513 / 704001.


CARITAS INTERNATIONALIS: Palazo San Calisto, 00120 Citta del Vaticano, VATICAN CITY, ROME. Tel: 0039 06 988 7197, Fax: 0039 (06) 988 7197

CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES (CRS): (Southern Africa Regional Office (SARO): Regional Representative, Physical Address: 5 Ashdown Park, Alexandra Park, Harare, Zimbabwe; P.O. Box CY 1111, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe. Tel: 00263 4 745304 / 745312 / 745432, Fax: 00263 4 745177. E-mail:

CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES (CRS): Zimbabwe Representative, Physical Address: 95 Parklane Street, Harare Zimbabwe; PO Box CY 1111, Causeway, Harare Zimbabwe. Tel: 00263 4 748581 / 761870 / 761873, Fax: 00263 4 736736 / 726555.


JESUIT REFUGEE SERVICE (JRS): Southern Africa Region, Physical Address: 29-31 Selous Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe; PO Box CY 284, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe. Tel: 00263 4 708998, Fax: 00263 4 721119. E-mail:

MISEREOR: Southern Africa Consultancy Service, Physical Address: Africa Synod House, 29-31 Selous Avenue, PO Box CY 2922, Causeway, Harare Zimbabwe.

Tel: 00263 4 703484, Fax: 00263 4 252985. E-mail:


Bispo Emérito de Benguela
D. Oscar Lino Lopes Fernandes Braga
C.P. 670, Benguela, Angola.
Tel: 00244 723 3663, Fax: 00244 723 5127

Diocese de Benguela
Eugenio Dal Corso
Bispo de Benguela, C.P. 670, Benguela, Angola. Tel: 00244 723 3663,
Cell: 921694660, Fax: 00244 723 5127

Diocese de Cabinda
D. Filomeno do Nascimento Vieira Dias
Bispo de Cabinda, C.P. N276, Cabinda
Angola. Tel: 00244 31 22237
Cell: 00244 923423771 / 917862477

Diocese de Caxito
D. António Francisco Jaca
Bispo de Caxito, C.P. 1326, Luanda
Angola. Cell: 00244 923610289

Diocese de Dundu
D. José Manuel Imbaba
Bispo de Dundu, C.P. 3579, Dundu, Luanda Angola. Tel: 00244 222 64474,
Cell: 923312623.

Arcebispo Emérito de Huambo
D. Francisco Viti
Arcebispo Emérito de Huambo
Bispo Emérito de Huambo, C.P. 10, Huambo, Angola. Tel: 00244 41 20133 / 201330. Fax: 00244 41 20853

Arquidiocese de Huambo
D. José de Queirós Alves
Arcebispo do Huambo, C.P. 10, Huambo, Angola. Tel: 00244 41 20133 / 420130
Fax: 00244 41 20853,
Cell: 00244 923390782

Diocese de Kwito-Bié
D. Pedro Luis António
Bispo Emérito de Kwito Bié
C.P. 16, Kwito-Bié, Angola
Tel: 00244 48 70097,
Fax: 00244 48 70648

Diocese de Kwito-Bie
D. José Nambi
C.P. 16, Kwito-Bié, Angola
Tel: 00244 48 70097, Cell: 923725775
Fax: 00244 48 70648

Diocese de Luanda
D. Anastácio Kahango
Auxiliar Bispo de Luanda
C.P. 87 or 3579, Luanda, Angola
Tel: 00244 23 34640, Cell: 926987090,
Fax: 00244 23 4433

Arquidiocese de Luanda
D. Alexandre do Nascimento
Arcebispo Emérito de Luanda
C.P. 87, Luanda 1230-C, Angola
Tel: 00244 222 33 46 40
Fax: 00244 222 39 87 59

Arquidiocese de Luanda
D. Damião António Franklin
Arcebispo de Luanda
C.P. 87 or 3579, Luanda Angola
Tel: 00244 222 444640 / 398759 / 468636, Fax: 00244 222 398759 /
334433, Cell: 00244 923320713. /

Arcébispo de Lubango
D. Zacarias Kamwenho
C.P. 231, Lubango, Angola
Tel: 00244 61 20405,
Fax: 00244 61 30140/23547

Arquidiocese de Lubango
D. Gabriel Mbilingi
C.P. 231, Lubango, Angola
Tel: 00244 61 20405
Fax: 00244 61 30140 / 23547
Cell: 00244 923310055

Diocese de Lwena
D. Jesús Tirso Blanco
Bispo de Lwena
C.P. 88, Moxico, Angola, Tel: 244 54 60139
Cell: 00244 928609989 / 912438157
Fax: 00244 54 60106

Diocese de Malanje
D. Eugénio Salesu
Bispo Emérito de Malanje
C.P. 192, Malanje, Angola
Tel: 00244 51 22390 / 21708
Fax: 00244 51 22390

Diocese de Malanje
D. Luis Maria Pérez de Onraita
Bispo de Malanje, C.P. 192, Malanje, Angola
Tel: 00244 51 22390/21708.
Fax: 00244 51 22390, Cell: 925020525

Diocese de Mbanza Kongo
D. Vincente Carlos Kiaziku
Bispo eleito do Mbanza do Kongo
C.P. 2, Mbanza Kongo, Angola
Tel: 00244 222 449442, Cell: 923637528
Fax: 00244 222 449442 / 445504

Diocese de Mbanza Congo
D. Serafim Shyngo-Ya-Hombo, OFM, Cap, Bispo Emérito do Mbanza Congo
C.P. 2, Mbanza Congo, Angola
Tel: 00244 222 449442 / 445504
Fax: 00244 222 449442/445504

Diocese de Menongue
D, Maria Lukunde
Bispo de Menongue, C.P. 20, Menongue, Angola. Tel: 00244 49 80097
Fax: 00244 49 80097,
Cell: 00244 921852201

Diocese de Namibe
D. Mateus Feliciano Tomás
CEAST CENTER, Rua Comandante Bula 118, C.P. 3579, Luanda, Angola
Tel: 00244 222 443686 / 9436
Fax: 00244 222 449442 / 445504 /

Diocese de Ndalatandu
D. Pedro Luis Scarpa
Bispo Emérito de Ndalatandu
C.P. 2, Ndalatandu-Kwanza Norte, Angola.
Tel: 00244 35 80173,

Diocese de Ndalatando
D. Almeida Kanda
Bispo de Ndalatando, C.P. 23, Ndalatando-Kwanza Norte, Angola. Tel: 00244 35 80173,
Cell: 00244 923240679

Diocese de Ondjiva
D. Pio Hipunyati
Bispo do Ondjiva, D. Emeritus Fernando Guimarães Kevanhu,
C.P. 20, Kunene, Angola. Tel: 00244 65 50048 / 50218
Fax: 00244 65 50218 / 50048
Cell: 00244 923432767

Bispo Emérito de São Tomé e Principe
D. Abilio de Sousa Rodas, CSSp
Bispo de São Tomé e Principe, C.P. 104, São Tomé e Principe. Tel: 00239 12 23455 / 21408, Fax: 00239 12 21408

D. Manuel António Mendes dos Santos, Bispo de São Tomé e Principe, C.P. 104, São Tomé e Principe,
Angola. Tel: 00239 12 23455 / 21408, Fax: 00239 12 21408, Cell: 00244 239224355 / 239929585

Diocese de Saurimo
D. Marcos Ribeiro da Costa
Bispo Emérito de Saurimo, C.P. 52, Saurimo, Tel: 00244 53 50575

Diocese of Sumbe (Novo Redondo)
D. Benedito Roberto, CSSp
Bispo de Sumbe, C.P. 277, Sumbe,
Tel: 00244 36 30120 / 30568, Fax: 00244 36 30046, Cell: 00244 924344927

Bispo Emérito de Uije
D. José F. Moreira de Mata Mourisca OFM,Cap
Bispo do Uije, C.P. 239, Uije
Tel: 00244 33 22620/223378 /

Diocese de Uije
D. Emilio Sumbelelo
Bispo de Uije, C.P. 239, Uije, Angola
Tel: 00244 33 22620 / 223378
Cell: 00244 925983471

Diocese de Viana
DJoaquim Ferreira Lopes
Bispo de Viana
C.P. 3579, Luanda, Angola
Tel: 00244 222 449442
Cell: 00244 923318769


Diocese of Leribe
Rt Rev Bishop Augustinus Tumaole Bane OMI.,
Bishop’s House, PO Box 1, St Monica 390, Lesotho, Southern Africa.
Tel: 00266 2243 0285,

Diocese of Maseru
Most Rev. Abp. Tlali Gerard Lerotholi OMI
PO Box 267, Maseru 100, Lesotho
Tel: 00266 22 3125565, Fax: 00266 22 310425.
E-mail: / /

Diocese of Mohale’s Hoek
Rt. Rev Bishop-Elect John Joale Tlhomola, SCP
PO Box 88, Mohale’s Hoek 800, Lesotho.
Tel: 00266 22 785349,
Fax: 00266 22 785014

Diocese of Qacha’s Nek
Diocesan Administrator: Very Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Nkofo
Address: Bishop’s House,
PO Box 5, Qacha’s Nek 600, Lesotho, Southern Africa.
Tel: 00266 2295 0325. E-mail:


Núncio Apostolico,
D. António ARCARI
Av. Kwame Nkrumah, 224, C.P. 2738, Maputo,
Moςambique. Tel: 00258 21 49 11 44, mFax: 00258 21 49 22 17

Arquidiocese da Beira
Dom Jaime Pedro GonÇalves
Arcebispo da Beira
Rua Correia de Brito, 613, C.P. 544, Beira,
Moςambique. Tel: 00258 23 322313 / Residence: 322883,
Cell: 00258 82 3838510, Fax: 00258 23 327639

Diocese de Chimoio
Dom Francisco João Silota
Bispo de Chimoio, Rua Tambara N613, C.P. 461, Chimoio, Moςambique,
Tel: 00258 25 12 33 47 / Residence: 251 22153, Fax: 00258 25 12 20 22, Cell: 00258 82 59 77 470
E-mail: /

Bishop Emerito de Gurué
Dom Manuel Chuanguire Machado
Bispo de Guruè-Zambezia, C.P. 116, Guruè, Moςambique
Tel & Fax: 00258 24 91 00 28
Cell: 00258 82 51 61 880

Diocese de Gurué
Dom Francisco Lerma Martinez
Bispo de Gurué – Zambezia
C.P. 116, Moςambique
Tel: 00258 24 910028E-mail: /

Diocese de Inhambane
Dom Adriano Langa
Bispo de Inhambane, Rua 3 de Fevereiro, 196, C.P. 178, Inhambane, Moςambique.
Tel: 00258 29 32 09 42; Resid. 29 32 0458,
Cell: 00258 82 44 88 280.
Fax: 00258 29 32 08 69

Diocese de Lichinga
D. Elio Greselin, SCI
Rua do Bagamoio, C.P. 111, Moςambique
Tel: 00258 27 12 02 38
Fax: 00258 27 12 11 37

Arquidiocese de Maputo
D. Januário Machaze Nhangumbe
Bispo Emérito de Pemba
Av. Paulo Samuel Kankomba, 178 R/c, C.P. 286, Maputo, Moςambique
Tel: 00258 21 49 21 74
Cell: 00258 82 8013520
Fax: 00258 21 492174

Arquidiocese de Maputo
D. Alexandre Jose Maria dos Santos
S.E. Cardeal Arcebispo Emérito de Maputo
Av. Julius Nyerere, 882, Maputo, Moςambique. Tel: 00258 21 486262
Cell: 00258 82 32 20 870

Arquidiocese de Maputo
Dom Francisco Chimoio OFM.Cap
Av. Eduardo Mondlane, 1448
C.P. 258, Maputo, Moςambique
Tel: 00258 21 326240 / 324513
Cell: 00258 826697000
Fax: 00258 21 321873

Diocese de Nacala
Dom Germano Grachane
C.P. 153, Nacala, Moςambique
Tel: 00258 26 520048
Cell: 00258 82 60 12 950

Archdiocese de Nampula
Dom. Tomé Makweliha SCJ
Arcebispo de Nampula, C.P. 84, Nampula, Moςambique. Tel: 00258 26 213024/5
Cell: 00258 82 92 79 390
Fax: 00258 26 214194
E-mail:  /

Diocese de Pemba
D. Ernesto Maguengue
Bispo de Pemba e Secretário Gerald a CEM, Rua Base Beira, C.P. 12, Pemba, Moςambique.
Tel: 00258 272 20337
Cell: 00258 823884226,
Fax: 00258 272 20335

Diocese de Quelimane
Dom Hilário da Cruz MassingA
Rua da Liberdade
C.P. 292, Quelimane, Moςambique
Tel: 00258 24 21 20 47, Fax: 00258 24 21 33 99,
Cellular: 00258 82 93 18 848 /84 78 95484. /

Bispo Emérito de Quelimane
Dom Bernardo Filipe Governo, OFMCap
Rua de Liberdade, C.P. 292
Quelimane, Moςambique
Tel: 00258 24 212047 Residence: 212603, Fax: 00258 24 213399
Cell: 00258 82 59 16 360

Bispo Emérito de Tete
Dom Paulo Mandlate
Av. Emília Dausse E 129 – Alto Maé
Moςambique, Tel: 00258 21 40 16 10
Cell: 00258 82 57 63 400

Bispo Emérito de Lichinga
D. Louis Gonzaga Ferreira da Silva
C.P. 44, Vila Ulóngue-Angónia – Tete
Tel: 00258 265 92 11 662

Bispo Emérito de Xai-Xai
D. Julio Duarte Langa
C.P. 174, Xai-Xai, Moςambique
Tel: 00258 28 22 21 63/4
Cell: 00258 82 53 24 280
Fax: 00258 28 22 2298

Diocese de Xai-Xai
D. Lucio Andrice Muandula
C.P. 174, Xai-Xai, Moςambique
Tel: 00258 28 222163/4
Fax: 00258 28 222298
Cell: 00258 82881414


Apostolic Vicariate of Rundu
Bishop Joseph S. Shikongo, OMI
PO Box 1377, Rundu, Namibia,
Office Tel: 00264 (066) 255575
Home Tel: 00264 (066) 255188
Fax: 00264 066 255184

Diocese of Keetmanshoop
Bishop Philipp Pöllitzer, OMI
PO Box 88, Keetmanshoop, Namibia
Tel: 00264 063 222007
Fax: 00264 063 22269

Archdiocese of Windhoek
Archbishop Liborius NNashenda, OMI
Karl Werner List St 91, PO Box 272, Windhoek, NAMIBIA.
Tel: 00264 061 228376 / 227595; Fax: 00264 061 229836

Diocese of Oshakati (Vacant)
Ongwediva Bishop’s House
PO Box 3428, Oshakati, Namibia
Tel: 00264 065 231332
Fax: 00264 065 230933


Apostolic Nuncio to Zimbabwe
Most Rev Archbishop George Kocherry
Counselor: Rev Fr Vincenzo Turturro
Apostolic Nunciature, 5 St. Kilda Road,
PO Box MP 191, Mount Pleasant, Zimbabwe.
Tel: 00263 9 744547 / 2915597, Fax: 00263 9744412,

Archdiocese of Bulawayo
Most Rev Archbishop Alex Thomas kALIYANIL SVD
PO Box 837, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Tel: 00263 9 63590, Fax: 00263 9 60359

Archbishop Emeritus of Bulawayo
Most Rev Archbishop Henry Karlen CMM
P.O. Box AC 127, Ascot, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Tel: 00263 09 234182

Archbishop Emeritus of Bulawayo
Most Rev Archbishop Emeritus Pius A Ncube,
PO Box 837, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Diocese of Chinhoyi
Rt. Rev Bishop Dieter Sholz SJ
26 Robson Manyika Drive
PO Box 680, Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe
Tel: 00263 67 22562, Fax: 00263 67 22217

Diocese of Gokwe
Rt. Rev Bishop Angelo Floro Martinez SMI, Bishop’s House, P.O. Box 90, Gokwe, Zimbabwe.
Tel: 00263 059 2396
Fax: 00263 059 2382
E-mail: /

Diocese of Gweru
Rt. Rev Bishop Martin Munyanyi
Bishop’s House, P.O. Box 622,
Gweru, Zimbabwe. Tel: 00263 054 223565 / 223121, Fax: 00263 054 223381

Archdiocese of Harare
Most Rev Archbishop Robert Ndlovu
Bishop’s House, PO Box CY 330,
Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: 00263 4 727386 / 733266
House: 00263 4 792125,
Cell: 0912 875 947. /

Diocese of Hwange
Rt. Rev Bishop Albert Serrano SMI
P.O. Box 25, Hwange, Zimbabwe
Tel: 00263 (081) 22325
Fax: 00263 (081) 22260

Diocese of Masvingo
Rt. Rev Bishop Michael Dixon Bhasera, Bishop’s House, PO Box 1400, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.
Tel: 00263 039 263457 / 263465, Fax: 00263 039 263541
E-mail:    /

Diocese of Mutare
Rt. Rev Bishop Alexio Muchabaiwa
Bishop of Mutare, P.O. Box 47,
Mutare, Zimbabwe, Tel: 00263 (020) 62347
Fax: 00263 (020) 62347

Auxiliary Bishop of Mutare
Rt. Rev Bishop Patrick Mumbure Mutume
14 Pasteur Drive, Hospital Hill,
Mutare, Zimbabwe,
Tel: 00263 (020) 61302
Fax: 00263 (020) 62347


who received from Our Lord, Jesus Christ Himself, the Supreme Pontificate, and which he transmitted to his successors. His See was first established at Antioch; then, in the year 42, finally at Rome. It was here that he was martyred.

1. St. Peter (32-67)
2.  St. Linus (68-79)
3.  St. Anacletus (Cletus) (80-92)
4.  St. Clement I (92-99) or (68-76)
5.  St. Evaristus (99 or 96-108)
6.  St. Alexander I (108 or 109 -116 or 119)
7.  St. Sixtus I (117 or 119 -126 or 128) also called Xystus I
8.  St. Telesphorus (127 or 128 -137 or 138)
9.  St. Hyginus (138-142 or 149)
10. St. Pius I (142 or 146 -157 or 161)
11. St. Anicetus (150 or 157 -153 or 168)
12. St. Soter (162 or 168 -170 or 177)
13. St. Eleutherius (171 or 177 -185 or 193)
14. St. Victor I (186 or 189 -197 or 201)
15. St. Zephyrinus (198-217 or 218)
16. St. Callistus I (218-222)
17. St. Urban I (222-230)
18. St. Pontain (230-235)
19. St. Anterus (235-236)
20.St. Fabian (236-250)
21. St. Cornelius (251-253)
22.St. Lucius I (253-254)
23.St. Stephen I (254-257)
24.St. Sixtus II (257-258)
25.St. Dionysius (259-268)
26.St. Felix I (269-274)
27. St. Eutychian (275-283)
28 St. Caius (283-296) — also called Gaius
29. St. Silverius (536-537)
30. Vigilius (537-555)
31. Pelagius I (556-561)
32. John III (561-574)
33. Benedict I (575-579)
34. Pelagius II (579-590)
35. St. Gregory I (the Great) (590-604)
36.Sabinian (604-606)
37. Boniface III (607-607)
38. St. Boniface IV (608-615)
39. St. Deusdedit (Adeodatus I) (615-618)
40. Boniface V (619-625)
41. Honorius I (625-638)
42. Severinus (640-640)
43. John IV (640-642)
44. Theodore I (642-649)
45. St. Martin I (649-655)
46. St. Eugene I (654-657)
47. St. Vitalian (657-672)
48. Adeodatus (II) (672-676)
49. Donus (676-678)
50. St. Agatho (678-681)
51. St. Leo II (682-683)
52. St. Benedict II (684-685)
53. John V (685-686)
54. Conon (686-687)
55. St. Sergius I (687-701)
56. John VI (701-705)
57. John VII (705-707)
58. Sisinnius (708-708)
59. Constantine (708-715)
60. St. Gregory II (715-731)
61. St. Gregory III (731-741)
62. St. Zachary (741-752)
63. Stephen II (752) — Because he died before being consecrated, some lists (including the Vatican’s official list) omit him.
64. Stephen III (752-757)
65. St. Paul I (757-767)
66. Stephen IV (768-772)
67. Adrian I (772-795)
68. St. Leo III (795-816)
69. Stephen V (816-817)
70. St. Paschal I (817-824)
71. Eugene II (824-827)
72. Valentine (827-827)
73. Gregory IV (827-844)
74. Sergius II (844-847)
75. St. Leo IV (847-855)
76. Benedict III (855-858)
77. St. Nicholas I (the Great) (858-867)
78. St. Gregory VII (1073-1085)
79. Blessed Victor III (1086-1087)
80. Blessed Urban II (1088-1099)
81.  Paschal II (1099-1118)
82.  Gelasius II (1118-1119)
83.  Callistus II (1119-1124)
84.  Honorius II (1124-1130)
85.  Innocent II (1130-1143)
86.  Celestine II (1143-1144)
87. Lucius II (1144-1145)
88. Blessed Eugene III (1145-1153)
89. Anastasius IV (1153-1154)
90. Adrian IV (1154-1159)
91. Alexander III (1159-1181)
92. Lucius III (1181-1185)
93. Urban III (1185-1187)
94. Gregory VIII (1187-1187)
95. Clement III (1187-1191)
96. Celestine III (1191-1198)
97. Innocent III (1198-1216)
98. Honorius III (1216-1227)
99. Gregory IX (1227-1241)
100. Celestine IV (1241-1241)
101. Innocent IV (1243-1254)
102. Alexander IV (1254-1261)
103. Urban IV (1261-1264)
104. Clement IV (1265-1268)
105. Blessed Gregory X (1272-1276)
106. Blessed Innocent V (1276-1276)
107. Adrian V (1276-1276)
108. John XXI (1276-1277)
109. Nicholas III (1277-1280)
110. Martin IV (1281-1285)
111. Honorius IV (1285-1287)
112. Nicholas IV (1288-1292)
113. St. Celestine V (1294-1296)
114. Boniface VIII (1295-1303)
115. Blessed Benedict XI (1303-1304)
116. Clement V (1305-1314)
117. John XXII (1316-1334)
118. Benedict XII (1335-1342)
119. Clement VI (1342-1352
120. Innocent VI (1352-1362)
121. Blessed Urban V (1362-1370)
122. Gregory XI (1371-1378)
123. Urban VI (1378-1389)
124. Boniface IX (1389-1404)
125. Innocent VII (1404-1406)
126. Gregory XII (1406-1415)
127. Martin V (1417-1431)
128. Eugene IV (1431-1447)
129. Nicholas V (1447-1455)
130. Blessed John XXIII (1958-1963)
131.  Paul VI (1963-1978)
132. John Paul I (1978-1978)

1. St. Marcellinus (296-304)
2. St. Marcellus I (306-309)
3.  St. Eusebius (309 or 309)
4.  St. Miltiades (311-314)
5.  St. Sylvester I (314-335)
6.  St. Marcus (336-336)
7.  St. Julius I (337-352)
8.  Liberius (352-366)
9.  St. Damasus I (366-384)
10. St. Siricius (384-399)
11. St. Anastasius I (399-401)
12. St. Innocent I (401-417)
13. St. Zosimus (417-418)
14. St. Boniface I (418-422)
15. St. Celestine I (422-432)
16. St. Sixtus III (432-440)
17. St. Leo I (the Great) (440-461)
18. St. Hilarius (461-468)
19. St. Simplicius (468-483)
20. St. Felix III (II) (483-492)
21. St. Gelasius I (492-496)
22. Anastasius II (496-498)
23. St. Symmachus (498-514)
24. St. Hormisdas (514-523)
25. St. John I (523-526)
26. St. Felix IV (III) (526-530)
27. Boniface II (530-532)
28. John II (533-535)
29. St. Agapetus I (535-536) — also called Agapitus I Adrian II (867-872)
30.  John VIII (872-882)
31.  Marinus I (882-884)
32.  St. Adrian III (884-885)
33.  Stephen VI (885-891)
34.  Formosus (891-896)
35.  Boniface VI (896-896)
36.  Stephen VII (896-897)
37.  Romanus (897-897)
38. Theodore II (897-897 or 898)
39. John IX (897 or 898-900)
40. Benedict IV (900-903)
41. Leo V (903-903)
42. Sergius III (904-911)
43. Anastasius III (911-913)
44. Lando (913-914)
45. John X (914-928)
46. Leo VI (928-928 or 929)
47. Stephen VIII (929-931)
48. John XI (931-936)
49. Leo VII (936-939)
50. Stephen IX (939-942)
51. Marinus II (942-946)
52. Agapetus II (946-955)
53. John XII (955-964)
54. Leo VIII (963-965)
55. Benedict V (964-964 or 965)
56. John XIII (965-972)
57. Benedict VI (972-973-974)
58. Benedict VII (974-983)
59. John XIV (983-984)
60. John XV (985-996)
61. Gregory V (996-999)
62. Sylvester II (999-1003)
63. John XVII (1003-1003)
64. John XVIII (1003-1009)
65. Sergius IV (1009-1012)
66. Benedict VIII (1012-1024)
67. John XIX (1024-1032)
68. Benedict IX (1032-1044)
69. Sylvester III (1045) –1045 Considered by some to be an antipope
70. Benedict IX (1045-1045)
71. Gregory VI (1045-1046)
72. Clement II (1046-1047)
73. Benedict IX (1047-1048)
74. Damasus II (1048-1048)
75. St. Leo IX (1049-1054)
76. Victor II (1055-1057)
77. Stephen X (1057-1058)
78. Nicholas II (1059-1061)
79. Alexander II (1061-1073)
80. Callistus III (1455-1458)
81.  Pius II (1458-1464)
82.  Paul II (1464-1471)
83.  Sixtus IV (1471-1484)
84.  Innocent VIII (1484-1492)
85.  Alexander VI (1492-1503)
86.  Pius III (1503-1503)
87.  Julius II (1503-1513)
88.  Leo X (1513-1521)
89. Adrian VI (1522-1523)
90. Clement VII (1523-1534)
91. Paul III (1534-1549)
92. Julius III (1550-1555)
93. Marcellus II (1555-1555)
94. Paul IV (1555-1559)
95. Pius IV (1559-1565)
96. St. Pius V (1566-1572)
97. Gregory XIII (1572-1585)
98. Sixtus V (1585-1590)
99. Urban VII (1590-1590)
100. Gregory XIV (1590-1591)
101. Innocent IX (1591-1591)
102. Clement VIII (1592-1605)
103. Leo XI (1605-1605)
104. Paul V (1605-1621)
105. Gregory XV (1621-1623)
106. Urban VIII (1623-1644)
107. Innocent X (1644-1655)
108. Alexander VII (1655-1667)
109. Clement IX (1667-1669)
110. Clement X (1670-1676)
111. Blessed Innocent XI (1676-1689)
112. Alexander VIII (1689-1691)
113. Innocent XII (1691-1700)
114. Clement XI (1700-1721)
115. Innocent XIII (1721-1724)
116. Benedict XIII (1724-1730)
117. Clement XII (1730-1740)
118. Benedict XIV (1740-1758)
119. Clement XIII (1758-1769)
110. Clement XIV (1769-1774)
111. Pius VI (1775-1799)
112. Pius VII (1800-1823)
113. Leo XII (1823-1829)
114. Pius VIII (1829-1830)
115. Gregory XVI (1831-1846)
116. Blessed Pius IX (1846-1878)
117. Leo XIII (1878-1903)
118. St. Pius X (1903-1914)
119. Benedict XV (1914-1922)
120. Pius XI (1922-1939)
121. Pius XII (1939-1958)
122. John Paul II (1978-2005)
123.  Benedict XVI (2005—2013)
124..  Francis (2013 – )


In virtue of a document entitled “Apostolica Sollicitudo” issued on his own initiative on September 15, 1965, Paul VI provided for the establishment of a Synod of Bishops to advise the Pope on matters pertaining to the welfare of the universal Church. This enactment founded the Synod as a juridical body having the nature of an ad hoc committee of representative bishops which the Pope can activate and call into session at any time.

  purposes of the Synod are: “To encourage close union and valued assistance between the Sovereign Pontiff and the bishops of the entire world; to ensure that direct and real information is provided on questions and situations touching upon the internal action of the Church and its necessary activity in the world of today; to facilitate agreement on essential points of doctrine and on methods of procedure in the life of the Church.”

*     The Synod is a central ecclesiastical institution, perpetual by nature.

*     It is directly and immediately subject to the Pope, who has authority to assign its agenda, to call it into session, and to give its members deliberative as well as advisory authority.

*     In addition to a limited number of ex officio and a few religious participants, the majority of members are to be elected by, and be representative of, national or regional episcopal conferences. The Pope reserves the right to appoint the Secretary General, special secretaries, and no more then 15 percent of the total membership.

The Synod met for the first time on 29 September 1967. After that in October 1969, 1971, and thereafter every two years.

 Secretary General’s Office: Palazzo delle Congregazione, Piazza Pio XII 3, Rome 00193.



Secretary of State: Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, S.D.B.
Archbishop Pietro Parolin

First Section – General Affairs
Substitute: Archbishop Fernando FILONI
Assessor: Msgr. Peter Bryan WELLS
Tel. 0039 06
Fax. 0039 06
E-mail: Internet:

Second Section – Relations with States
Secretary: Archbishop Dominique MAMBERTI
Under-Secretary: Msgr. Ettore BALESTRERO
Tel. 0039 06
Fax. 0039 06


Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Prefect: Cardinal Joseph William LEVADA
Secretary: Archbishop Luis Francisco LADARIA FERRER, S.J.
Under-Secretary: Msgr Damiano Marzotto CAOTORTA
Address: Piazza del S. Uffizio, 11
00193 ROME
Tel: 0039 06 /,
Fax: 0039 06 69 88 34 09

Congregation for the Oriental Churches
Prefect: Cardinal Leonardo SANDRI
Secretary: Archbishop Cyril VISIL S.J.
Under-Secretary: Msgr Maurizio MALVESTITI
Address: Via della Conciliazione, 34,
00193 ROME
Tel:0039 06
Fax:0039 06

Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
Prefect: Cardinal Antonio CAÑIZARES LLOVERA
Secretary: Archbishop Arthur Roche
Under-Secretary: Fr Anthony WARD, S.M.
Second Under-Secretary: Msgr. Juan Miguel FERRER GRENESCHE
Address: Piazza Pio XII, 10,
00193 ROME
Tel: 0039 06 / /
Fax: 0039 06

Congregation for the Causes of Saints
Prefect: Cardinal Angelo AMATO, S. D. B.
Secretary: Archbishop Marcello BARTOLUCCI
Address: Piazza Pio XII, 10,
00193 ROME
Tel: 0039 06
Fax: 0039 06

Congregation for Bishops
Prefect: Cardinal Marc OUELLET, P.S.S.
Secretary: Archbishop Manuel MONTEIRO DE CASTRO
Under-Secretary Msgr Giovanni Maria ROSSI
Adjunct Under-Secretary: Msgr. Serge POITRAS
Address: Piazza Pio XII, 10,
00193 ROME
Tel: 0039 06
Fax: 0039 06
Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples
Prefect: Archbishop Fernando Filoni
Secretary: Archbishop Savio HON TAI-FAI, SDB
Adjunt-Secretary: Archbishop Piergiuseppe VACCHELLI
Under-Secretary: Rev. Fr. Massimo CENCI P.I.M.E.
Address: Piazza di Spagna, 48,
00187 ROME
Tel: 0039 06 69.879299 .
Fax: 0039 06 69880118; 69880137; 69880246

Congregation for the Clergy
Prefect: Cardinal Mauro Piacenza
Secretary: Archbishop Celso MORGA IRUZUBIETA
Under-Secretary: Vacant
Address: Piazza Pio XII, 3,
00193 ROME
Tel: 0039 06
Fax: 0039 06

Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life
Prefect: Archbishop João BRAZ DE AVIZ
Secretary: Archbishop Joseph Willian TOBIN, CSsR
1. Under-Secretary: Rev Sr Enrica ROSANNA, FMA
2. Under-Secretary: Rev Fr Sebastiano PACIOLLA, O.Cist
Address: Piazza Pio XII, 3,
00193 ROME
Tel: 0039 06
Fax: 0039 06

Congregation for Catholic Education
Prefect: Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski
Secretary: Archbishop Jean-Louis BRUGUÈS, OP
Under-Secretary: Msgr Angelo Vincenzo ZANI
Address: Piazza Pio XII, 3,
00193 ROME
Tel: 0039 06
Fax: 0039 06


Pontifical Beda College (1852)
Address: Viale San Paolo, 18,
00146 ROME.
Tel: 0039 06
Fax (0039 06)

Pontifical Irish College (1628)
Address: dei Ss. Quattro, 1,
00184 ROME
Tel: 0039 06 77.26.31
Fax: 0039 06

Pontifical Urban College “de Propaganda Fide” (1627)
Address: Via Urbano VIII, 16,
00165 ROME
Tel: 0039 06
Fax: (003906)

Pontifical College of St. Peter the Apostle (1946)
Address: Viale delle Mura Aurelie, 4,
00152 Rome
Tel: 0039 06 39.87.41
Fax: (003906)

Pontifical College of St. Paul the Apostle (blessed by Paul VI in 1965)
Address: Via di Torre Rossa, 40,
00165 ROME.
Tel: 0039 06 66.03.71
Fax: 0039 06 663.50.25


Personal prelatures are jurisdictional structures of a secular type, not circumscribed according to territorial criteria, which are established by the Holy See as an instrument within the hierarchical pastoral work of the Church to carry out special pastoral or missionary tasks. Personal prelatures are based on the principle of insertion into the local Church. In this they differ essentially from the personal dioceses, such as, for instance, those constituted for the faithful of a particular rite, which are based on the principle of independence or autonomy in regard to local Churches.

Vatican II provided for setting up personal prelatures (see Decree Presbyterorum ordinis, no. 10). Additional norms were established in subsequent pontifical legislation (see Motu proprio Ecclesiae Sanctae n. 1, 4, August 6, 1966 and the Apostolic Constitution Regimini Ecclesiae Universae n. 49, 1, Aug. 15, 1967). General legislation concerning personal prelatures is contained in canons 294 to 297 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law and in the Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus n. 80, June 28, 1988, which places them under the competence of the Congregation for Bishops.

Personal prelatures are to be established by the Holy See after hearing the views of the respective Episcopal Conferences (can. 294). They are governed by a Prelate according to statutes given by the Holy See. The Prelate is their proper Ordinary, who may incardinate priests in his presbyterate and must look after their spiritual and temporal welfare (can. 295). Lay people can be incorporated into the Prelature and can dedicate themselves by means of a contractual agreement to the apostolic activities of the prelature (can. 296). And the statutes are to determine the relations of the

prelature with the Ordinaries of the places in which the prelature works, with the prior consent of the Ordinaries (can. 297).

Erected by the Apostolic Constitution “Ut sit”, on November 28, 1982 by Pope John Paul II.

Opus Dei was founded on October 2, 1928 by Saint Josemaría Escrivá, to spread in all sectors of society a profound awareness of the universal call to sanctity in ordinary life and, more specifically, in the exercise of one’s work.

Prelate: Rt Rev Bishop Javier Echevarría, J.D., J.C.D.; ordained August 7, 1955; appointed April 20, 1994; episcopal ordination January 6, 1995.
Curia of the Prelature: Viale Bruno Buozzi, 73; 00197 Rome (Italy);Tel: 06 808 961.
Vicar General: Rev Msgr Fernando Ocáriz, Ph.D., S.T.D.
Vicar for South Africa: Rt Rev Msgr Anton Borras
Residential Address: 111 Jan Smuts. Saxonwold 2196.
Postal Address: PO Box 72642, Parkview 2122.
Tel: 011 486 2678 and 011 486 33 69, Fax: 011 646 0628

Bishops Emeriti
Rt Rev Bishop Emeritus Fulgence Le Roy, ABDY Affligem, B1790 Affligem, Belgium.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Emeritus Daniel Verstraete OMI, He is in Belgium.
Rt Rev Bishop Emeritus Reg Cawcutt, Archbishop Henry Retirement Centre, Nazareth House, 1 Derry Street Vredehoek 8001. Tel: 021 461 0067.
Rt Rev Bishop Emeritus Hubert Bucher, Mariannhill Old Age Home, PO Box 11053, Mariannhill 3624. Tel: 031 700 4288, Cell: 072 655 9927.
Rt Rev Bishop Emeritus Fritz Lobinger, Mariannhill Old Age Home, PO Box 11077, Mariannhill 3624. Tel: 031 700 4288, Cell: 082 578 0137.
Most Rev Archbishop Emeritus George Francis Daniel, PO Box 1372, Bronkhorstspruit 1020. Tel: 011 964 3406 Ext 204. Cell: 076 168 1268.
Rt Rev Bishop Emeritus Hugh Slattery MSC, Ave Maria Pastoral Centre, 40 Boundary Street, PO Box 80, Mooketsi 0825. Tel: 015 395 2215, Fax: 015 395 2174,
Cell: 082 495 4713. E-mail:
Most Rev Archbishop Emeritus Paul Mandla Khumalo CMM, Mariannhill Monastery, PO Box 11363, Mariannhill 3624. Tel: 031 700 2666, Fax: 086 6971 639.
Cell: 082 373 1052. E-mail:
Rt Rev Bishop Emeritus Hubert N Lenhof SAC, PO Box 182, Queenstown 5320. Tel: 045 839 7022, Cell: 082 720 5027.
Rt Rev Bishop Emeritus Erwin Hecht OMI, PO Box 309, Kimberley 8300. Tel: 053 831 1861/2.
Rt Rev Bishop Emeriuts Boniface Tshosa Setlalekgosi, PO Box 13, Kgale, Gaborone, Botswana. Tel: 00267 3133 284. Tel: 00267 390 4966.
Rt Rev Bishop Emeritus Edward Adams, St. Vincent Convent, PO Box 28, Koelenhof 7605. E-mail:
Rt Bishop Emeritus Zithule Patrick Mvemve, 63 Cable Street, Power Park, 1804. Tel: 011 933 1246, Cell: 076 084 7119. E-mail Address: